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> > > > 45 Jubilee Hills

45 Jubilee Hills

Jubilee HillsRest of Hyderabad  

  • 04064544545, 04023542629, 04023550094
  • Plot No. 1357, Road No. 45, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 700

19 Reviews / 19 Ratings

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45 Jubilee Hills Reviews


Do not get tempted by deal offers

I went to this place using snapdeal coupon. It was the worst of all the buffets I have had in my life. This is not even worth 100 bucks (actually paid 250 after discount). The food was stale. I am hundred percent sure all the items must have been at least a day old. The soup was watery, deserts were awful... I might have had just 10% of food, which I normally have in buffets. Avoid it even if they give it to you for free.



Awful Pathetic and Appauling

Yes the three words in the title aptly define this place.. We went for a pleasant team building lunch and it was everything but pleasing.
Firstly we reserved our seats which we found were not reserved after all (so much for honesty). There were some pleasantries that were exchanged between us and the hosts which finally led to us getting a table.. (just read on the fun starts now).. The table we got after so much wrangling was a 4 seater and just for the record we were 6. I asked them for a bigger table atleast and they were like sorry sir we do not have one at this time, if you want a decent 6 seater table you might have to wait for a longer period of time, with hunger taking over us, we finally decided to sit and eat even if we had no place to put all our plates on the table...
Well coming to the food (atlast (sigh)), now this is the fun part "The food my friends was just ____ (lost for words, forgive me)". All the curries were so woeful that we had to use sauce and pickle to have our rotis and rice, coming to desserts, except the gulab jamun and the vanilla ice-cream (cant really spoil vanilla ice-cream, can u?), felt as if they were a week old (thankfully not a month old, giving the benefit of doubt here)... So all in all a ____ experience (fill in whatever you feel like from the above context)... !!
P.S Had to give a single star since this site does not allow for a lesser rating...



Stay Away

While not exactly awful, the 45 JH experience can hardly be described as pleasing. I went to this place for a team lunch. The spread was disappointing, several food items were cold, while others didn't taste quite right. The waiters seemed poorly trained and were mostly unhelpful. My word of advice is to stay away from this place, even if you get a good deal online.


"Awful" is the correct word

We purchased a deal from dealsandyou, where we get the buffet at Rs 223 (instead of original price of Rs 400 or something). We went there on 15th July- and the experience was horrible.

The ambience and everything was ok- the problem was with food. There are couple of starters- and all stone-cold. Other than a veg starter, all tasted horrible too.

The main spread was very ill-planned. To accommodate Andhra, North-Indian and Chinese cuisine (that too with both veg and non-veg varieties)- they just completely messed it. So if you want to eat Chinese in non-veg, you can't have a complete meal. if you want to eat North-Indian veg complete meal, you can't have it.

I had paid only Rs 223 for the buffet (a discounted price) and wondered who would have paid rs 400 for this!!!!

NOTE- Most of the reviews that had given very high ratings to this place is most probably fake- only one review with high rating tends to be fake reviews.



Excellent Buffet at this price

We were 3 young guys, we went for the buffet. We used snapdeal coupons of dinner buffet for 223. Let me tell you it was worth every penny. Even if we would have paid the original price of around 400 I would not mind.

Started 2 non veg 3 veg were excellent. Green Chutney is also of good quality.

Food tasted great, few gravies, along with 2 types of rice and Biryani was worthwile. Nans and Rotis were HOT. Most important factor for me. If I get Hot NAN I dont need anythign else.

Desserts were amazing, 3-4 only but excellent quality. Frankly after many many days I had some good Gulab Jamun - best part is that they keep it warm throughout. and it tastes awesome when hot.

Try to go early so that you get good service, I have observed this in all the restaurents in hyderabad, if you are in around 7:30, you will get good service and better tables. This trick works believe me.

Overall service was excellent, no probs as we were voucher holders, ice was served for our drinks promptly.

20 bucks Tip to the Valet guy made sure that he stops all the mercs and BMW's on that Jubilee Hills road to make way for my car....fabulous job by Valet guy, do meet him, he is little hefty.... he knows his job Well. Best Valet experience.. Otherwise also Staff overall was very good.

Must Go, dont miss this opportunity till the Coupons are still available in various online portals.

Even if Coupons are not there... must visit....4/5.

Overall excellent place. Visit with your family, they will like it.



Sad Experience

Costly and food ordered are mostly not available. Waiters are never around if required




This wednesday i went to 45jubileehills with my family and we were seven people.and we asked for buffet which they dont have it in dinner time and so we all went to the regular menu which we thought expensive but after having our all course meal we find it is very economical and we all enjoyed the hospitality also.keep going 45..........




Very good food. A delight for non veg crowd.And these people have a buffet in 1st floor which is very economical and value for money.




The food here is awesome & customer service is excellent. I would recommend this restaurant to all my friends. i loved it and i’m sure u’ll love it as well.








The ambience, theme, service, authentic flavour... you name it, you get it... with excellent food and service.

And compare to the restaurants in jubilehills its value for money.must visit place



Most of Hyd is awessssome, this restaurant is not!

Evan after making a reservation , they made us wait for a ridiculous 40 mins.

There were no plates for another 15 mins, salads were never replenished, the buffet spread had just 2 starters, 2 curries, noodles and sth chinese.

And THE best of all the place was a mess,not figuratively, literally literally! Imagine places like Aandhra Tiffins and meals!

I never had thought restaurants from that area would try to fob off customers as much.

If only it was for free, I would have laughed till death at myself for going there!


papadams - Burrp User


2 Reviews

January 21,2011


Don't even pass by 45

Well, what to say about this nasty place. It literally spoiled our mood and appetite for lunch today. I on be half of 13 other victims here by review and advice that no one should go to this restaurant for lunch/dinner or what so ever it is ( Ala carte or buffet).


deeptisk - Burrp User


5 Reviews

January 21,2011


Terrible experience

We had a team lunch today at 45 Jubilee. Knowing how crowded restaurants are on Fridays we made a reservation and the concerned person assured us that our table would be ready by the time we reached. Our group reached the venue 5 mins early and to our surprise the hostess told us we had to wait for 10 mins, which we initially thought was reasonable. We checked our booking with them just to be sure they knew we had a table reserved early on. Then it all started!!! The manager told us he had given the table to someone else so we had to wait another 30 mins. He informed us that if we tried to go else where we would be in a similar situation. Then came the pleading.
We assumed he would make up for it :| - our bad!!!
By the time we were seated (in a very congested table i may add) they said they would serve us soup and starters(which never came). When we tried to help our selves there were no plates. We kept requesting for water which came in EXTREMELY dirty glasses, the water had a distinct chemical flavor to it :) - not very delightful I say.
The food was not replenished so we kept waiting. But there is a brighter side, they gave us the bill on time with a discount of 10% which they made up for with service charges and what not :|
If i were you I would not bother trying this place out. Trust me.


Raghu1980 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 16,2010


Worst Place!!

We were 25 people who planned lunch in this place. We booked 2 days earlier. They were setting the seats when we reached and we had to adjust 25 in 22 seats. There was lot of confusion between vegetarian and non vegetarian food. Few of strict veggies from our team had tasted non veg snacks without idea what they were eating.

The food was horrible and so were soup and snacks. Even when we gave the feedback with my official email id and visiting card hoping someone will call and take feedback, nobody cared to call.

That just shows they don't care. I will rate them awful and also advise all not to ever visit this horrible restaurant!



Only good Ambiance no food

We went to 45 Jubilee for lunch buffet. We were team of 10, we find the food not worth of money. No varities of starteres.. not much options in main course also. AC was really bad.. those who sat in the corner were actually sweating.. complained to manager but responce was equally bad.. Staff is also not trained in turms of atiquets..
I would recoment complete no to this restaurant.


Dont know what they serve

Dear All,

It was very horrible experience happened on last week when we bunch of friends decided to try this restaurant. We went there and surprise there was a little crowd, we were courteous asked to sit. We had soup and it was fair OK then we decided to have Sizzler and ordered Veg sizzler, then waiter brought Non Veg sizzler & told here its order then immediately his collegue came & said it Non Veg.. Then we called the manager to find whether it is Veg or Non Veg. Then Manager told it is Veg then we again ask the waiter whether it is veg or nonveg, he confirmed that it is Non Veg.. We again asked Manager now..
Now hear this.. He took the sizzler to other table and he is checking whether it is Veg or Non Veg and after 30sec he confirms saying it is Non Veg.. Now it is horrible experience that Manager of restaurant doesn't know the food being served to customer..

So we were finally pissed out and went out to other restaurant..

All you out there please confirm your order before eating at this restaurant...



Drawn in by a burrpview... and...

Yes, i was drawn into it by a "burrpview"... and... what?? read on...

Did I go alone? No, with 25 of my colleagues
What did we have? The lunch buffet

The story starts with a negative tinge - 3 of my colleagues had to sit in a corner where the ac breeze was reluctant to go. The management did not allow them to shift to a more comfortable seat citing un-justified reasons.

I do agree the food was good, will go well with the great "indian" foodie.... maybe a little more tilted towards the local liking too, yes on the spicy side.

But to the vegans delight, for the first time in any Hyd restaurants that we've been, they had a good spread of vegetarian choices.

It all started with a Hot&Sour Veg soup, i would rather put the second part of the name in BOLD or CAPS - it was SSSSOUR. Perhaps the soy sauce bottle had a big opening or the whole bottle would've fallen into it.

Then came the highlight od the day - the starter - it was an exquisite Veg Sheekh Kabab -- it was really properly done with the right mix of vegetables and was pefectly grilled too.

Before we get onto the main course, i will have to comment on the salads -- hey we are Indians not Europeans -- we need the salads spicy too.... This would've been a previous comment that they took seriously. I personally being a salad lover, it did not go that well with me. The tossed salad was tossed up with spices, the pasta salad was red in color!!! God knows with what. And the list goes on....

Main course had a paneer masala, a potato curry, and two other stuff which i frankly didn't try, dal, Naan, a variety of rices accompanied by papad, pickles blah blah blah. Hey i told you the spread was good!!!

Then came the deserts... this also had a reasonable spread - doodi ka halwa, coconut burfi, strawberry ice cream!!! (yes, not vanilla), and a nice mix of fruits.

Overall i liked the lavish usage of exotic vegetables such as multi-colored bell peppers, mushrooms, sweet corn, brocoli an other. These are really rare to find in such standard lunch buffets - and that too costing only 199 + taxes !!!

Am i done yet? Noooo i didn't put the "tilak"!!!

All the good feeling ended with a scream from one of my fairer gender colleagues - she found a dead bug in the doodi halwa!!!!

What ensued??? pandemonium!!!! my colleagues seated in the Nevada corner ensured that disorder prevailed.

Finally the more courteous colleagues ensured to maintain order and it all ended up in an apology and a discounted bill.

We all walked out with mixed feelings about the whole event, and someone mused... "what's the big deal?? we also deliver code with multiple bugs in it, and in this case it was only one -- and that is routine aint it?"


Food is a way of life

My next burping destination was this much talked about restaurant at Jubilee Hills located less than a mile away from the Jubilee Checkpost.

1 star - Hungry, tired and wet dragged to this bright and colorful joint to have a nice dinner buffet only to realize its just the lunch buffet which they offer. We settled down for À la carte and pretty much amused to see the design of the menu card with pricing mentioned in words and not in numbers.

2 star - It turned out to be fun in selecting few dishes from the big, thick book. They had good offerings for the beverages too. We started off with Diced Chicken in Schezwan Sauce. Another thing I noticed new which was the way the food was being served for us. They placed a thick iron slab which is being heated up with the few flames from the bottom. This kept the food warm during the full course of the meal.

3 star - The managers did something extra asking about the food and taking continuous feedback about the service making us feel special and making sure to retain a customer.

4 star - The food was delicious and cherished. The main course was lighter with Jeera rice and Murg peshawari. The chicken was tender and the rice had the wonderful aroma lingering in our nose. We ended our meal with a fruit salad with ice cream.

The only star they missed our because of the incompetent staff who needs to be trained a little for on serving. I am not sure of the additional 5% we paid on the service charge apart from the 12.5% for the VAT which summed up to Rs. 100 on the Rs. 600 bill.

Its a must try for all the new visitors in Hyderabad. It is indeed a great experience.