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> > > > 78 Degree East Restaurant

78 Degree East Restaurant

HabsigudaRest of Hyderabad  


11 Reviews / 18 Ratings

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78 Degree East Restaurant Reviews






Fine Dining

One of the newest fine-dine restaurants in town.The decor is very simple, elegant with loads of open spaces. Tables are well spaced out giving you your privacy. The food is very delicious & the presentation is unique. Their cuisine boasts of conventional as well as experimental. Coconut milk with burnt garlic deserves a special mention. Place is crowded during weekends and needs prior reservations.



Awful!!!!!!!!! Serve Slow Like A Snail!!!

If you are hungry don't come in here. These guys will make you pull your hair out in frustration.



A good experience

78 Degree has a lovely interior which makes the place look very inviting. The staff was courteous and the spread was reasonable. For a buffet of Rs. 275/-, the food was worth it. The starters and soup were brought to our table and the food was warm and tasted fresh. The dessert was a good spread of some 4 dishes. On the whole, we enjoyed our meal and would definitely be dropping in again.



Good gone bad

The first time I visited this place, I was in love with it. That was 2-3 years ago. My last visit a couple of weekends ago was very bad. Delay in service, limited spread of buffet, average food and when you're looking for a waiter to order something, you will need to stop eating and yell to call them! I am a customer and I demand your attention and quality!


June 13, 2012response from management at 78 Degree East Restaurant:

My Apologies for your last experience at our restaurant, words or action will not undo that.

Thank you for giving your valuable feedback as these precious points will help us ponder, address and rectify the lacuna resulting in meeting the high standards we have set for ourselves and expectations of our esteem customers.

We at 78 Degrees East Restaurant strive to give a great experience to each and every customer all the time, hence we will request you to call on 9642407878 / 9642222221 and visit us again, giving us an opportu

Finally a Round-The Cornet Joint for me :D

After a couple of reviews from my colleagues at work, I had to try 78 Deg. East which I was very skeptical about one because this was in Habsiguda, a place not well renowned for food and two this was very close to my house (ghar ki murgi ...... syndrome)

I know it is wrong to judge a place when a Ala-carte resto serves buffet ... but then this was one of the few places where we could go on a new-year's eve with my familia partly because there was no alcohol served. We were there for the food !

Very neat on the ambience front with nicely done sofa's along with curtained cubicle-esque interiors the seating was very good. They were playing the year-end Cd of all bollywood mixes which was not up my musical alley .....

As for the food spread there were the usual suspects .... the salads, soups 2 * non-veg , 4 * veg dishes .... tried out the soup and the chicken starters which were surprisingly cold !! plus the starters had them bones which did not make for a good starter-dish .... There was the andhra-fish and the rogan gosht which were okay and seemed to have a same gravy base

finding that the biryani's (chicken and mutton) were cold ticked me off and i raised my voice at the main usher who promptly apologized and replaced that with one right off the pan which had a better taste and different method of preparation ( which is why i hate seeing ala-carte joints go buffet) !

Did not give much of an eye to the Vegetarian dishes for they seemed to be regular stuff (panner / mix veg / +1 ) ....

on the sweet dish front there was the cake, the gulab jamun which was hot and the ice-cream .....

all in all a good ambience but was disappointed with the food quotient, but something tells me that a re-try with ala-carte menu would be better ....
to sum up ... would rate

food - 2.5/5
ambience - 3.5/5
overall - 2.5/5

will give another visit to this place .....


PaulamiGB - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 28,2011


Not a bad one...

Friends suggested that the Lunch buffet is worth its price and quite a good deal. So decided to try this place out last weekend. And it was pretty decent for 275 bucks for the sunday lunch. The staff is cordial and helpful. Starters and soup were served along with the complimentary drinks. Could have done with a bit more variety and expand their desert table as well but it wasn't a bad deal after all.


To be or not to be

Ambiance - 4/5
Food - 3/5
Service - 4/5

Imagine staying at Madhapur and hosting a party at Habsiguda. I know lot was on stake. Actually, I had to face the ire and brunt of my invitees who tried to rub salt on me to choose something other of the city. Somehow, pampered them to come down and celebrate my 26th.

I pre booked my table for 15 an hour before we reached. On reaching we were welcomed to quite a decent interior. Instant spark came inside me, 'Thank God'. We were seated in a curtained enclosure and the soups and starters were served on the table. There were no non-veg soup to be served.

The best part of the buffet is people can choose what they want to eat. We reached out with our plates only to wait for refills. it was long wait in the queue because of weekend. The refills were slow and little and were fast going out.

The food was decent, though there were not many to try. Everyone was satisfied and made till the deserts smoothly.

Since, the buffet was moderately priced, it did not make a deeper hole in the pocket.

A strong suggestion for visitor, try it for the looks, the food still need to be impressive



Just plain rubbish

After reading earlier reviews, i've decided to take 8 of my guests for lunch on a sunday.
Made a phone call and booked the table for 8.The restaurant is on 5th floor of a building. Informed the guy standing at the door entrance, that i am so and so and booked a table. He plainly said that it will take 15, 20 mins for any table to be vacated and asked me to wait, but offered no place to sit or stand. It felt so awkward to stand outside the door of a restaurant, where there is absolutely no room to even stand, without any circulation of air. Since its a sunday, i felt its natural for any restaurant to be full, but this is gross, there is no room to wait !!!!!
After 30 mins of suffocation outside the door, we were called inside only to make us stand behind the table, while it is being cleaned.
Everybody settled down, and we asked for the menu. I just couldn't believe when i was told there isn't any Menu and the only thing available is "Lunch Buffet". I got up from my chair and tried to look at the things available in the buffet. "chicken biryani", "wet chicke", "dry chicken" and all rest of veggies. No prawns, No mutton, No Fish. I asked myslelf "Am i going to feed my guests with whatever rubbish these guys have without any choice to my guests ?"
I said a big NO, apologized to all my guests and moved out.
(While we are leaving I was asked by one of the guys standing, the reason for leaving.
I told him that i've come here looking at the reviews about your restaurant in a website, but what i find to my utter dismay is quite opposite. I said, "You cant serve "Banjara Tangdi" or "zafrani malai kabab", and why should we eat, whatever you offer". He replied that "Banjara Tangdi" is available in yesterday's "Buffet Menu" !!!!!

I really felt pity of all other people eating at their 78 east restaurant...

To the management - "Rename the name of your restaurant to "Buffet restaurant" with a tag line [b]"we cant serve what you want, we serve what we want".[/b]



good One

This place is tooooo good we have been to this place more that one occassion and have found it to be very good, the taste of the food is excelent and the friendly attitude of the staf is worth the visit


nvarsharao - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 08,2010


Must visit.

With a mix of white gold and wood the ambience is stunning and gives a wonderful view of the city with the lights on. From there begins the experience of food and restaurant. The mughlai food is brilliant and the palate enjoys the true flavours of hyderabadi cuisine.
Coming from a foodie : Do Visit :)


Flavors of Hyderabad in Habsiguda

78 Degrees East restaurant is located in Habsiguda, which is closer to Secunderabad. A fine dining restaurant that specializes in Hyderabadi cuisine, gets its name from the longitude of Hyderabad. 78 Degrees East boasts of a lavish ambiance that spells one word: Royalty. Dressed up in hues of gold, this restaurant was designed by the same team that designed Zafraan Exotica in Banjara Hills.

We tried a sample of their cuisine yesterday and we were very impressed with the food and the presentation. We tried the Banjara Tangdi which is Hyderabad's version of the Tangdi kabab. It was a little on the spicier side and I absolutely loved it. We then tried the Zafraani Malai kabab. This one tasted heavenly. It was just mildly spicy and can be eaten by pretty much everyone.

Siddharth, our host for the evening, insisted we try the shorba. We had the tomato shorba and it was delectable. I generally avoid tomato soups of any kind but yesterday was an exception. I absolutely loved the shorba and I recommend that everyone try it out.

The icing on the cake (pun absolutely intended) was their in-house specialty, the ice-cream cake. This is a cake that has layers of butterscotch and the amazing cake and is one amazing dessert. A must try!

Heres how you can get to 78 Degrees East: