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> > > > A La Liberty

A La Liberty

Banjara HillsRest of Hyderabad  

  • 66447861, 64647861, 9246182004
  • Leela Gopal Tower, 1st & 2nd Floor, Road No. 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 700

6 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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A La Liberty Reviews







Won't Visit Again

Today was the second time I visited this place. First time I went for Ala Carte and preparation was good. Today I went for Buffet and felt it was a total waste of money. The preparation was average at best and some items seemed to be stale. I would suggest everyone not to go for the Buffet meal as it would ruin your day.






Innovative Veg Food.....

Recently I had gone for an awards function and found that this restaurant was adjudged as the Best standalone Vegetarian restaurant in Hyderabad. Later in the night I tried a few items in their stall at the awards ceremony and liked what I had. My wife loves veg food, and she insisted that we visit them soon for a full dinner.

Finally we were there on a Monday evening. We had a look at the menu. They have Indian, Chinese and continental items in vegetarian. Some of the items were marked as Jain food, which means no onion or garlic was used for the preparation. We then looked at the buffet which had quite a spread. So we opted for the buffet.

We started with a soup called Three Treasure soup – essentially a clear soup with three vegetables. The starters were also served on the table. There are about 4 starters. The Buttani kabab was essentially a corn based kabab which was a little spicy and more like a simulated seekh kabab. Veg Chili stick was a Chinese preparation stir fried in Szechuan sauce. The Veg Drumsticks simply floored us. A mince of vegetables mounted on an Ice Cream stick, it again tasted very similar to a non-veg mince drumstick. Jalapeno Poppers was a Jalapeno pakoda (bhajji) stuffed with melted cheese. The starters were quite novel, and we really loved the drumsticks and Jalapeno poppers, and went for a second helping of the same.

Next was the salad counter. The Lichi Apple Walnut salad was delicious. The Gazpacho salad, a mixed vegetable salad was very well prepared too.

They also have a live counter in the buffet, and that day the counter had pastas and Chinese stir fried vegetables. The pasta in Alfredo sauce has a nice flavor. The Pasta in Arrabiata was par for the course. My wife loved the stir fried vegetables prepared in a garlic and Szechuan based sauce. We also tried their garlic breads which were fresh with a big topping of garlic and cheese. The carrot pizza was spicy with the sweetish carrot blending well with the spices.

There was also a chat counter serving golgappas and dahi sev puris.

We were quite full at this stage but could not resist trying out the Indian main courses. The bulbul kofta gravy was an outstanding thick gravy, a perfect foil with Indian breads. The Methi sabji was also quite good. The mutter paneer went quite well with rice. They had Zafrani Biryani on the menu too.

In desserts we tried their Angoori Gulab Jamuns. The White Chocolate pizza with a chocolate and strawberry topping was a novelty. They also had kheer, pudding and Darsan in the dessert menu.

A pretty sumptuous buffet. I am essentially a hard core non-vegetarian, but could not but appreciate some of their experimentation – like the drumsticks and butta kababs (which were close to their non-veg counterparts) as well as the carrot pizza and white chocolate pizza.

We tried their Virgin Mojito along with the food, and the mojito was very refreshing.

The service staff was pretty alert and took good care of us. Mr. Ravi, the Manager of the place patiently answered all my detailed queries patiently.

The restaurant has decent ambiance. When we reached around 7:30 in the evening only 2 tables were full, but around our departure at 8:45 pm saw people waiting outside for a seat. I was told by the staff that this place is especially a favorite of the Marwari population of Hyderabad.

The restaurant thoroughly justified their Times award. Not to be missed by any vegetarians or people who love vegetarian food. I would love to go back here.

The dinner buffet is Rs 399 all inclusive.








My friend suggested this place and being a food lover, I gave it a shot. I was disappointed with the service and the food (Singapore noodles, seven jewel fried rice, Khushrang paneer etc. ) was cold and lacked the fresh feeling. Also, the sad part is the employee swiped my credit card thrice and it got blocked. Overall, a bad experience.



Veggies delight

Got some friends out of town..mood to put our hands on a buffet..what better than a good reviewed place to choose from. Got a table for 5 reserved..reached..had no issues in getting to seats though having huge crowd in the house. Oh man..yes people in Hyd love veg restaus too, the crowd said it all. :-)

Ambiance as per daytime looked a normal bright one, which I can say would be on nicer side in the evening with not so bright light lit ups.

Now coming to the food part the lavish counter said it all. The only thing left was the food coming in to our plates and we helping it to reach the taste buds. :P

Soups :
Three treasure and Tomato Soup - Both fine.

Starters :
Paneer Angara - Wow..That sooo soft paneer just melted in the mouth. The softest paneer I have had since long. You impressed me with this one. :-)
Corn cheese croquette - Tasted well, but would have loved it more if was a bit more crispier on the outside.
Veg Manchurian- This was on the house and yes it tasted good that few of us craved for more. :P
Tortillas and Nachos - Provided with three sauces viz cocktail/mayo/honey were fine. A couple of cold sauces too were there. Did not find the names displayed. But we saw a finer taste for one with mustard and basil (I guess) in it.
Chaats :
Dahi puri - The best of lots. I couldn't stop eating it back to back. :P
Pani puri - Average. The water along can be experimented more.
Dahi wada - Nice. The small wadas looked nice to serve. :-)
Russian salad - Good on taste.
Namkeen mixture salad - Tasted well. Reminded me of our experiments we used to do at home. :D

Main Course:
Creamy cheesy spinach : Tasted real cheesy but the top layer had dried as presented on table since long. A bit disappointed on it.
Bhindi do pyaza - Now that's what a bhindi do pyaza should be made. :-)
Bul Bul kofta , Paneer gravy, Methi malai mutter - Good. Methi malai mutter Should be improved with richness.
Fried Rice and Manchurian with gravy - A lovely combo cooked finely. :-)
Mirch ka salan - It tasted somewhat sour. Did not like it much..!!
Veg Biryani - Though with nice taste, the rice has stick to the bottom of serving dish and the lower layer had dried. The hard pieces killed the fun of eating it. :-(
Papad - Not roasted properly, had rawness here and there.
Pastas - I would recommend white sauce variant...cheesy and lovely. Red sauce one disappointed with the sauce getting dried. Guess it was made earlier, reheated and served.

Mini gulabjamuns, rasmalai, moong dal halwa stole the attraction at desserts' counter.
The pastries were OK. The apple pie has gone dry and needs improvement while serving.
Could not get to taste the Trifle pudding even after a long wait. :-(
Apart from the above we had fruits and 4 flavor ice creams with strawberry and mango crushes and chocolate sauce.

Drinks :
Blue Lagoon - A great cooler when served with Ice. B-)
To mention there were more items including rice, pulusu, sambhar, papdi chaat, butter milk etc which I could not taste. Oh man I was sooo full..!! :P

Service and Hospitality was on a better note. Tit bits of mostly unseen things were there but seeing them handling a huge crowd whole time that can be neglected. Good job.

Overall, if you love veggie delights, trust me you will be delighted with the servings here. With one of the best and worthy veg buffets around town no doubt you can pay some amount for no disappointment served on your plate.

Food - 4.2/5
Ambiance - 3.5/5
Service & Hospitality - 4/5
Money Matters - 4.2/5

Final Conclusion- 4.2/5

P.S. There is lots more on their A' la Carte. I am going back again. :)




This is one hell of an awesome place to dine out..!!
Vary large menu, great atmosphere.
Garlic Bread and Nachos are the best
Ice-creams are a dissappintment as they are regular scoops.



Excellent place for pure Vegetarians

Great Food, ambience, service. I am a regular visitor of Liberty. for Veggies excellent place to be visited