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> > > > Alex Kitchen

Alex Kitchen

Himayat NagarRest of Hyderabad  

  • 23220548
  • 3-6-10, Anasuya Commercial Complex, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad
  • Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 300

16 Reviews / 16 Ratings

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Alex Kitchen Reviews

good Chinese food

This place should be visited atleast once by a lover of Chinese food. The place has great selection and my friends tell me the non-veg is good as well... Overall, bang for your buck


Friendship adda

It's now become a tradition to me and my friends that we at least have either dinner or lunch at this place from last few years.. I feel one of the best Chinese food we get around in the city with a reasonable price and good quality,
if u are in around himayath nagar no doubt it is the best place for Chinese food.


Down down down down

One of the finest chinese restaurants in the city has gone down the drain. The food is bland and lacks the authenticity. I really wish it gets back its charm and taste again.


Rahul Nair - Burrp User

Rahul Nair

13 Reviews

November 29,2011


Nostalgic Landmark

"Let's go to Alex's Kitchen" for anyone living in the general vicinity of Liberty and Basheerbagh a few years ago was an invitation to good food, reasonable prices, no nonsense ambiance, and a friendly time with your friends.

Food - the food is psuedo Indo Chinese, not the purist idea of Chinese dishes. The dishes originally might have been Chinese but the cooks look Bengali or Bangladeshi by the looks of it and slowly the food has turned Indo Chinese, the menu has the usual Chinese fare but nothing too exotic. The food used to the talk of the town for good Chinese food earlier but lately the food quality and taste has gone south. The spring rolls are good and so are the Tofu dishes.

Ambiance - it is a restaurant run by a Chinese family settled in Hyderabad since a generation or more and the restaurant is more than 25 years old, and through the years there has not been much change in the decor or the furnishings, so they might feel a little dated in this day and age. I feel the staff also has not changed much. But nothing to complain here, they are very friendly and seem to accommodate the regular visitors like yours truly in the best place possible.

Facilities - Parking on the weekend is trouble if you have a four wheeler, there is a watchman who has been with them since 25 years or more who will guide you to the nearest parking available on the busy Himayat Nagar main road, comparatively easier if you own a two wheeler.

Overall - Alex's Kitchen holds a sense of nostalgia to most people of my generation as it must have been in all probability the place you took your girlfriend for your first lunch. The place you first actually enjoyed the food without caring about the decor or the look of the surroundings. But time has had its toll on the restaurant and I pray that the family takes better care of the food and quality and will keep all its patrons over the last 2 generations happy for another 25 years or more.




Not really East Indian (Indian Chinese).. innit?

We are food buffs and have been looking for alternate Halal options for Nan King w.r.t. decent Chinese food which does not hit the wallet hard.

Alex's Kitchen used to be great a couple of years back. I remember coming over for dinner at 7 and waiting outside the hotel till 8 just to be seated. And when I say "Alex's Kitchen used to be.." you can guess where this is going.

Reached Alex's Kitchen at 8:15 pm after a long debate with my friend Tauseef, about where to eat. We were quite surprised when we were quickly ushered to our seats. When I say ushered I mean the doorman pointing his fingers at a desolate table.

Anyway, we asked the waiter to start us up with momo's. He did, with what seemed like Dried Juiceless Chicken (without any masala). Could not complain as there seemed to be just 2 waiters for around 15 tables.
Normally Id go for the exotic at Restaurants but this place+ ambience+ waiter's Attitude forced me to order Chicken Noodles and Ginger Chicken.
Noodles was ok, it was honestly decent. The Ginger Chicken was not bad either, just a little too garlicy.
It cost us 400/- approx and we were quite glad to leave. Obviously standards of this place have gone down the drain pretty quickly. I do not think I'd visit this place any more.

Ratings -
1. Food - 2 out of 5
2. Ambience - 1 out of 5
3. Cleanliness - 2 out of 5
4. Price - 2 out of 5
5. Respect - 1 out of 5


Not the same anymore!!

We somehow finished everything but just weren't satisfied. We had definitely hoped for a better meal, but I atleast was disappointed. The quantity of food served was good, but what is the use if it doesn't taste good? The service was pathetic. I had to ask 3 people to get some water. This place is the best example to show how bad a restaurant can get if the standards are not maintained. Except for the Spring Rolls, rest of the food was forgettable.

For rest of the review, please visit


Not the same anymore!!



Nice enough

A nice cheap Chinese place. No exotic dishes. Not a bad place to visit; however, it tends to be a bit too crowded and noisy for my liking.



Was a good place !!

Was a regular to Alex's -- was the most convenient location for a quick lunch with my then girlfriend (now wife). Though we have very pleasant memories of this place and it is still close to where we live, we do not favour this place any more. Reason: the quality of food items has gone south, I reckon the cooks are driven by serving as many in as little a time. Other reasons -- poor car parking, too many tables crowded close together and the most awful habit of waiters simply shoving the food from the serving dishes on to to your plates without any decorum. In sum, "was a good place".


gr8 food

come,order,eat , go thats how it works service is very quick the food is very good !!!



Paisa Vasool

This is my 3rd visit with in a month after a very long gap. Every time i come out satisfied.
The ambience is just normal but the service is pretty fast and the main point for everyone to visit repeatedly is the price factor. Compared to many other food joints in the city this restaurant is very economical.
Diced chicken, hot & sour soup, chinese chopsuey and schezwan varieties are a must try.



Not a good experience

I liked this place some time back. But, now they have changed. The food is not at all nice. It is just warm when it arrived on the table.
The quality of the food is not what Alex Kitchen was known for. If the management is looking at this review, I please request you to do pull up your socks.
I like this place and want to come back.


minku - Burrp User


2 Reviews

August 01,2009


mmm... lovely food

for a genuine chinese preparation this is an ideal place. It is worth visiting. Good food and standard pricing.



Good Chinese food

I've been to this place so many times now and never been disappointed with the food. And when good food comes at a very reasonable price, who can complain. Never been here for lunch but if you go for dinner, make sure you have time on your hands. You will have to wait for a minimum of 15-20 minutes to get a table. The service is quick though, not surprising as they need you to vacate the table as soon as possible.


Its time for so makeover

A city lacked a place fro chinese food lovers. Alex made the change. It started serving good chinese food to the passerby.

Alex kitchen is a place I always like to visit because of the ambiance and the courteous staff. Though over time the hospitality has degraded with probably due to the food they offer is priced way below the market. A good sumptuous meal for 2 costs you 250 bucks.

I probably have visited an umpteen number of times. Every time I need to wait for atleast 15 mins to get a place to seat. This place is always over crowded due to its location and popularity. They strategically open for just 6 hours. 3 hours for the lunch and 3 hours for dinner. It would be a lame thing to do to go in a group without prior booking.

Overall, this place is a hit for everyday chinese. Its high time they think of some make over and consider to increase the spacing for more to accommodate.


Sasidhar N - Burrp User

Sasidhar N

4 Reviews

September 16,2007


Decent Chinese food

good chinese food...lack of ambience is a drawback...prices are justificably good....location is good....