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> > > > All Seasons

All Seasons

Banjara HillsRest of Hyderabad  


16 Reviews / 17 Ratings

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All Seasons Reviews







Had The Worst Meal of My Life!

Had the worst meal of my life here, fueled by the pathetic service. The ordeal began as soon as we got a hair in our starter, for which the staff was unapologetic. The soup tasted as if were a cornflour soup! Ditto with the yuck tasting kodar salona, which had cauliflowers and broccoli that were as soft as marshmallows!

Service was really slow, with the staff not being cooperative at all. It seemed as if they were doing us a favour, with not even serving when requested.

Have dined at this place before, when it was not so fancy and was just a ground floor eatery with a few tables.

Maybe management has changed, but the food and service is so bad you'd rather go hungry!



Food quality

This is the worst lebanese food ive ever had. Service is good. But food is pathetic.
However the veg lebanese starters are edible. Everything else SUCKS.

After my experience here i cant wait to go home and eat.






excellent lebanese food

Ambiance: ( * * * * * )

Service ( * * * * 1/2 )

Food ( * * * * * )

I am sure what i pen here... lot of ppl would agree to me ....

Basically i need to travel often to hitek city to visit my inlaws with my wife n children...
The Ambiance n the interiors of All Seasons are just Phenomenal... Very Chic... Very Moroccan in nature... the nicely textured wall were really intriguing

Since i was in no hurry n for a change not worried too for kids it was tried n tested place

The Main Course included :Lebanese platter, Khabsa laham, Biryani amd some noodles for kids.
The well trained staff made sure that the plates were full with amazing food.

Surely Recommend this place as a top class restaurant in hitek... for the awesome food and a good menu


diptesh - Burrp User


3 Reviews

January 18,2013


Excellent Lebanese food, pathetic service

Food : 4/5
Ambiance : 3/5
Service : 1/5

They have excellent Lebanese food. The falafel had the exact authentic taste. The restaurant is located at a rather dark corner of the city, so kinda goes unnoticed sometimes, but if you want a taste of Mediterranean cuisine, this is the place to go in Hyderabad. Quantity was good, and reasonably priced too. 2 super hungry people finished a proper 3 course meal at a 1000 bucks.

However, the service is pathetic, The waiters do not listen to you when you call them, they are mostly busy chatting among themselves and you literally have to shout to catch their attention. Service is pretty fast though once you place the order.

The ambiance is nice, gives you the typical small homely restaurant feel. Lovely little place to go on a date. In a nutshell, if you like good Mediterranean food, you should definitely visit this place at least once.


Marshal242 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 09,2012


Best Lebanese food

The best lebanese food in town been here many times very happy with the food . Th restaurant is centrally located been to hitek and banjara hills branch the hitek is very beautiful restaurant compare to bhills but the food in both the place is very good. surely recoment a visit and good service aswell. good work to the boys there.



The best lebanese place

Have been passing by this place on road no 3 never been there. Visited with a team of 13 people had the best time since iam in india. The food here rocks , the service was reasonably good . The place seems quiet busy with lots of tables moving around. WE tried lebanese that was simply outstanding , the platter was very tatsy. My dudes had sizzlers which turned out to be really very nice. Glad have such a nice restaurant in the neighborhood will make it a second home. kudos to the team



Please do not go to this horrible restaurant which gives the best of bad experience, pathetic service

Will never suggest to any of my friends and me will never go there

Me and my friend specifically spoke to the manager about the pathetic service they offered and he did not utter a word to please us .. what a JERK !



Good Food

had shawarma and falafel.....quite good....service is decent...ambience is ok..would definitely recommend it.


the best kabsa laham

kabsa is arabic biryani orange sweet rice and a chunk of dripping lamb. amazing portion and so tender

service is pleasant and so is the ambience. and in deserts the umm ali was to die for

u will find all the arabic crowd of hyd dining here

thumbs up



good food need more exposure

heard a lot from my friends @dell wanted to be here for long just been there last evening with friends and guests had very good food. started with non veg mezee platter, then some arabic platter, hummus, warganaf and the biryani was awesome. the badam kheer was just too good for the price. would strongly recommend foodies to go and have a gr8 experiance. keep up the good work all seasons.


bad experience, pathetic service and poor quality

Please do not go to this horrible restaurant which gives the best of bad experience, pathetic service and very poor quality of the food.

Will never suggest to any of my friends and me will never go there

Sorry All Seasons, its your bad luck.


disapointing service

heard so much about this place, went to try it last night. you are greeted and seated well. the first impression is really good. there after no one comes back to give you the menu or water. after a while some one drags him self to your table to give the menu and then you need to scream for some one to come and take your order.

drinks are served after the food is over.
cutlery is not kept on the table. so 10 min after your food arrives the cutlery need to be begged for. food gets cold and disastrous by then. the humus is the worst i ever had. pita breads were like thick uncooked pizza bases.

the bill comes with service charges which you dont wish to pay.



Awesome lebanese

Great lebanese food.. decent variety for vegetarians.. if you enjoy a good veg felafel sandwich with lots of hummus, this is the place!!


lovely lebanese food

Heard so much about this place IT SIMPLY ROCKS the lebanese, shawarmas, indian, chinese, grills everything is good about this place been here 7 times and fell in love every time. Must try place for good food at reasonable price


Great place for Ebanese food

Last weekend, my wife and I decided to eat out and meandering through the bylanes of Banjara Hills, we came across All Seasons, on Road No. 3. We went inside and were pleasantly surprised by the nice decor (waiting area, inner dining area, outer dining area, etc). Soon enough the head steward came to take our orders. We asked him what the specialty of the restaurant was and he replied “Ebanese.” [Note to self: Go to a good ENT surgeon and clean the wax from my ears]. Being a huge fan of (L)ebanese cuisine, my eyes lit up and I decided to go for it.

[I read about Ebanon and their culinary customs post my “dinner.” Summarily, I learnt that is this a land where aspirant cooks, who cannot either afford Air Liban season fares or who do not have the time to invest in learning how to make a good plate of hummus, usually go for a crash course in making food, fast.] True to Ebanese form, here’s what we got:

Hot and sour soup - came minus the sour, reminded me of Frank Zappa’s song, “Lumpy Gravy.” It’s saving grace - cleared my sinuses inside of three spoonfuls (before I decided to set it aside for fear of abetting some part of my stomach being ripped apart).

Veg mezze platter - The only item remotely resembling Lebanese cuisine was the fattoush salad. The rest were an Ebanese gourmand’s wet dream come true - the “Falafel” was 95 parts garlic, 4 parts flour and 1 part rind, the “Baba Ganoush” was too oily, the “pita” bread was pitiable white lard (curses, I ordered an extra portion of this) and the hummus was uh uh.

We separately ordered a Baba Ganoush as well (as we were informed the mezze platter did not have it) and ended up saving on Sunflower the next day when making a huge quantity of french fries.

Terrible, but I only have myself to blame for my misplaced hearing - I wanted Lebanese and got Ebanese (think Christopher Columbus many centuries ago, ha).

Anyways, I’m thinking of starting a relief campaign to help fund the sous-chef’s trip and 6-month bed and board to Lebanon so he can start his own Middle Eastern restaurant soon. Will surely ask the burrp gang for fund-raiser assistance ;-)



Reasonably Good Lebanese & Arabic Food

Last evening decided to enjoy Arabic and Lebanese cuisine, so went to "All Seasons" erstwhile Yoko Sizzlers, Road No.3, Banjara Hills.

Since there so much talk about clogged arteries these days, decided against decision to have an all veggie dinner ( imagine is it possible in arabic and lebanese cuisine? read on......)

Ambience wise its just the same but, now instead of lounge music, its arabic music playing and they have a seating outside right in front of their grill area. Nice

We ordered the following :-

Veg Mezze Platter : Rs.325
( Falafel, Mautebel,Hummus and Pita Bread)

Extra Pita Bread : Rs.40

Fattoush : Rs.135

Veg Cheese Balls : Rs.125

Veg Schezwan Fried Rice : Rs.130

Fresh Lime Soda--3 No's : Rs.150

U'mm Ali--2 No's : Rs.140

Total Damages : Rs.1100++

Falafel served with a unique sauce was fantastic

Hummus and Mautebal was bland and just ok. Maybe our palate does not agree to such food.

Fattoush is like a salad served with crispies, quite nice

Since most of the above food is quite light, we decided to order something that will hit the spot

Veg Cheese Balls served with White Garlic sauce was very good. Infact, the sauce was the highlight. However, i still vote for cheese balls at Reshmis, Secunderabad.

Schezwan Fried Rice was hot, fiery and super spicy and trust me. I loved this dish the best of entire lot. I would go back only for this dish.

U'mm Ali is an arabic dessert. Its made of Milk,Dry Fruits and Crispy Puffs soaked in them. It tastes a bit like Double Ka Meetha and quite nice.

Its a decent place with VFM pricing and best part there are no crazy taxation and there is no SC but, ST of 4%.