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Bottles & Chimney



13 Reviews / 17 Ratings

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A Night to Tickle Your Funny Bone! Aug 05

  • A Night to tickle your funny bone! with Abhijit Deshpande and Mayank Parakh at Bottles & Chimney.

    Time: 8pm onwards

Friday Night with Rohit Aug 07

  • Enjoy your friday night with DJ Rohit Barker at Bottles & Chimney.

    Time: 9pm onwards

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Bottles & Chimney Reviews







Wrong Information

I haven't had any bad experiences with bouncers, Mr.Harish I guess they're nice up. He using obscenity word . As Be you mention there special party on 17-04-2014. but you did not mention that it entry with couple only.There are many Late night party in hyderbad pubs and lounges But came to your pub. But ***** Bouncers are not allowed to inside us and he use the BAD WORDS also.we contact on your mobile also know one answering also. This not fare with us

We are requesting to give the right information of party.and Keep well education bouncers in your pub.

Waiting for your valuable response.



Good one to hang out

i have been to this place thrice and is a good to place to hang out with friends . Best about the B'n'C is the platter which they offer . Ambience is quiet decent . The dj and the Tracks they play are all too good. the cover charges are nominal too ..I would suggest for new comers to Hyderabad, to visit it for sure it will be great 'n' gratifying experience. Cheers !!!


Just Chill Chill Chill.....

I like the name B & C. The name itself attracted lots of crowd. This Pub is also one of the oldest PUB in Hyderabad. It is one place you can't neglect, if you are a person who loves music.

Forget about pricing just take a deep breath and enter to have fun. Interiors are good. Serving is prompt and food is great.

Just Chill Chill Chill.


pradhan3079 - Burrp User


9 Reviews

November 16,2012


Best Pub to chill out!!!!!

This place really rocks. It is a most happening place in Hyderabad. Best place for chill out with friends.They have rocking tracks playing. It can ensure you to wake up when you are here. The food and drinks here are great here. The drinks and the bites are priced at par with any other pub .The ambiance and Music on Saturday nights is superb.. !



Best PUB in Center of the City

I have Shifted from Bangalore to Hyderabad recently. I was wondering for Happening Night Life in Hyderabad and i found this Place From Burrp..

This is one of the happening places in Hyderabad..
and it is packed every time..Good ambiance, music and a good place to hang out with friends..Good service. Great beers and Great Food the food portions are little bigger for the price.. The staff is very friendly and polite...The Services are very quick..

DJ Stan was Pretty Good in Cocktail Wednesday...

A must visit for all Nightlife Lovers !!




Party place, wonderful place

Just when you enter you get a wonderful feeling, the place is nicely set up with lights and seating were pretty good. Live DJ was happening when I had been to this place. I have ordered some beers with the service was pretty fast !! The crsipy chicken is really awesome which is a must try. Crispy corn is also pretty good. Totally a good place with great ambience.


Love this place

i have been here twice during my visit to Hyderabad. i really like this place a lot. friendly staff and awesome crowd out there. the dj and the music they play are all too good. the cover charges are nominal too. would love this place again


deepsova - Burrp User


8 Reviews

August 23,2011


not again

we went there for a 'bollywood night' and had to wait till almost 11:00 am for them to play some music that was remotely dance-able! the food weren't much of a deal-saver either!


hmm82 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

January 03,2011



These guys steal. I went for my office party and realized y the end of the party that I had lost my watch, my Cross Pen, all amounting to Rs 21,000.
I tried contacting them but to no avail. None of their emails work. Met with their security also, but even he shrugged it away.
Really miserable place.


hari_nj - Burrp User


63 Reviews

January 27,2010


Seedy joint...

They were pioneers in the city when they built it. It is time for an overhaul. Can somebody please tell the owners that it looks like a seedy strip club and they need a makeover. However it is the only joint that rocks in Sec'bad area. Good to go with a bunch of guys, but please do not take your girl here!



Smoking zone

First of all - BnC is my favorite pub in Hyderabad. But ever since they allowed people to smoke inside, the pub does not have any air to breathe. They do have a separate smoking area outside ... but very few people use it. I went there on 13th June and saw people smoking all around - I could hardly breathe any air. Finally I approached the manager and she showed me a legal notice stuck at the entrance door of pub which stated no smoking in public places etc. He also told me that no one inside the pub cares - everyone smokes and their staff is unable to stop people from doing so. HUH .! There were few people who did have some respect for the legal act. A gentleman sitting next to us lit a cig. and asked our permission - we insisted and he politely stepped outside to finish. It is surprising that the pub management is doing nothing to stop the smoking in the pub area.



Weekend music theme

BnC has always been my favorite. BUT from the past few months the music has been awful during weekends. If you are going to a pub having a dance floor on saturday in a group... you cannot afford to keep yourselves away from the floor. BnC music during the weekend will make you do exactly what you cannot afford. And this makes you realize how well you ruin your weekend. Food is no doubt good and music during weekends just suck. The DJ's will just not play any number requested by the audience no matter how much it is in sync with the theme. Moreover you will get to listen to only 1-2 bolly numbers. The moment you get a little high and are on the floor the DJ plays an awful number to make you go back to your table.



Apt name

It was filled with people enjoying their bottles and smoking like chimneys. The ambience was nice. They have nice lounge style seating, the lighting was all right, and the night I was there they had a Romanian lady called Olga doing something special, though I dint check out what she was doing. Nothing scandalous mind you!

The drinks I dint like too much. Martini glasses are not supposed to be filled to the brim. I had my Cosmo overflowing and The White Russian had too much cream in it.

Beyond that its a good place to check out once...