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> > > > Chef Inam's Steak House 1

Chef Inam's Steak House 1

Masab TankRest of Hyderabad  


14 Reviews / 15 Ratings

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Chef Inam's Steak House 1 Reviews






Review for Chef Inam's Banjara Hills Branch

I found Chef Inam's Steak House to be average. I and my friend decided to check out this place. I was excited about trying out Chef Inam's as I am a great fan of western food, but I was a wee bit disappointed at the end. While I ordered chicken hotilicious steak (do not remember the exact name), my friend ordered Cheese steak. Taste wise it was just about average. Service was not up to the mark. We forgot the names of the dishes by the time food was served. Unfortunately, the place falls short of justifying the price it charges. Ambiance and service are disappointing!


Be A Steakholder !!!

Rosemary Cheese Tenderloin Steak - I knew what had to be ordered as I had been here before and Chef Inam as usual didn't disappoint me. The steak was medium done and juicy, served with some fries, bread and salad it seemed the perfect meal for my Sunday lunch. Chef also allowed us to watch him prepare the steak and explained the different marination which were done.

Overall an awesome experience , though I would recommend you not to go on weekends as it is unusually busy and other than the chef himself the waiters don't know what is happening.

Meal for one - Rs. 600/- ish


surjodeb - Burrp User


29 Reviews

November 26,2012


Review for Jubilee Hills outlet (opp KBR Park)

NOTE: This review is for the Chef Inam's outlet at Jubilee Hills opposite KBR Park which does not appear to have an independent listing here on Burrp yet.
- Although I have been to the Masab Tank outlet also, the Jubilee hills outlet is far more hygienic cleaner and has AC instead. And I would recommend it over the branch at Masab Tank anyday given the current state of affairs at the 2 outlets.

Had gone here with a group of friends today on a Sunday afternoon. The restaurant offered a wide variety of steaks which were essentially basically barbeques. (The chef could be seen and approached working on the barbecue grill on the right side just outside the AC seating of the restaurant beside the non AC section.)

Since it was a large group of 20 or so folks, we ordered different dishes.
I tasted the
(i)Rosemary Cheese Tenderloin steak (done medium rare this retained the marinating juices without any objectionable smell or touch of rawness),
[also a few other beef steaks the names of which I couldn't grasp and as I will explain below the names didn't matter],
(ii)a variety of lamb chops in different spices and in particular the Cajun lamb chops.
- In general, most of the difference amongst the steak dishes or amongst the lamb chop dishes themselves were very subtle in taste and only due to the different herbs or flavours added during the barbeque'ing process (with very little difference in the initial marination I suspect). So to most ordinary untrained folks, it will be difficult to distinguish between the different steaks or the different lamb chops.

The lamb chops were good, but in general, most of them had very little meat on them. Would strongly suggest sticking to the steaks if you want something meaty in your mouth.

(iii)Tried the chicken Jamaican steak. This was really spicy in the tabasco or chilly sauce sense. Like all the other different taste chicken steaks on the table it was a thin chicken fillet and not very filling.

(iv)Towards the end I ordered a fish steak BBQ with the only fish on offer today being the Sea Bass. The Sea Bass, also known in Eastern India as the Bhetki, is basically a very soft flavourless fish that can take on the taste of any marination or flavours. I really liked the herbs the chef added on this to get a wonderful taste, and the fish was fresh and very soft providing a beautiful melt-in-your-mouth texture.

(v)Lastly, the burgers were all essentially variants or smaller steak pieces put inside lightly toasted in olive oil sesame seed lined burger bread. But if one wanted to have bread too with their meat and can't take a very meaty overdose this is what I would strongly recommend since the steaks came with only 2 pieces of rather ordinarily sized garlic bread only.

Major takeaways from the experience:
1. Essentially all items on the menu are variants in some form of steak or barbecue.
2. Avoid Lamb chops if you want more fleshy portions in your dish, since the fleshy portions in the lamb chops is really less.
3. Stick to Burgers or order extra garlic bread if you like a filling portion of bread with your steaks.
4. The place offers very small quantities of vegetables with steaks, so order extra vegetables if you want a balanced not meal-only meal.
5. Drink water before you go or prepare to shell out a lot for the same because there is no regular water served at the restaurant. And you will drink copious amounts since all that meat will make you thirsty.
6. For non meat folks and others looking to try something different, strongly recommend the fish BBQ as a very interesting taste or experience.
7. Also avoid weekend rush hours since the Chef has only 2 large BBQ grills and you might have to wait a long while for your order (~1-1.5 hours) if the place gets full with it's seating capacity of around 25 folks at any point of time.

My personal recommendations for dishes to try:
1. If you are okay with beef, forget everything else and just pick any tenderloin steak because they will all taste mostly the same here. - Do order extra veg or extra garlic bread if you like to have either of those with your meat since portions included with steak will be miniscule.
2. If you are looking for something different, try the fish steak.
3. If you like burgers and want to try something filling and slightly different, try any of the steak burgers for a steak'y taste alongwith quantity.

Ambience is okay okay. Nothing fancy, slightly trendy modern minimalist decor with around 6 tables only in the restaurant.

Food - 7/10
Service - 3/10
Ambience - 5/10
Cost - 700 (for one, good place for individuals going out to be able to order only for one person)

All in all, I would say a nice place to go for the taste of the barbecue but keep aside copious amounts of time when going for getting served or drop in on non weekend days and follow the above tips depending on your level of meat expectations from your food. At around 600/- per dish and a meal coming to around 700 per head including drinks, tip etc I would not say this place is cheap and definitely leaves a lot more to be desired, but currently I have not seen any alternative to this place in Hyderabad yet sadly.


1str8cop - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 11,2011



This hole in the wall "steakhouse" was recommended to me by a friend who never tried Texas Longhorn or Omaha steaks, or ever had the experience of biting into some good ol’ US beef! Nevertheless, I treated my family to “Chef” Inam’s cuisine parked out in our sedan as the tiny indoor “restaurant” was littered with vagrants; no doubt, the “regulars” lingering over remains of their dinner while checking out some rare piece of pedestrian rump strutting by. A determined lot, these “regulars”, braving the swarm of mosquitoes and other pestilence the ambiance has to offer. We took refuge in the car preferring the rancid odor of urine graffiti on the wall to risking malaria.

20 minutes of patiently waiting for our order to be delivered, I mustered up the courage to walk up to “Chef” Inam and inquire whether our steaks will be done by the following morning (if we’re real lucky)? “Chef” Inam was doing his chef thing on the grill - our order, finally! “What kind of steaks are these,” I asked as he picked up each piece of meat from the mucky marinade by hand and arranged them on the grill. “Beef”, he announced proudly, and turned to one of the regulars. “I do Boston-style steaks!” I suppose that meant doing away with utensils and directly applying un-gloved hands to his handiwork! Going a few steps further, I suppose the chefs in Boston do not cover their head with a cap: Chef’s hair adds that certain “zing” to the flavor of the generic, all-purpose secret marinade. B’sides, when done, the fallen hair would be too well done or extra crispy not to make one heckofawholelotof difference!

OK. So there were our “steaks”! No sides? Like maybe roasted potatoes, veggis, even mashed spuds & gravy? A man of few words, “Chef” Inam gave me one of those “Hey! You ordered steaks, didn’t ya? Well, here are your steaks” looks!

The Server brought them over to the car. The plates looked clean in the semi dark and he brought real steak knives and blunt forks. But those steak knives sure came in handy! The steaks were juicy (if you fancy Desi masala) but hard as leather with a touch of rubber! WOW! Hyderabadi-"Bostonian" elastic steaks! They would give denture wearers a run for their money!

As I spat out a mouthful of gristle barely missing a passer-by hawker, he commented that Hyderabadi “bade-ka-gooshth” commonly comes from some unfortunate sickly buffalo ("Khulga") from Barkas masquerading as beef.

Figures ….


Now this is not steak .. it is Steaaaaaak!

We are regulars here!
Going by the kind of reviews I put up, if I say I am a regular, it means I freaking Love the place!
Steak House is a brilliant place which must be kept a quite little secret between us (well this review defies the point.. anyway), since more the place becomes popular the more cost centred food joints become.
Chef Inam's Steak house was introduced to me by my Foodie Friend Tauseef Mohamed (I must credit him for the find). It is on the corner of the Masab Tank Flyover beside the Golconda Hotel.
1. Parking - There is ample space for parking as the curb in front of the shop is wide enough to accomodate quite a few vehicles.
2. Ambience - The place is small, really small with barely 4 tables. It makes up for the space by not really being hoarded by a huge crowd (probably because it is Steak not everybody's first choice).
3. Attitude - Down to earth (if that was one word) is the word(s) I'd use to describe the staff.
4. Food - Well, there are Steaks and Chicken Steaks(for sissies!). And they are Brilliant Steaks. I personally love the Jamaican Styled Steak. The wait time is around 10 - 15 minutes, but you are not allowed to stay Hungry, the chef gets you Pasta's (complimentary of course)! Also, you can ask the server to keep your steak rare, medium rare or deep cooked.
The steak is served with boiled vegetable, Potato Wedges and Oregano laced bread. And of course you cannot have steak without a drink, so we have Jal Jeera readily available too!
5. Price - extremely reasonable. A steak costs from Rs. 250/- to 450/- based on the type. Personally it is the Platter which is the best deal for 600/- three of us can gorge on the Steak.

All in all it is a nice quiet place to goto for a nice meal.

Ratings -
1. Food - 4 out of 5
2. Ambience - 2 out of 5
3. Cleanliness - 3 out of 5
4. Price - 5 out of 5
5. Respect - 4 out of 5


Awesome steaks

I have visited this place twice and have come back very satisfied with the food here. This is possibly the best steak joint in Hyderabad. Ambiance is nothing to write home about but the food is awesome. I have tried Kirraak steak, tenderloins, and their platters which have three different beef and chicken steaks, which can be shared by two people. Must say that I found each item delicious. Plan to visit them shortly for the fish dishes there.

My only complaint is about the size of this joint and cleanliness. It has only 4/5 tables seating max 20 people and cleanliness needs to improve. But still it is a must visit place for meat lovers in Hyderabad.


Awesome Steaks...worth the money!!!

Wow...never expected such a tiny place to serve steaks like this. Let it be Lamb chops, tenderloins...they just melt in ur mouth. Too tasty and the staff is very courteous.
We had ordered a Mini Platter which costs 600 bucks. And we 2 were struggling to finish it as they served so much meat. But they tasted awesome. I have made a point to visit this place again in the near future.
dont expect it to be a posh place. Its a tiny roadside eatery. However, every penny that you spend there would be worth it.




A reply to someone who said it wasnt clean and stuff like that,,,, please ignore them as it just doesnt matter, its a Steakhouse we are talking about where animal meats are served, i wonder what he was hoping it would be but anyways, the food is just awesome, this guy (Chef Inam) really knows what hes doing, i bet he could beat the day light out of Fusion9/sports grill or any other fancy restaurants at any given day... Kiraack steak or the NY Tenderloin, order anything and be rest assured ur taste buds would go for a ride of their life..... Im a GYM RAT and this place gives me what i need - Protein and some good calories, im even consider coming off WHEY protein to have this steak 2-3 times a week... Great going CHef Inam.... All the best.


jaimen - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 01,2010


Best steaks in town

Steak house is my favourite hangout point. The scrumptious and delicious dishes delights me. If you wanna eat a proper steak, I suggest this is the place to visit. Unlike the beef steaks, where they pour large quantity of sauces on it, steak at this place is left to the natural flavour. The aroma that comes when Inam grills the steak, increases the apetite. The place is small, but who cares as long as the food is tantalizing.


situhyd - Burrp User


3 Reviews

September 21,2010


Steak House 1

Good Food, Friendly staff, Friendly chef. Get the food as per your choice.
Very small place, but thats not what matters
Rs 400 for 2

i loved it....


Bad steak..Poor customer service.Stay away

I stay at Masab Tank so I called up and ordered for a New York Tenderloin steak and requested them to deliver at home.The steak costs Rs 180 but they told me to pay Rs 20 extra for home delivery.When the steak arrived I found that the vegetables which were promised along with the steak were missing.I called them up and was rudely told that the delivery boy has left for home (he stays at Lakdikapul) .

The steak wasn't so great either and tasted more like Moghlai disk ( Tandoori chicken taste to be precise).
If you are a true steak lover, stay away from this place.You can try the steaks at Fusion 9 or Indijoes which have a more continental taste.


Liked the food and hospitality

I have been to Chef Inam's Steak House 1 last sunday, heard a lot about its tasty and nutritious steaks and when tried the Newyork Tenderloin and Zesty lemon chicken steak and Afghani tandoori with pudinay ki chutney, was very much delighted with the taste of the food and the hospitality I received from Chef Inam and his team.
Well now planning for weekend hangout at this place and few parties (wish it could have some large space).
And wish I could have hookah there atleast on sunday.
Best wishes Chef Inam for your future and hope to see you on saturday and try out a new flavour of fish and fusion flames...hmmmm yummmy.......can't resist.




Heard of this place. Love steak so decided to drop by for a steak lunch this afternoon just past 1 pm. A guy squatting outside digging into his nose.No one else, whether staff or customers. He tried to turn on a tiny air cooler mounted on a wall using a stick to reach some switch. The floor was so slippery that the chair in which I sat was not stable on the floor. When I inquired about the steaks I was told quote 'no after 7' unquote. There was some cut chicken pieces lying around the kitchen which is visible, with flies humming around the. Needless to say I walked away. And no where does it say on their info on burrp or on the info they have posted on the FB that steaks are not available for lunch - and anyway with whatever I saw and experienced during my brief visit that legendary Chef Inam from the US of A, has lost a customer for ever.


Inam is a gift to barbeque lovers

A mini resturant besides the Hotel Golconda @ masab tank is a must visit for steak lovers. Beef, Mutton and chicken and choiciest of north indian breads, kebabs and curries.

Inam is very friendly and he can customize the steak according to your needs (spicy, medium spicy,and meat done well, medium or rare) The 3 sauces provided along with the steaks are also good. Try the newyork tenderloin @ 180/-if you eat beef or the rosemary oregano chicken @150/- which is served with a garlic bread and some shredded tossed, beans, carrot and cabbage.

The two things to improve on is the cleanliness and the cutlery which Inam promised to take care very soon. He is also looking at a new setup in banajara/jubilee side.

If you are in this part of town. Don't miss to visit the steak house