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> > > > Chinese Pavilion

Chinese Pavilion

Banjara HillsRest of Hyderabad    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 04066785680, 04066785681
  • Road No. 1, Opposite Vengal Rao Park, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
  • Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 1500

11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Chinese Pavilion Reviews






Went there last night with my wife.
Ordered for the Spicy Crab Soup and for the main course, Bamboo Rice and Garlic Prawns.

The crab soup was awful. It was stinking of stale crab meat and also the soup had a lot of small pieces of crab shells in it.
The bamboo rice did not have any bamboo shoot. It did have a lot of black mushrooms. I do like black mushrooms but in this case the mushrooms were half cooked. the Prawns tasted good but again were not fully cooked.

The icing on the cake was the attitude of the captain. He just would not listen to us and eventually started arguing about the food being good.

I recommend you avoid this place.






Simply Chinese!

Chinese Pavilion, Nagarjuna Circle
There are few restaurants in the city that provide authentic Chinese food and Chinese Pavilion is one such place. It’s not very spacious; the ambiance is quite decent and gives you a cozy feel. The staff here is friendly but the best part is the quality of food -it’s just heavenly. It’s a must visit place for Chinese lovers. One must try the Teriyaki Chicken, Crispy Mushroom, Three Treasure Vegetable, Chicken Oyster Chilly, Bamboo Rice, Mixed Fried Rice and Spicy Black Bean Lamb.



Great food, modest prices

This review is limited to vegetarian dishes only.

This is among the very few places in Hyderabad that has never disappointed us.
Been here umpteen times, tried most of their dishes, always been happy after the visit.

The ambiance is pleasant and cozy. The service is prompt and courteous.

Personally, I found the food here better than some other overrated and over expensive Chinese restaurants in town. However, it may be a personal liking.

Their manchow soup is one of the best in the town. Ditto for their bamboo rice.

Have tried most of veg starters and main course and most of them are very good. And thankfully, I didn't find the excess use of cornflour in the gravy (a little bit is tolerable). The quantities are also good.

All the items are very moderately spiced and try to retain the original flavour.

One item that must find mention here is the "Teppan-Soba" noodles. It is very nicely flavoured butter garlic noodles served on a sizzler platter. A must try item.

The pricing is also moderate. Meal for two (One soup, one veg main course, one noodles/rice and two cold drinks) will add up to Rs 550-600 (approx.).

A must visit for Chinese food lovers.

If you are a first time visitor, you may have trouble finding this restaurant. It is located in the basement of a small shopping complex opposite Vengal Rao park. Just look for the "De-Kobbler" shop. It is in the same building. Offers valet parking for cars. However, two wheeler owners need some practice to park on the footpath. Well that is the only downside.


foody_god - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 14,2012



It is one of few restaurant to provide awesome food along with the good ambiance, excellent service quality... Now me and my friends frequent to this place and are never disappointed.. Truly it is one the best things I have had in Hyderabad.


Best Chinese Restaurent in Hyderabad City

It was my first time there – Myself, My wife and my daughter we visited this place yesterday on 6th July on my Birthday after hearing good feedback on this restaurant.
First Of all They have valet parking which is very important for the location where it is situated .
Although it’s not a very large place, very neat and clean, well decorated and well mannered hotel staff.

Next comes the Food, we had ordered Chicken Wonton Soup which is the best I had in recent times, taste was fabulous, next was their famous Bar-B-Que Chicken which was also very good although they can increase the quantity. For the main course we ordered Fried Rice- Prawn was very good and tasted heavenly. We ordered their Wolly chicken along with Rice dish and it was also well tendered and hey served it like the way we requested them to prepare it. The overall Bill was close to 1200 INR which is ok compared to the Food quality they had served.

The food was really delicious, and I specially liked the soup and the fried rice- overall this was an excellent experience for all of us – we are a regular visitor of Aroma Of China and Mainland China but after visiting this place we will surely come here once again.

Overall very good experience – I recommend it to Hyderabad Food lovers.


best chinese restaurant in town

this is the best chinese restaurant in town... excellent food, service... had bamboo rice , chilli chicken ... was amazing



Easily the best Chinese in town

Easily te best chinese in town by a mile.Their trademark dishes are the chicken in banana leaves and bbq chicken.The CP Rice is a must try thing.Service is amazing and warm and friendly.Ali who owns the place is always present and making sure things are all fine.The place is frequented by people from various generations as one gets to see quite a few loyals there!!


black dots instead of the stars

every time i have been there i had a stomach upset. every time we were invited by some one for dinner to chinese pavillion we just hoped things would be fine later on. but surprisingly not so.
dunno why. but never again.



The food is awesome here!

Really good food..... Try out Banana Chiken (Boneless Chicken pieces marinated and wrapped in banana leaves cooked on coal) for melts in you mouth...
Dabaa ke khane ke baad bhi, Price for 3 will not exceed Rs 900-1000.


nomad - Burrp User


91 Reviews

March 28,2009


Recommended !

It was my first time there - my friend took me out for lunch - I enjoyed it. It's not a very large place - that gives it a nice cosy look. The decor and the piped-music quite 'Chinese' - and the furnishings not very lavish or five-starish (that's the way I like them !). We split a hot crab soup, and ordered chinese tea (which I think was on the house), their wolly chicken and roast lamb fried rice. For dessert we split a brownie with i/c. The food was delicious, and I specially liked the soup and the fried rice. Service warm and efficient. The bill was about 700 with the tip. They have valet parking. Very good experience - I recommend it.


Arvind_7 - Burrp User


33 Reviews

November 16,2008


Good but not Great!!!

After an evening of heavy partying at home, a bunch of us felt this sudden urge, late on Saturday night, to indulge in some exquisite oriental cuisine. After shortlisting a few places, we finally decided on Chinese Pavillion, near Nagarjuna circle. We reached the restaurant at around 10:45, which in my opinion is not very late, considering the fact that it was a Saturday night. As we walked in, the waiters were all geared up to give us a warm reception, the kind that Ganguly received on his last day!!!! Well, alright, I’m pushing it, it was’nt that warm!!! In any case, I figured that something was amiss. Either, they were really excited to see us, or they dint have anyone else to attend to. Cynical as it may seem, I think it was a case of the latter. There was’nt a soul other than the 5 of us, which actually got us thinking – how the hell do these guys make money?? I mean it’s a Saturday night for heaven’s sake. Anyway, lets leave that to them to sort out and move onto more important things. We started off with what was described as Veg Manchow Soup. Now, I don’t know, what authentic Veg manchow soup tastes like or if it even exists in the first place, but what we has last night could at best be described as ‘just edible’. It was spicy and quite frankly not very good. We were’nt off to the best of starts. The baby corn starter, which came next was crispy and tasty, although the sauce that usually accompanies the starter in any Chinese restaurant was’nt very good in this case. Then came the main course. We ordered a chicken Manchurian gravy and mix veg in schezuan sauce to go with the schezuan Veg fried rice. The rice and chicken were delicious, the veg side dish was also quite good. Overall, the food was good with the soup being the only exception. As far as the ambience is concerned, the place is not bad, but nothing extraordinary. There were numerous ‘Chinese’ novelties and other oriental wall hangings giving the place a far eastern feel, but that aside, nothing else worthy of a mention. The service as I already mentioned was courteous. All in all, a good place, worth a visit every now and then.