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> > > > Club 8

Club 8


  • 23401111, 23409999
  • 6-3-1192/T/105, Lifestyle Building, Ground Floor, Begumpet, Hyderabad
  • North Indian, Tandoori, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 700

14 Reviews / 22 Ratings

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Club 8 Reviews






Simply Good

hi folks, dis is the best place to hangout . the music service and price everything is good we can spend more time with friends.


Shirish  - Burrp User


11 Reviews

October 09,2013


Dark and Dim

Club 8 is one of the oldest hang out places for young Hyderabadi's .The name brings back all the old memories when we use to bunk our college and spend hours in the dark, dull place with light music .Recently i entered this place with some old friends after a long gap.To our surprise this good old cool club has transformed into some janta bar kind. Music was loud, service was awful and atmosphere was horrible .Time for the management to pull up their socks and get some fresh look to the place.The only positive I found was good decent starters that they served.


rajat309 - Burrp User


46 Reviews

January 10,2013


Very Loud Music, But good food

This is almost my every weekend hangout. As, it is very close to my place. Can't comment much about the ambience - as it is just OK..The drinks are very averagely priced. can say a hep form of Gokul Bar of Mumbai...Food is Ok..Always crowded...We ordered Bhutan Chicken and Noorani Chicken...Noorani was spicy as it should be....Bhutan was quite bad thing is that they play very loud music most of the times...makes it impossible to talk at all... So, if you are just going for drinks and quick snacks and LOUD music,,,then a must visit for you....


kavali18hyd - Burrp User


5 Reviews

November 17,2012


nice place

Perfect place for spending time in the weekends, one will get a variety of drinks and good tasty food to munch, pricing is not so expensive and serving is very fast.., some how the management has to see that the smoke go’s out of the place and also if they can provide the dinner it would be rally good. Anyway nice place to spend weekends..



Posh Janata Bar

This is amazingly crowded on saturday nights primarily due to the cost and also the right place for stags who are not interested in talking much.. Music is mostly rock.. Must place when you want to watch any matches. Hot this place before 7.30 else forget it,,, you wont get a seat,,, Never sit at the end of the bar as they start the serving from 7.30 only.. Expect delay serves due to manpower


chilling high

This is an awesome place for me :) its a adda for beers ;) get chilled up wid a chilled beer's and music, even cricket matches :) loads of fun and its service and ambiance are excellent ... Its a place to be at ;)




club 8 is a one of my fav adda. the drinks n snacks are cheap.a cool place to hangout.
ppl who like loud rock music will love it. best time to visit is during some sports event to enjoy the music and the game.......


liora - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 03,2010


cheap place, cheap drinks

go there if you are not expecting any kind of ambiance, they have waiters ready to torch your face if u ask for light, an order which wont come for ages and sometimes orders delivered to wrong tables,everythin there is loud and out of place.


Club 8 Rocks!!

An amazing place to hang out with friends sipping chilled beer and enjoying music , the ambience is amazing , been a favorite hang out alltimes , the interiors the glass zodiac signs at the right hand corner is amazing to sit by in the dim light.


pirate23 - Burrp User


9 Reviews

September 23,2009


Good place to hangout with friends

Good place to hangout with friends.

Drinks and snacks are cheap !

Music seems loud initially but will get used to and enjoi after couple of drinks.

Usually they play rock till 10 PM and start with trance followed by hip-hop & bolly till 11:30.

Best time to be ther 8:30 -11 PM after 11 its chaos.


The Best Interiors and nicest memories

OOh! wat say bout club 8---ma all time favourite adda!
shared several moments of ma life der!

I agree it has gone down interms of the pricing n consequently the quality of crowd.But the place still ROCKS!

The nicest part is the ambience.Seldom people observe the interiors-or may be due to the dim light!The complete wood work and portraits on the walls make it an absolutely amazing ambience

Food is delicious as usual...there's no main course served here though(for the newbies)

For the first review & oder duds :YES its a boys place and ofcourse u gotto realise it once u stepin
Well said Hydrock:For the visiting juntaa, couples, and ladies and yeah the newbies to town, take right walk into 10D.



from The Club8 to club8

first a big hello to the first review way down , probably you are new to the city/ and guess you gotta think twice before saying drunk Hydrabadi guys, the tone of the text wasn't witty but more like a slur.

Now coming to the place, Club8 has changed over years, coping with shifting nucleus of the city isn't easy for most food joints and such.

The music is loud, drinks n food cheap, and well the crowd is a mix. It used to be such a nice place, but as said in the other review it's become a guys only place.

But completely disagree with what's being said about food. have tried almost everything over the years, I don't fancy the chineese inspired stuff, but barring the veg seekh kebab everything else on the menu rocks! Murgh malai kebab, Veg Cheese Coins, chutney Kebab, the list goes on.

Miss the good ol club8, but the food and the memories make it a must for people who have lived in Hyd for sometime. For the visiting juntaa, couples, and ladies and yeah the newbies to town, take right walk into 10D.



Good Starters

Agree with the review below, except the part about the food. The only reason I go to this place is because of the food. Frankly, have tried only a few items from the menu here so no idea how the other items are. I recommend the Bhutan Chicken and the Apollo Fish. Can't recommend anything for the vegetarians though, for the simple reason that I didn't have any veg there. Gets one star less because of the very loud music which makes any conversation impossible.


Loud music, cheap drinks

The place is pretty cheap with 129 buck cocktails. I didn’t like the food too much. Mostly a guy's place. When I went a couple being shunted (politely requested out actually) out for making out, which is sad! It’s an unorthodox experience with very loud hip-hop/house music playing, disco lights coming on at 11 and drunk Hyderabadi guys dancing funny.