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> > > > Cream Stone

Cream Stone

Banjara HillsRest of Hyderabad  

  • 65876866
  • Inorbit Mall, Road No. 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
  • Ice-cream

13 Reviews / 15 Ratings

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Cream Stone Reviews






The Best Place in Hyderabad for Chilling

WOW...This is what would be the first expression looking at the mouth watering ice cream creations. Its just different from the rest and worth trying. We can even get customized flavors of ice cream. The latest addition are the ice shots that are available in various flavors like Sapota, Kala Jamun, Kacha Mango, Bubble gum and the list continues...Just drop a shot in your mouth and keep slurping ....I just LOVE this place..Seating is the only problem at cream stone but luxury of having ice creams delivered to your vehicle is always available :)



Best when you r looking for a late night drive and ice cream



Worst Service

I have ordered for Take Away, I went there after 25 mins to pick my order and to my surprise a waiter came up to me and told that my order was not ready, without me even saying a word, I went straight to the Biling counter, there the manager and waiter were fighting over a bill, and left the customers to their fate, after five mins manager has time for my Question, and that the order was already ready since 10 mins, When is asked the manager about what the Waiter has told me, he has no answer, and my icecream was running down, so could wait for their irresponsible behaviour, I will never go to creamstone, again, or would not suggest any of my friends to go there, Baskin Robins, way better and tastier and more consumer centric than creamstone


Cloud is the limit for price!!!

I could have had a buffet in Taj Palace for the price of two cups of ice cream here..
Quality and taste are fine...but for the price totally not worth it....i recommend Baskin least there you dont get robbed so much if you are not satisfied with your ice cream..
Can try once since it attracts roadside goers with an awesome smell...



Overrated place

This place is quite overrated. Though a huge hit with kids, I wouldn't go here for sundaes. Ohri's is any day better in terms of quality, price and satisfaction!


adu05 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

November 22,2011


Over hyped

I agree with other reviews.. this place is OVER HYPED.. I don't see any meaning in mixing a chocolate with some icecream and charging hundreds of rupees for this... they are trying to fool the people by mixing all damn things.


Roadster - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 18,2011


Awful Awful

This place is overhyped and very highly priced, the ice creams are served in a nasty looking state - partly melted and very sweet. And I didn't get a Ferrero Rocher in my Ferrero Rocher ice cream.. What can be worse than that?!!


Raj Nihar - Burrp User

Raj Nihar

1 Reviews

October 03,2011


Terribly over rated

For the price they charge, it's very very over rated. Half the times the in season fruit salad or whatever has only two fruits and they just add vanilla/strawberry and rip you off.

I've heard a lot about the place but it sucks totally.


Much over-hyped

First, there are some errors made by the Burrp Team-- the mixed-and-matched the adresses of the CreamStone outlets in Jubilee Check Post and in Inorbit Mall.

I went there on 6th August, 2011 night, after hearing so many things form my friends. Good for people who goes in bike, but bad for people who goes in car. There is no parking lot, and for some weird reason, everyone likes to sit in their car and have the ice cream there itself!! I tried to park my car, but the security guy told me that is nit permissible. And for obvious reasons-- I had to shift my poition (place) 3 times in that half an hour as care parked earlier were moving out.

Ordered Choco-lava icea cream (again, friends' recommendations) but felt that it was neither an ice cream nor a brownie. I would still prefer Baskin and Robbins.

The way the make the ice creams is good and we enjoyed watching it-- but we don't pay 200 bucks for a scoop of ice cream because it was prepared "innovatively" without any significant contribution to the end taste.


Pradeeph - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 08,2011


Its a MESS!

The place is crowded, they don't have proper parking and the staff is careless. I got a dent to my car and lost valuables thanks to the staff at the parking. The 'Vallet' even argued that it was my fault that I had given him the car with the front window open and its not his duty to lock the car properly!! Lucky me he didn't argue that I had given him the car with the keys in it!



if you have been walking around inorbit mall a lot, and are tired and hungry, this is the place to head for to make up for all the lost calories. interesting options in the menu. the lichi flavured ice cream is not to be missed.


Mango Mania

Hi All,

I would be going to this place again for their Mango Twist and also for their Alphonso. The taste is really good. But the service has disappointed me a little bit. Earlier, the service was so fast I was really stunned. Now they are taking their own time to serve the Desserts. Management need to have a check on this.


Nuts overload - My favourite

I would have had this like 20 times now and still crave for more. If you want a cool place to go with your family/friend/girl friend for some yummy ice creams in town.. head straight to here. The ambiance is cool, ample parking space, late night to relax after a drive around the city.
The staff are courteous and with that extra smile on your face, you can get some extra nuts in your ice cream. A bit on the expensive side but worth all the money. You can customize your ice creams too - cream stone sets the tone for the best in town