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> > > > Dine Hill

Dine Hill

Masab TankRest of Hyderabad  


12 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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Dine Hill Reviews





Dine Hill - The Nawab style

Dine hill is a place where you take your enemy and have lunch with him....the big thali there makes u friends before you complete your lunch.... All i wanna say is its completely a nawab style of having food where you get to eat in a single big thali sitting all around it be your friends, family or your girl friend....and please don't miss to taste the mutton biryani there......yummyyyy and makes u feel lite..........






For the Biryani lovers

Dine Hill, Masab Tank
If you are someone whose worry is taste but not the place then Dine Hill is the place for you. You get scrumptious mutton biryani here. The specialty of this place is the huge plate on which they serve the biryani (Arabic style).
I went along with three of my friends, so we settled for a mutton biryani jumbo pack and when the waiter came back with our order, we were simply surprised to see the huge plate neatly arranged with a good portion of Mutton Biryani, Roomali Rotis, Mirchi Ka Salan and Pyaaz. The mutton was tender and juicy. The taste of the Biryani was heavenly.
Next time when I visited the place with a friend, we ordered Grilled Chicken with Roomali Roti and Arabian Sauce. It was decent.
The joy of sharing food in a plate with friends was what I enjoyed more than anything else.


surjodeb - Burrp User


29 Reviews

February 07,2013


Order-In or Takeaway... nothing spl in Grilled Ch.

1. Slightly obscured place from the roadside view, but well known to residents of the area.
2. Primary attraction is the grilled chicken served in arabic style (and with different flavoured rice or roti combos on weekends). There is a novelty in that the whole meal is served in a large single plate shared by the whole table. Smaller individual plates (alongwith smaller portions of preparations too) are available.
3. Grilled Chicken appeared to have very little of the masala or marination having percolated into the flesh, instead mostly remaining only on the surface or skin.
4. Avoid sitting and eating here (instead opt for efficient takeaway) if averse to the mass public crowd or run-down decor.
5. Slightly expensive considering the lack of any novelty in the food, the lack of ambience and the apparent run-down appearance of the restaurant.

Ambience: 3.5/10
Food: 5.5/10
Service: 6.5/10
Cost : 400/- for 2.

I had gone here on a Sunday afternoon.

There is practically no ambience in this two floored seating restaurant. The ground floor regular seating arrangement is straight out of the regular Irani cafe setting in Hyderabad. The 1st floor luxury seating is better with proper rock set tables and metallic seating - however, the decor still appears outdated and distinctly vintage (in a non fashionable way).

The crowd that frequents this place is usually only male with folks from middle and lower class backgrounds mostly visible. I have heard that well-off folks usually place orders for home delivery, or takeaway from this place.

An advantage of eating at this place is getting to see how they serve the food uniquely for the whole table to eat from one single very large plate which everybody on the table shares.
- You can also request for smaller plates if you wish.

All the specials here revolve around the distinctive grilled chicken. Consequently, tried their grilled chicken since all their specials (which are available on different days of the week) appeared to be some rearrangement of grilled chicken...
- It is really good for people who like a dry crispy skin or outer coating with no juice or masala penetrating inside. (a la a continental version of grilled chicken with masala applied outside instead of any other flavours inside the Chicken if you will.) - I personally didn't like that taste.

They have specials on specific days of the weekends which consist of the same Grilled chicken served with different variety of flavoured rice or roti.

Like a regular Irani Cafe the service here is no-nonsense and quick ,once the order is recorded. However, similar to an Irani Cafe attracting the correct waiter might promptly might be an issue sometimes.

I found the food to be slightly on the expensive side considering the Irani Cafe mass service environment alongwith the lack of decor or fancy service.


A complete Arabic and Irani experience

If there was a special ranking for the decor, I would be almost forced to give it a 'zero' but thankfully there is no such option and the food basically negates the bad effect of the ambiance.

It is a pretty much expanded Irani cafe with the same stale smell of soot and coal. The upstairs sitting area has some type of ventilation which helps you forget the foul smell. The waiters are pretty courteous and quickly got us the mineral water bottle that we ordered. We then ordered a full grilled chicken with half tandoori chicken.

Within 5 minutes, the waiter appeared with a huge plate with both the dishes inside the huge plate. The three of us were supposed to share the plate. It did seem odd at first but this was supposed to be the way by which most of the food were served in Irani restaurants, so we didn't complain. And it was fun , there was no demarcation as to which piece was whose and it was similar to the KFC bucket which everyone shares.

The tandoori chicken was served with the mint chutney and the grilled chicken with garlic chutney. There were 2 rumali rotis included with every plate and was a pretty wholesome meal for the 3 of us.

PS - The chutneys here are super famous and are also sold separately I think , garlic one for Rs.20 and pudina one for Rs.10.

Food for 3 - Rs.400/-



Delicious Arabic Food

If you love Kababs, Tandooris, Grills, Ranns etc. please visit this place. The best place where you can have good food @ very low price. Not only that always try the Grill Chicken and roti when you visit. If your are planning to visit on Sunday, you are on a treat because you could order the famous Mutton Rann. They have a superb door delivery system as well. Keep one thing in mind the food they serve is for very limited people so you have to order it before 8:30 PM or else you can only have biryani, rotis and curries but no grills, kababs etc.



Mouth watering Grill Chicken

Only one Line and thought Comes About Dine Hill if you are Looking for Grill Chicken "The best grill Chicken ,I ever had in Hyderabad". Expect a good Food and Do not go by ambiance.


Fabulous Grilled Chicken

I have been to this place several times, I feel Grilled Chicken is simply superb, a must try, i have not had such a good grilled chicken ever in Hyderabad.


A Wretched Blemish On The Name of Arabian Food

Avoid this place like the place if you have any, and I do mean ANY, regard for hygience, quality, and taste.
The food is wretched, pseudo Middle Eastern. The famed "ATC" is bland, undercooked chicken - often rank. Everything else on the menu reeks of poor taste and poorer quality.
Dine Hill's "famous ATC" laid low an entire group of friends with E Coli poisoning. Thankfully for these buffoons, our developing country still tolerates and condones substandard products of any kind, and thats why Dinehill can get away serving foul chicken cooked in kitchens of dubious hygiene. The Department of Health should shut this disgraceful place down.
Too bad the citizens of Hyderabad have little taste in good food and/or upmarket living. Shitholes like Dinehill will continue to flourish.

Avoid this place like the plague or risk contracting it.


one word.. melting

I went to this place randomly with a friend. I loved it totally. The best part is if you are like two people and order a chicken biryani, the guy serves you rice which can suffice for two. And if you go three, he makes it with extra rice and serve you for the same price and taste. They love the customers and serve with extreme care. Onetime when my friend asked, the guy said his story said his story. It was told that the restaurant guy is an ardent food lover and when travelled a lot of places, he happened to eat a lot of chicken recipes.. and he loved the taste.. Having a deep love with Hyderabad, he wanted to bring the taste and recipes to people of hyderabad. And thats how the restaurant was founded. If you are new to this place, ask the waiter to pick a best food for you. You will never regreat and your mouth starts watering whenever you remember what you ate.


It's different and it's gooooooooood!!!

Located near Masab Tank this restaurant maybe a little hard to locate for people who aren"t familiar with that part of the town.You might just miss it because from outside it looks like any other Irani Chai cafe in town.My first reaction on seeing this place was: "Dude this place is shady"....but once you go up to their dining area it starts getting better.

They have a pretty big dining hall with lots of tables and chairs laid out evenly and having ample space between them, which I personally prefer to cramped up restaurants.

The place was fairly crowded considering it was a Saturday afternoon.We grabbed a table and thus started one of the most awesome lunch experience I've had in the city.

The menu arrives, laminated with only 2 sides of a sheet making up the whole menu.They offer various kinds of Chicken,Biryanis,Kebabs,Chinese etc. We went for their Arabic Tandoori Chicken,something I had wanted to try out for sometime now.

The Tandoori Chicken was the full bird cut up into 4 pieces and served in this big ass thali with Mint Chutney and Roomali Rotis (which you have to order separately).
I absolutely loved the concept of serving food in these huge thalis (better than eating in individual plates).Most of their items are served this way and it is quite an experience to share the same silverware with your friends,BRILLIANT CONCEPT!!!

The chicken itself was very different from your regular Indian Tandoori Chicken.The spices used in the marinade were very light and the stand out flavour was that lovely smokey flavour than any tandoori dish should have.The mint chutney was kickass but they give you only a limited quantity of it and you have to pay extra for extra mint me a miser or whatever but I don't think restaurants should expect customers to pay extra for basic condiments.

And the best part about the place is that it is dead cheap. 185 bucks for the bird and another 50 bucks or so for 4 rotis and a bottle of water.

They also offer Raan on Sunday,something which I absolutely love and will want to try it out here sometime in the future.

All in all I'm glad I finally tried this place out and would recommend to all Tandoori food lovers!



Hyderabad Best Grilled Chicken

in one line ..." this place serves the best grilled chicken in hyderabad".


Awesomest Chicken in Hyderabad so far...

This place has the best Chicken dishes....ATC viz. arabic tandoori chicken is just fantastic...chicken biryani also does more than just hitting the spot...don't go to this place for the ambiance...but for its food...if the people are more, you get served in huge thaalis spread with individual portions of food...location wise also, it's pretty approachable, just a 10 minute drive from City Center...