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> > > > Donut Nation

Donut Nation

MadhapurRest of Hyderabad    & IN 2 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 9866933363, 7893223433
  • Food Court, 3rd Floor, Inorbit Mall, APIIC Software Layout, Madhapur, Hyderabad
  • American

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Donut Nation Reviews

looks good but dont taste the same

I've always loved american food and donuts are not different. Having recently moved in from Pune and having eaten the products from mad over donuts and cafe Peter donuts I believe I can spot a good donut.

Mad Over Donuts is a chain that sells any donut for 50 rs and the list is pretty long in terms of choice. cafe Peter donuts was a gourmet donut place , a touch expensive but top product.

having eaten there the stuff from donut nation made me want to try it. I took the box of 4 with some jelly filled , butter scotch , dark chocolate and one other.

from the outside the donut looks decadent but it is a disaster from the inside where it matters.

the donut is huge chewy and well tastes like a modified sweetened Mysore bajji. I have eaten donuts that have always been properly mixed, allowed to raise and fried in soya bean/ refined oil and are about 4-5 cm in diameter, breaks like bread and tastes like a donut . the donut nation stuff is thick , moist, stringy , chewy and very funny to eat. I kinda get a funny sour maida kind of a after taste. After the first trial I squirm at the sight of these wherever I see them ....

whoever has these made needs to re-look at the process of making them and probably even the size and glaze that goes on it, dishing out some fried stuff in round shape and putting jellies and chocolate on top is not a donut


super cool donuts

I am a big crazy fan of donuts. Every time i visit the mall, i make sure i snatch a donut.. hehe.. I believe u guys need to open few more outlets.. cheers for that..


Must Try

Couldn't find the Donut Nation Ameerpet so reviewing it here.

Went there on a lazy Saturday afternoon to eat all the sweets possible but understood with sad reality that Donuts are quite easy and that their creams fill your stomach faster than you expect :) . I tried the Classic Chocolate, Sugar n Spice and Chocolate Dynamite before my stomach warned me that it would burst if I would eat anymore.

The Classic Chocolate was a ring Donut which is chocolate covered. The Sugar n Spice is a white cream ring Donut with coloured frosties over them. The only filled Donut I had was Chocolate Dynamite, it had a thinner crust than the others and the middle hollow portion was filled with chocloate syrup oozing out at every bite.

I didn't have time to try the pizzas but have got good reviews from some sources.




comn frm a certified donut addict.... thr aint anythn more sinful than the Original Sin at Donut Nation. must try!!


Donut Nation

We are the first & only exclusive Donut Store in Hyderabad.

All donuts at Donut Nation are made fresh everyday at a central kitchen and distributed to company owned retail outlets. We offer a wide selection of donuts, available in various sizes and prices. Within 1 year of operations, we have been able to sell over 1,00,000 individual donuts to a wide Diaspora of customers, not only through retail outlets but also catering to company parties, birthdays etc.