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> > > > Eat Street

Eat Street

Necklace RoadRest of Hyderabad  

  • 04065278899, 04066985444, 04023371107
  • Necklace Road, Hyderabad
  • Snacks
  • Meal for 2 - 300

13 Reviews / 17 Ratings

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Eat Street Reviews

One awesome place in the world

What else do you wish? Awesome food at sea side. Yes joint with hussain sagar, having the amazing view and delicious food. I always enjoy going here and spending my time here. Looking at lake and having dinner is always great.

Crowd is very nice here and food is also reasonable and you cannot get any better ambience than this one.

People please go here and expereince it.



Surely Roadside

Hungry after a nice evening walk at Necklace Road? Then, Eat street on Necklace Road is the only place where you can find street food. Yes, there is Subway, Pizza Hut too... very much like a food court of a mall. But, with major emphasis on street food, you can find a variety of Chaat here. I loved it. Basket Chaat specially. The place is mostly crowded every day as the seating is really nice. But the sad part is they don't accept cards and food is typically road side that you can find on the streets of Secunderabad too. Yes, if you want to spend a lazy evening then it is your choice.



All about options

Eat Street is a collection of popular eating joins including Pizza Hut and Subway. It overlooks Hussain Saagar and is a nice place to visit with friends for an afternoon lunch.



Eat Street was the most fav hang out joint for us as college goers. A table at the lake side and variety of cuisines to choose from and also a small play ground for kids and best part is, even though the place is huge, go on a weekend, you'll find people fighting for place.

Bit more hygiene and better use of the sitting area could make it a much better place.


Roadside :-P

typically roadside.... only the huge choice of shops is appealing.


no cards accepted...bad food bad hygiene,

we wanted to give a try at the rooftop resturant at eat street..OMG !! i should have backed off by looking at the dirty greasy tables and glasses....if this was not enough the food was roadside standard or even bad.and the final blow they dont accept cards only cash husband had to walk half a mile to find an ATM and then give the bill was pathetic.....never never try it ..there are a lot better resturants here ...


Just a normal

This place is always rushed up no place to eat properly. Food seems to be average, not so worth but its normal. lunch not a preferred one to eat at eat street.

Chat is good and obviously ice creams :), its always good at any place..

If u have much time to spend then this can be a place to pass your time.


good timepass

if you have nothing better to do, and you are sick and tired of visiting malls and their food courts, then eat street is the place for you. the choice of food on offer may not be the best, but on a breezy evening, the view of the lake and the surrounding necklace road is quite relaxing. hang around for some time, take a boat ride, come back and watch the crowd, and then go some place else for food :)



worst food court of Hyderabad

I tried it twice and both times my experience was worst. This place doesn't have any fan (forget about AC), lots of mosquitoes and flies, very bad hygiene. But when it comes to Rate, it is pretty high in comparison to popular A.C. restaurants. For example, how much a single small idli and wada should cost. The cost here is 55 Rs. Chats are 80 Rs. Forget about the meals.

And after all this when you search for a wash basin, you will not find it. You have to go to extreme end and at a stinking wash room where you have a basin.



Torture chamber at necklace road....

Anyone lately visited EAT Street ?. My sincere advice don't even think of visiting this place. This is a stupid place to spend ur quality time. With all the so called food option , its not the only thing people look forward for.

Lets talk about basic amenities here ... The moment u ask for something on the counter u will meet with the first shock of ur life here .. its that they wont accept any card whatsoever ...all they want is hard cash..paisa paisa ... u feel u ended up some 50 yrs back in time .. most interesting part here is the cook decides wat u wanna eat ... if he doesnt want to make rumali roti then it goes out of menu ... once u done with paying the bill in ur hard earned money ... wat u notice is these guys on counter wont return u complete change .... they happily round off according to their own convenience.

Now all set for eating ... u go sit any where u would be surprised to see that this place has no fan or AC but they charge u more than the AC hotel ..... if feel like am sitting in pre-historical cave without fan .. wow wat a management ... how interesting right ... with lots of difficulty u eat the disgusting food and now its time to wash ur hands and this is a food court where u need to do treasure hunt to find the wash basin... it took me several visits to find it ... next time u can play it with ur kids ....

i just forgot to mention this next time u take ur kids with u to this place dont gift the chocolates to them ... since security ppl will snatch it from kids as well ... yeah security ppl are complete gays here ... beware ... and they utmost stupid in doing moral policing ....


Kabhi khushi-Kabhi Ghum !!

I have had mixed experiences with the place. To start with one drawback of this place would be don't go to this place if you don't like crowds coz it will ALWAYS be crowded. But if like people and chatter this is the place to be.Now there are 2 ways to enjoy the area, either sit outside on the lawns ,buy ice-cream and pop-corn nd chatter with your pals or go-in to enjoy food. Well enjoy wouldn't be such a correct term as I have still to love anything they serve there. And the food is over-priced too. If you are very lucky you might find a seat to have your meal too. However the best part of the place lies in its kid-zone. Go there when you are in a happy mood and have a good time watching kids of all sizes and shapes and noises(not voices) having a time of their life....go there were you are sad and the laughter around you will make you feeel better instantly. Their rides that even adults can try there like the electric cars and the bull ( try them once , its pure fun and don't be afraid to make a fool out of yourself ) , I almost forgot to mention there is a roof-top restaurant there as well ... one word ..Avoidable ! Go ther for snacks not meals , and for sheer fun. Makes for a good evening when there are no nice movies playing anywhere :)


neethu - Burrp User


3 Reviews

November 10,2009


Lots of options......

to choose from. Only dare to put up with the stink from tank bund. Kids' play area is the best part of this food court.



Best food court in town

This is the best place for a great experience- open air (by the lake), choice of plenty cuisines and lively!

The only downside is that the brainy management have not installed any fans or cooling devices!!! Visitors are supposed to get their own handheld fans! So avoid this place in peak summer.

Now for the best part- the food. A MUST HAVE is the Chola Bhatura (the best in south india i feel). Also the Rawa Dosa is great. The variety is so much that no one can leave this place hungry.

Brands here are: Pizza Hut, Subway, Tibbs Frankie, Sodaz, Crepe Station, Mamus (gr8 burgers n fries), crepe station, a new pizza/pasta place, and 2-3 inhouse "stalls".

Also, there's a mini amusement park for kids, with an internaionally styled merry go round. From here, one can also take a boat ride on the lake.

Which other food court in India can beat all of the above???