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> > > Excess Club and Lounge

Excess Club and Lounge

Hitech City  

  • 66824422
  • Novotel & HICC Complex, Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre, Novotel & HICC Complex, P.O. Bag. 1101, Hitech City, Madhapur, Hyderabad
  • Mexican, Lebanese, Italian

6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Excess Club and Lounge Reviews

This place is closed till Feb 2011 end

I heard lot about this place from a cousin and all set to try this out on last saturday. Unfortunately when we step in Novotel, we were informed that this placed is closed for renovation. I think it is going to re-open sometime in march as per the staff over there. As rating is mandatory to post this I have made it 3, I have no idea how this place is as of now


hari_nj - Burrp User


63 Reviews

January 08,2010


Great Space - Bad Service

The space is awesome. It opened with a bang! Now they do not have the same energy levels. They are not open that late anymore. The space is one of the best in the country - no doubt, but that is not what makes great clubs.

You cannot get a drink, and even if you do do not bet on getting your change back. I would strongly advice against opening a tab - they will rip you off.

No wonder it is on the downhill path - What a shame, what a waste of such beautiful space.


Excess Fun!

This is the place to BE on the weekends. There's planty of place to dance and plenty of cute bartenders to look at! The best part about excess is that there's so much going on, you can be where you want to be; at the closed bar upstairs or the large bar and tables downstairs or even outside in the night air at low tables and cushions. This is like different clubs all packed into one with good-looking people on every floor :P Excess is definately on my top 5 club list!



Great Place, Okay Music

The place is unimaginably huge... Even then it's packed, giving you just about enough room to move. There's a decent sized dance floor which could have been bigger though, considering the overall size of the place.

It draws good (hep) crowd, but at the same time there are too many stags! All standing just at the edge of the dance floor, by the bar, ogling and hooting at you! The size of the crowd also makes it difficult to get drinks from the bar. So make sure you order your second round along with the first.

They have an outdoor smoking section (without you having to trek too much) which is a plus for the smokers.

They have a gallery upstairs with a few couches thrown around and enough room for those who want to dance (there's more room to move around than if you were downstairs). It also gives you a view of those partying below... The DJ console is also upstairs (not very accessible for requests) which brings me to the music. Can definitely do with some improvement. I'm not saying it's bad, its just that he shifts from bollywood, to house, to hip hop without any notice. The transition is not smooth and it shifts between the genres way too often. But that said, the crowd around you has so much energy that you just end up having fun anyway, and learn not to be too picky about the music.

Another plus point, if you're lucky, it''ll remain open past 3 am!



1) Loads of space
2) 4 bar counters to avoid one place being crowded
3) Two floors
4) Outstanding interiors
5) Private dining rooms (not available in any of the pubs)
6) Parking

1) Very very expensive
2) Trance music
3) Bigger dance floor than many pubs but not enough for the crowd it can accommodate
4) If you are on the first floor, to smoke you have to either take the lift or get down on stairs :(



shit place

no seating arrangement.there are few couches i guess 6 in all. n were priced at 25k per couch... staff was not co-operative......we were made to sit in the smoking area.the experience ws too embarrasing......