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> > > > F9 Diner

F9 Diner

KondapurRest of Hyderabad  

  • 40122303, 9948878661
  • 2-41/2/A, 4th Floor , Pavan Priyanka Plaza, Kondapur, Hyderabad
  • European, Indian, Chinese, Thai
  • Meal for 2 - 300

18 Reviews / 18 Ratings

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F9 Diner Reviews

Worst experience ever

I visited this places with my wife on 3rd March 2012, with an average expectation. The vegetarian options were very very less. Veg curries were almost missing. Taste of the most of the items was pretty bad (including starters and desert).



Awful and stale food

Food tasted and smelled like previous day. Stale starters. Desserts are the worst. Looks like a mess.

Food Quality - Worst/Bad 0/10
Value for Money - 5/10
Ambiance - 1/10


sid.choud - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 24,2012


Good Place for gettogether

my self and friends were at F9 diner last night we sat on rooftop it was nice ambience with soft music they have a cemented sofa with cuison place like kondapur the set up was very nice. we had couple of starters like it very much(suleh kebab, kastoori paneer tikka, chicken shishtouk,crispy corn name a few) it was very nice and the waiter are very attentive and sharp the service is excellent and the food was great we had some pasta, yummy sizzling brownie, and offcourse some indian food as well (the price were reasonble) and we had some drinks as well good offer (buy 1 get 1 free)

will visit this place again !!!!!!


akspiku - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 23,2012


Average Place with Tasteless and Insipid Food

The place has an average buffet considering the fact that they charge 340 bucks. The starters were okayish with the tandoori chicken somehow tasting sour giving it a stale taste. The soup had too much cornflour in it and one could actually feel the lumps in the mouth. There were 5-6 varieties of salads (all veg) out of which 2 tasted good. The fish curry was tasted did the wonders how someone could go wrong with biriyani in a place like hyderabad. The only saving grace in the main course would be the dal which tasted good. In desserts, there were nondescript pastries and a passable vanilla icecream without any option of a chocolate sauce.
The ambiance and decor is ok with light club music playing indoors..One is suggested to try out the terrace seating section as its better than the indoor section. The waiters are attentive and prompt to the service.
Coming to the drinks part, they have happy hours going on till 10 o clock on a select few drinks (Whiskey - Blenders Pride and Royal Stag, Vodka - Fuel, Beer - Kingfisher Pint to name a few) which is a big draw for customers as there is a buy 1 get 1 offer. But I personally feel that their pricing is tweaked in such a way that they are able to retrieve the price of second drink (i mean come on...pricing Royal Stag 30 ml @ Rs 149 at a place like F9 is asking for too much). Even for other drinks there is a pricing disparity (A Jack Daniels and a glass of Indian wine cost the same).
To sum is recommended for office parties or a group of friends but dont expect the food to be too great.



Epic F9ail

No seriously. Really bad. Failure in each and every aspect.

I went there with a couple of friends for a lunch buffet on Sunday. It was the first time for all of us and we went there primarily because of convenience and a snapdeal coupon (buffet worth 340 in 210 bucks). A thoroughly disappointing experience.

All 5 of us shared the opinion, by the way.

There was not a single item which even passed the average level. I am summarizing some of the items I remember.

Welcome drink - pineapple juice. Tasted weird. 2 of 5 of us didn't take another sip.

Veg Cutlet - not cooked properly, lacked balance of spices. No chutneys
Chaats - horrible again. Too sour, soggy materials used.
Cripsy Vegetables - not crispy at all, tasted more desi than Chinese. Veg manchurian dry selling on roadside tastes better.
Some Chicken item - was more bones than meat.

Main Course:
Chicken Biryani - looked most un-inviting, tasted no different. One would presume any damn restaurant in Hyderabad to have at least a decent biryani.

Veg Pulao - made of cheapo rice, not Basmati. Tasted horrible - again breakfast eateries like Udupi Aahar sell better tasting pulaos.

Dosa - quality same as Veg Pulao

Sambar - Passable

Dal Makhni - the only thing above average.

Paneer Lababdar - Rubbery paneer, not cooked properly. Gravy was watery and honestly, worse than those ready-to-eat ones.

Roti - one had to wait a long time for it. Not fresh. Waiters will be aghast and think you must be a monster if you ask for a second roti.


Pineapple Pastry: Seemed to have been sourced from some local bakery like Sri Ganesh Bakery that charges Rs200 per kg for pastries.

Vanilla ice-cream: standard tasting. No chocolate sauce or nuts.

Balushahi - below average

Payasam - average

Suji Laddoo - rock solid. Patrons could use it to kill the chef if totally p*ssed with the food.

Ambiance - 3/10(resembled a mess, very chaotic, no manager, only waiters)
Crowd - 4/10
Food - 3/10


maz0108 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 05,2011


fantastic place

we went to f9 for lunch on Sunday a group of 8 people it was very good experience nice food, we got some non-veg starter & veg starter too, after eating starter heavily we were not able to eat the buffet we had some chicken afghani curry & biryani both were yummy
we had couple of coktails the bartender makes such a lovely cocktail, we enjoyed a lot definetly we will visit again
the waiters are very attentive,

see you at F9 Diner Kondapur


True Pure - Burrp User

True Pure

1 Reviews

September 05,2011


Value for money, decent experience

Went on a sunday night. Not so much rush. GOod menu. 2 veg 2 non veg starters, all 4 pretty good. happy hours, so Rs.229, 2 beers.
main course normal only with not so great but worth it. desserts pretty good with some 4-5 items. choclate pastry etc.
our serving waiter was drunk:P but that added to his politeness, he was very customer friendly an provided decent waiting.

all in all., a good experience. will go again.. btw the bill for buffet for 4 ppl was abt 1100 bucks excluding drinks(liqour)....


Great value for money

This is a great place to spend an evening with friends. There are a-la-carte items too, but mostly people prefer to have buffet. I had never been to their lunch buffet, but had been to dinner buffet more than 10 times, and so, probably can write a comprehensive review.

The buffet, in terms of spread and taste, is way above the average buffets in Madhapur-Kondapur area. They serve starters on the table, and there are always good spread of both veg. and non-veg starters.

If there is some good cricket match going on, they screen it on their big screens. The open air terrace is perfect for a lazy evening dinner. We had seen the India-Pakistan World Cup semi-Final Match, India-Australia World-Cup quarter fnal match and couple of IPL2011 matches there. The atmpsphere were awesoem during those matches. It was truly an experience.

The good points:
1. Good buffet, value for money, good spread
2. The open air terrace is perfect for evening dinner
3. They generally give generous offers (whenever we 4-5 friends went, we were given offer of 1+1 on drinks and 20% of on buffet-- even during the match days)
4. Staff are generally good

Minor disadvantages:
1. The waiters there do not understand English very well, so it is better to talk in Hindi (and I generally talk in Hindi in restaurants, I don't have to prove my extempore skill to those poor waiters)-- but they are good-mannered
2. Liquor is expensive, so drink if you have some good offers provided by them


Foodwalla - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 17,2011


Great Staff

I am a regular at F9 not because it is cheap but the staff and the food is excellent. All the way from the manager to the servers and the chefs treat you like they have known you for ever. Great place to watch the World cup.



Need to improve a lot

The last one was my 6th visit to the place and for the 2nd time in two weeks, I clearly observed that the food quality and more importantly the service quality, has been going down at F9 diner.
The timeliness with which things used to happen earlier is clearly missing and the service staff seem a little disinterested. I had to remind twice for my bill!


lovely food

I use to go f9 regulerly because the food is just great, specially their pasta and kerala specialities
nice & yummy yaaaaar............



Manipulated comment

I am regular customer to F9 diner, and recently I seen the coment regarding bad experience. I was present at the time of that incident . the girl - so young and looks educated behaving very roudly. I never had a bad experience there and reular to that place very regulerly. the young generations need learn how to respect the elderes.. Pls....... we are indians not from any western country
may god bless that girl



Great Buffet Lunch

i had lunch today at F9 Kondapur the buffet was excellent the buffet have a choice of veg and non-veg the price is also a reasonable the complimentary mocktails which they served was very goood the place is very big we at around 25 people got a one long table
this is a good place and i suggest to go to f9
they have a very good offer in drinks 1+1 that's lovely the staff also very nice its a great experiance.
with nice music toooo.


Amazing Experience

Contrary to the last two post I had a really good experience at F9 Diner as we entered the restaurant they was someone there to great us and he seated us at our table after which he served us our welcome drink.

The buffet had one live counter, which I was told changes everyday. Apart from that most of the food was Indian they was a bit of Chinese and continental food also there. The desert buffet also had something for everyone there was fruits for the healthy people and gulab jamoon and pastry for the non-health conscious people

The Quality was for sure not as good as F9,Banjarahills but at a price of just RS 250 I thought it was excellent value for money. I heard they also have a lounge area in the night ,which for sure I am going to check out some day



Bad Experience !!!!

Dear Readers...looking for a review on F9? Well, I tell you that here is my worst experience in a restaurant ever...

This is especially for girls: If you think of those olden times where girls were humiliated and looked down if you had a drink, then yes, this is the right place!!!! :)

Food is definitely ok!!
However, The chef is supposed to be someone who speaks what he is not supposed to. The comment made by him did make most of us highly disappointed.

Never try for a drink, that is gonna have their own price tags attached.

Not a great ambience, yet the price for a Breezer for eg: with MRP as Rs.46 is charged Rs.116. Probably, now you get the scale.

I had a bad exp in a personal way and do not want you to go through this...!!!


realanoop - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 25,2009


Good Starters! Buffet is a waste of money

Most of the starters and the lamb medallion from the "Grill" were good. But the buffet had very little choice and was over priced.


Suzoo - Burrp User


12 Reviews

August 30,2009


Used to be great food but quality slipping now...

I have been to F9 almost half a dozen times now. Initially for 2-3 visits we just loved their food, service, and ambiance. They had excellent service, fairly good and broad choice of food/menu, and having two kids their ambiance was very suitable - kids could just play around. However on my last visit today afternoon and one visit two weeks ago on a working day, found two bad things; first, their quality of food is going down (eg: the pastries seemed a bit stale) and second, their service wasn't that great anymore. For example, initially the waiters would pay attention to minute details such as whether roti on the table is required or over. Recently they are mostly busy watching TV and I have to call them personally for service. Last but not least the Sunday brunch deal Rs.390 that includes a cocktail has disappeared as of today. This is because the Sunday buffet now is Rs 250. I liked F9 for their quality initially but now that the quality is giving in for cost, I would re-think whether to rate it higher. I would still recommend it as a decent place for that price but cannot put 4 stars there...



Excellent Food!!

Located about a stone's throw away from Kondapur T junction on your right is the newly opened F9 multi-cuisine restaurant. The ambience here is more like a sophisticated coffee shop but not all that bad. The spacing is excellent since they have a huge open air terrace candle lit seating along with the normal A/C spacing.

The buffet provides you with a plethora of options, right from Mughlai, Southern Indian, Italian and assortments of other world cuisines (more than 9 cuisines ,that's what have heard of).We opted for the Lebanese platter which wasn't much to our liking.The main course ordered were a mix of cuisines, right from God's own country's speciality Mutton chops with Kerala Parotha ,and the delicacy of Italy pasta ,which were just appetizing.The iced tea here is also truly amazing.The portion's served are also good enough.They are not heavily priced too.Though we have heard a lot bout their desserts couldn't manage to gobble anything after this scrumptious feast.Each item was just better than the other, it just made us wish that "Kaash we had a little more space in our tummy".

And since we couldn't do justice to everything in one visit, we think we would go back.