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> > > > Ginger Court

Ginger Court

MadhapurRest of Hyderabad  

  • 23113731, 23113732, 23113733, 23113734
  • House No: 1-74/1, Hitech City, Madhapur, Hyderabad
  • European, North Indian, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 600

21 Reviews / 21 Ratings

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Ginger Court Reviews

sri kanth - Burrp User

sri kanth

1 Reviews

October 22,2013






Awesome fooood

The quality of food is awesome with a low price. I am a north Indian guy. I think this is the bestest and super well featured restaurant among other south Indian restaurants.


Carzzz12 - Burrp User


51 Reviews

September 22,2012


Went again and liked it

I went to this place maybe for the 4th or 5th time. As always this is a good place for Roof Top experience with family. Please refer to my previous review about Ginger Court few months ago. Prices are between mid and high level. However they serve full cutlery including knives forks and spoons, along with water in goblets (top floor inside).

Prices are on higher side as I pointed above. The size of Naan's and Kulchas are pretty decent and pretty large. You should try out the kulchas, its a must try.

Best experience was when we ordered the sizzler. We ordered a mix grill sizzler, it took them longer than 20 mins to make it.. but I think the dish itself needs time because of the quantity you get.

Mix Grill sizzler had pieces of Steak, Fish and Chicken and prawns. Excellent dish must try, they serve it with rice on the sizzling dish, and sauce separately, grilled vegetables, grill potato and grilled tomato along with French Fries as accompaniments. Its expensive (265 + taxes) but its worth the money and you won't be disappointed. Better than ordering 220 rupees chicken starter :p

TIP: Don't forget to mention your sizzler as Continental, they ask for options (Chinese or Indian), I said continental... hehe...
FYI: Don't expect the steak to melt in your mouth, you need to be a steak eater to enjoy this dish, in other words steak was hard, but I did not mind as its RED MEAT... lol




Food poisoning

We have been here a few days back on a monday. Out of the 9 people, 4 of us got food poisoned. We threw-up that day and the next day. I wouldn't recommend this restaurant to others


Average place - don't go with high hopes

I went there last week in a group of four. The place is pretty ok. The decor is fine, nothing great. The restaurant has a roof top seating which is enjoyable if you are in a group with smokers/drinkers. People with family will not like the roof top.

The menu has lot of variety and we had ordered Indian food. We ordered main course only as we had starters at some place else before coming. We ordered malai kofta and badami paneer to go with lacha paranthas and onion kulcha. The dishes were fine and onion kulcha was good. One word of caution on lacha parantha - it had a topping of til on it. So if you don't like til like me, don't order it.

I would say it is not a place which stands out either for its ambiance or for its food. Go there if you don't want to have food at home and can't think / got bored of other places. I will say that Holi and Hadippa in Kondapur are a better bet.


Needs a major revamp

The first time I had been to this restaurant somewhere at the first part of 2007. Then, in the entire Madhapur-Kondapur area (barring Hitech City), this was the only good restaurant. I had had many drinking sessions and birthday parties with my friends during that time.

Visited the place after almost 2 years, and found that things are almost same—which was not good. The same old ambience—means chairs had become rickety, table cloths are worn-out and greased, plates had become yellowish.

One big disappointment is- the portions had become small. Ordered a mutton starter (ghosth ka tukde); they served 8/10 pieces of mutton, but the pieces were miniscule.

Only thing that probably remains unchanged is price. A request to management—please hike the price and revamp the whole place.


kganesh77 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

October 09,2011


Sad Service and food

Dont even try the draught beer here, they seem to be have filled it from bottles and not real tap beer ! It was very very bitter and not even cold, when asked, the waiter stood silent. The food was very very average...... Overall bad experience !!


bitsbuilt - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 29,2011


spoiled chicken lollipop

We order lots of food and chicken lollipop was included in it. The chicken was rotten and smelly and when we called the kitchen they were not ready to accept their mistake of delivery. This is highly un acceptable for any restaurant. We are never gonna order from this restaurant again.


never fails...with the food

i agree with the view that it is indeed a safe bet,if you are scared of trying in new places,this is the final'll never complain....

they could invest a little amount to renovate the interiors as they are worn out...but as far as the food is good no one will complain...




Very reliable

I agree with the reviewer who called this place a safe bet. Nice ambiance, predictably tasty food, and reasonable prices.



I found a great place to Dine.

If you going to Ginger court you should dine in Roof TOP. It gives you a perfect experience of dining in a Big Metro City on top of a building.

Let me tell you about the Ambience, you are sitting on a table that is having nice quality table cloth and cutlery, surrounded by plants around you in the sides of the terrace, nice hanging lights to give a fine dining ambience, a bar counter for liquids, Tables and chairs made up of iron with comfortable cushions. Lot of tall buildings around you. And a HUGE BIG SIZE hoarding of some good brand brightly lit on top of adjacent building giving a feel of a metro city. Dining in Times Square ??? well no, but its pretty good feeling :)

Food was too good. First time in Hyderabad I had good Malai Kofta. I was about to believe that we get good Malai Kofta only in Star hotels. but no, this restaurent offers great malai kofta. They call it Kofta Bahar. Other dishes were also pretty good, I asked them to get Onion Kulcha 1+1 so that I can eat it hot and they understood it well, my Kulcha came as soon as I finished my first one.

I asked to make the chilly chicken Semi Gravy and they understood it well. it was neither wet nor Dry, In all it was too good. Drinks were ok.

They serve papad with chutney complimentary till your food arrives.

Portion Size is just too good Man. Noodles if you order is enough for 2 ppl. I mean 2 Gents. Ladies it will be enough for 3 ppl. Good Quanntity is a big plus.

And the roof top is maintained nicely. and gives and experience of dining in a fine dining restaurent.

Price is little on the higher side but its ok as compared to the service and food quality you get.

I missed to say - SERVICE IS top class, they dont leave your glass empty anytime. and welcome you right from the time you enter to the time you leave the restaurent.

My Menu with prices

Fresh Lime Soda - 35
Areated Drink - 35
Kofta Bahar - 165 ( Enough for 2 ppl, 4 pcs kofta)
Chilly Chicken - 185
Schzwan Chicken Noodles - 135
Onion Kulcha - 35 each
Plain Roti - 25 each

Total with service Tax and VAT - Rs. 801/-

Soups are priced between 75-95 rupees. Although I did not try but just for your information.

Meal for 2 with Soups and starter should cost approx 600. One Gravy should be enough for 2 ppl.

Without soups and starter a meal for 2 should cost 350-400.

We were 3 ppl and were done for Rs. 800. Had a great time.



Home Delivery

Based on the multiple orders which we placed for home delivery I can assure you that never order Starters for home.

I have tried Heaven Drums Chicken and Baby Corn, both of them were uneatable when ordered for home.

The only thing which is consistently good is the Ginger Court Special Daal (Daal Makhani or Black Daal) & Kadai Paneer / Paneer Butter masala.

The above mentioned items are always good to order. But the bad part about this restro is that they dont deliver if the order is less than Rs. 500. So the best thing is to call them for take-away and save some money.

Its a pricey restro.


Oh God!!!!! Is it the same place

Its stunning change. The service is very very very bad. Quantity and Quality of the food is very very bad. We a group had been to Ginger Court last week. We ordered for Jeera Rice. It was bought on a Dinner Plate which was sufficient for 1 person (Priced @ Rs.160/-). Then we ordered for Curd Rice. It was more than double quantity. When asked why it was served on a Dinner Plate, we were stunned with the answer. They said, they had a shortage of cutlery.

I think management need to review the restaurant very immediately. Or else, loyal customers are bound to look for other options.


It will never go wrong

We went for dinner to this place for our anniversary. I was quite doubtful as it was our first try at the Ginger Court and I didn't want the evening to be a spoiler for it was my special day. But to tell you frankly, I just enjoyed the food. Each and every dish that we ordered was a fab. I loved the indian version of the chicken sizzler. It was so tasty. The only things which may out you off is that the food is a little expensive and the ambiance where you may feel a little congested. Rest all is fine.


Always A Safe Bet !!!

Remember that slightly eccentric relative who you would rarely want to visit but who went out of the way to make you happy when you did ? Well, Ginger Court's story is somewhat similar. When I moved to Hyderabad 2 years ago and settled into my overpriced rented accommodation, I walked down the HITEC City main road looking for a place to eat, some place where I wouldnt be struck by an avalanche of curry Leaves, ginger paste, rough red chilli powder and CURD !!! I remember stopping in front of the 4 storey building which houses the restaurant (and a couple of bars which are part of the same franchise) and wondering if I'd be able to get a decently priced, satisfying meal.
The first thing that struck me as I entered the restaurant for the first time in 2007 , is , ironically, the first thing that strikes me even today - the exceptional service. Starting from the maharaja (with a big mustache and a bigger smile) who mans the door, to the captain at the welcome desk, to the manager, to the stewards.. you get good customer service on drugs !!
The interiors are fairly standard - dim lights, sofa style seating, hyper effective air conditioning and an aquarium. The average interiors don't prevent the restaurant from being comfortable.
The menu is a decent mix of North Indian, Chinese and even some continental options.
The pricing falls in the moderately exepensive category but the portion sizes are fair and the quality is actually pretty damn good. Some of my favourite items on the menu, which I've eaten innumerable times over the past couple of years, are the Roast Lamb in Schezwan sauce (it's, in fact, better than what I've eaten at several chinese specialty restaurants in the city), the prawn fried rice (wonderfully flavoured and fresh), the chicken and mushrooms in oyster sauce, the chicken drumsticks (all chicken and not a mountain of batter) and the North Indian food.. these guys have almost nailed it.. It surprises me at how un-Andhra the food tastes.. The paneer is soft, the makhni gravy is rich, the kebabs and meat are just right and the dishes don't taste like poor carbon copies of each other.
For those who prefer something a little lighter, I recommend the Fish & Chips, Chicken Shaslik (on a bed of buttered rice and grilled vegetables- a meal in itself) or some of the other starters. A yardstick I judge a restaurant by is their Fresh Lime Soda - is it just right and does it arrive promptly ? Well, Ginger Court scores on both counts.
I went to the place a few weeks ago with 4 colleagues and we paid a shade over 1500 rupees which I think is quite alright especially when you consider that HITEC City has several similarly priced restaurants which serve food that varies from abominable to mediocre.
I'd like to thank the staff of Ginger Court for their attentive, amiable service, the managers for taking the trouble of greeting repeat customers on almost every single visit, the chefs for getting it right and then some, and the proprietors for running a place which makes me feel welcome and comfortable.
All the criticism on this thread notwithstanding, I recommend you try out this place, try the items I've mentioned and I'm pretty sure that you won't be disappointed. And if you find my opinion to be accurate, then remember to do something very important but often neglected.. Thank them.


Moonlight - Burrp User


8 Reviews

November 20,2009


Not too bad

+ve: Food is alright. Its not one of the expensive restaurants - so i guess this is what one gets for the money.
-ve: Old decor. Nothing special to write home about.



No good...

The place is no good....the first thing that hits you is the ambience. The interiors are very drab and old. Looks like they are bent on only making money with out ploughing some back into the business. Talk of the hen laying the goldern egg!

The food is just about average and the prices are much above average. A worthwhile experience? Certainly not!



It not that gud..

i found ginger court bit clumsy and congested.. and nothing special in terms of ambience and service.
Quality of food is also okay..While u go for lunch buffet starters are not hot which can turn off.


Best prompt service

Today I have been to Ginger Court... This is really nice place. Food is good. ambiance is nice. The best thing I like about this restaurant is the promptness in the service. cost wise its average restaurant



A 'memento'ic meal

Well the Gajini promos have hit the telly big time which has re kindled my memories of Memento. So how is it relevant here? Well true to my inspiration here’s my Memento ishtylee review for Ginger court…

On the way back to the pad after the meal - How I wish the weather could complement a well rounded finger licking meal. Well atleast some weight is off me even if it’s those 800 bucks I could have kept on

And now onto desserts…Just into Hyderabad a couple of months back so had to do the local dessert line some justice so ordered for a Qurbani ka meetha (and alas had to share it with wifey dear :( No sweat... she’s not a burrper not yet :) so secret’s safe. The thing that I really liked about this is that it was not extraaa sugary sweet as it is generally served at other places. Perfect balance of all ingredients and most important of sugar… Not to sweet, just the way I like it. Hmmm the food here was pretty good. Now to step out of the restaurant and be homebound

And now onto the main course… Geez these guys do know what they are doing. The Dal Makhani was absolutely lip smacking. The Paneer Khurchan was good as well. Probably a bit of overdose on the tomato base but wifey said THIS IS AWESOME so well it was awesome. Against the waiter’s polite request that we were ordering one dish to many (Sir! You were right!!!) also ordered the Mirchi mix veg, which true to it’s name was fiery. But absolutely tasty nevertheless. Highly recommended to satiate a fiery appetite. We were only two dining and the main course would have easily sufficed 4 – 5. But top marks again for the food. Now need to have some dessert

And now onto the starters – We had the dried Manchurian which was good. But you cannot really muck up Manchurian can you, so no bonus points there. The other starter was fairly good, don’t remember the exact name but it was some methi patty. Full marks to that. Now let’s see if they can keep this up for the main course

Woah just walked in and the ambience is pretty drab. Nuthing super, just functional. Decided the order over a fresh lime soda (good) and freshly squeezed orange juice (full points. Served exactly as asked – No ice, No sugar, just fresh out of the juicer).Now need to have our fill of starters


testest - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 26,2008


Food's Amazing!

3 Times i have been there and the food has been the best of quality and taste. Do try out the following things if you go there:

- Kadai Paneer
- Ginger Court Special Dal
- Pineapple Raita (Best of all).

I loved it. Bill for 2 People is around Rs. 500 and for 4 its Rs. 950/-

Take one dish for 2 people else it will get wasted. 2 dishes for 4 people are also very nice.


Arvind_7 - Burrp User


33 Reviews

September 17,2008


Best eat-out in Madhapur

Ginger Court, is widely regarded as the best multi cuisine restaurant in Madhapur. The food is top class and the service is excellent but the ambience and décor is just okay, nothing spectacular. We started our meal with a round of whiskey and some peanut masala to go with it. I guess you can’t get that wrong. So, I’m not going to give them any compliments for getting that right!!! We then followed it up with some French fries, Gobu Manchurian and cheese fingers. All the starters we quite good. Then came the main course. The Dal fry and Dal Makhani were excellent, and the vegetable makhani was’nt bad either. The pineapple raitha which we ordered to compliment the pulav was a little too sweet. But, apart from that, the chef had put up an impressive and a near flawless performance. The bill came upto Rs.1700, which I know is quite expensive. I guess that’s perhaps the biggest flipside to Ginger Court, Its expensive. But, having said that, I think its well worth a try. And don’t really worry about reserving a table, its quite a big place and unless you’re heading out on a late Saturday night, you will get a table in all likelihood.