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> > > > Gokul Chaat

Gokul Chaat

KotiRest of Hyderabad  

  • 04065596841
  • 4-5-158/4, Women's College Road, Koti, Hyderabad
  • Snacks
  • Meal for 2 - 100

6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Gokul Chaat Reviews


Best place to eat chat!

One of the best places to eat chat. The dahi puri you get there is amazing. The dahi, looks super pure. Great place to hangout with friends. On weekends, crowded a little bit. A perfect place for a foodie like me :)


A True Phoenix - Rised from the Ashes

Another chat bhandar which existed in Hyderabad since decades and I owe it to my father for introducing me to these joints. Both of us are chatoras and love chat food to the core.

During my studies, there were quite a few book shops on that street. (which are unfortunately removed now). So, we got books from those shops and had chat from Gokul.

We always visit this place whenever we crave for it. My dad is a die hard fan of the mirchi bajji and specially the green chutney that is served along with it. We even get cut mirchi ragada too. But prefer the first one as it has the authentic mirchi taste.

Then comes the pav bhaji, bhel puri, samosa ragada, cutlet ragada, masala puri, sev puri and dahi puri. Oh, I am just mentioning my favourites. Kindly do not consider that as the menu.

The menu has got around 15-20 chat items all of which are tasty. The items are reasonably priced too and the kulfi, how can I miss that. A delicious, lick-able kulfi. lol

It is a self service stall where the chat is had standing. Yes, one has to push oneself to get to the counter. It is always crowded. But the service is just so quick, and even the change is rendered so fast, which makes us wonder if those waiters/accountant were magicians.

There are two planks attached to either sides of the walls and the plates are placed on that and had. Those planks are always neat and clean but the walls and flooring are not clean. There is no dirt as such but its just that they are shabby. But that does not deter me from visiting that place.

This is definitely not for those who want to have long chit-chats while eating. The policy here is eat and leave. The parking is behind the place and is again always crowded.

So, even if one is in a hurry and passing my that area, make sure to stop by and relish the taste.


best for chaat items in whole AP

Gokul Chaat is the best chaat shop
where we can eat happily what ever we want
esp dahi puri,pani puri is really lip smacking in taste
one of the best one is KULFI . with low price & best quality
we want more spacious to eat comfortably
cant able to sit.because chairs are available.even though there is no place to sit.
want some improvement in hygiene too
thanks for awesome tasty chaat



Naahhh...!!! Not at all for Food lovers...Read it.

First thing is I AM A BIG FOODIE........I travel a LOT and have no PERSONAL OFFENCE with any one...I write reviews what I experience...
I have been to GOKUL chat thrice, and every time I find it MESSY, UNHYGIENIC, there is NO PLACE TO STAND also, NO PARKING for CARS & some times for BIKE too...
Now about Food...
Gokul chat was a better place 7 to 8 years ago. As the time passed there are lot many better Chat center's and Restaurants with Quality food in city.
Gokul Chat is still the same, very old place which STINKS many a times...
The taste is also not that great to go and eat there...(you can say it's cheap in price).
You can go to Bikaneer wala and spend 10 - 15 rs extra and eat FRESH good food with all other amenities.
Gokul Chat disappointed me for the 3rd time. There is NO token system or a queue. People fight there to give money and take the food...
CASH COUNTER...PARCEL COUNTER...ORDER COUNTER...and EAT AWAY counter all are the same... Where you have to pay first and then wait for the food in that messy line...
It seems like you are standing in a Mumbai's LOCAL TRAIN...

A Small suggestion to GOKUL Chat...



Good Food that Comes at a Price

Gokul Chat offers great chaat (their Aloo Tikki is the best I have had so far in Hyd, and beats out Sardarji also), but it comes at a price. The place is always over-crowded and you have to fight it out to get your orders. It's also hot and extremely uncomfortable. But, if you relish good chaats, and don't mind sweating it out for it, give it a try.


Carzzz12 - Burrp User


51 Reviews

December 27,2010


Landmark in Hyderabad

Ok this place needs no introduction, if you are living in Hyderabad for sometime, I am sure you would have heard about Gokul Chaat.

This place was in news for some unfortunate incidences. Never the less, this place was open again sometime back and they even came up with a new branch.

In Koti branch, This place has a small gate, there are high chances that food will get spilled on your clothes, people will wait for food as if its free, you wont get place to even stand, its very difficult to find place and have food and the list goes on and on...... HELL YEAH, who cares... still Hyderabad loves this place, And they will always do. Kudos to Landmarks like these. This place is a perfect example of all that matters in food business is - TASTY FOOD.

The most amazing place to enjoy chaat in Hyderabad.

In the evenings, you will find at-least 150-200 people having chaat or kulfi. This place has become like a must do for everyone who goes for shopping in Koti. After a tiring day in Koti people come here to enjoy chaat in the evening.

Must eats at this place is

Dahi Puri
Kachori Chaat
Aloo Tikki Chaat
Samosa Chaat
Dahi Papadi

All the chats are 20 to 30 Rupess. Kulfi is under 7 Rupees.

What makes the chat unique is the ice cold dahi in the dahi papadi. Mouth Watering.

If you are a foodie in Hyderabad and you have not visited Gokul Chaat. You are missing something.