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> > > > Grill Room

Grill Room

Banjara HillsRest of Hyderabad  

  • 04066777744, 04066777733, 08125292961
  • 6-3-249/A, 1st Avenue, 2nd Floor, Road No.1, Above Fusion 9, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
  • Seafood, Coastal
  • Meal for 2 - 2000

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Grill Room Reviews


Good food but overpriced

Grill Room is ruled by kebabs and sizzlers. Although I have almost tried all the usual grilled items here on my previous visits, nothing is as good as the Grilled Jamaican Fish Cubes with Salsa Dip. Grill Room also has a bar which is another reason for visiting for the regular patrons.


Very Nice!!

Well this place has a feeling of a dim-lit pub...very much in line with fusion 9. It has many items common with Fusion 9. The long-bar counter is really tempting!!
Good authentic continental steaks...a must try sometime...but don't expect any difference from Fusion 9.




It is a closed place and definitely NOT for people who do not want to eat at a place which is filled with SMOKE. I did not find a person smoking a cig. but there were a million hukkah's being smoked in the rest. - even during lunch. It was so suffocative I had to ask the waiter to open the main door to let some air come, but it did not work that well. Thanks to the good food , good quantity which makes me want to go again. I liked the mashed potatoes and the waiter got me some extra of it :-D :-))



Top Notch

Hey Folks,

If your looking for a place to hang out, smoke some shishaa, guzzel a few beers and eat authentic grilled food i would say, Grill Room is a place you could bet your money on !!!.

You enjoy a nice chilled out n cozzie atomospher topped with 1980's pop and occasionally clubbish music. The chinese cuising in particular took my taste buds for a ride. Continental is one area where i feel they could improve a little bit. I wouldnt be surprised if you would rate this a 4 b'cus it really stand up for its name.



Thats a best innovative idea i ever seen in Hyd

Friends if you love non vegetarian food ...this is the MECCA of that. Its is innovative, the grills beautifull placed on the tables and unlimited kebabs with well marinated chicken thats superb. Dont miss working days lunch at Rs.250 per head, its lot worth trying it out.

Ambience is perfect, one will enjoy a day out with family or a dear . I suggest you wont get disappointed , just try once. The concept is innovative.