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> > > > Hall Of Fame Sports Grill

Hall Of Fame Sports Grill

Jubilee HillsRest of Hyderabad  


14 Reviews / 14 Ratings

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Hall Of Fame Sports Grill Reviews

Kevin Calif - Burrp User

Kevin Calif

1 Reviews

September 26,2011


H lounge and Hof perfect match

If you def wanna freak out in Hyderabad no other place to visit than h and hof u can start with chilled beer and match of pool with Ur friends and then sneak into h lounge with amazing DJ to play the fav tracks and come back to hof and have Ur dinner amazing 4 hrs break every thing set up straight do visit the place


rravi - Burrp User


5 Reviews

June 16,2011


Sad and salty place

How do you feel when you are outnumbered by waiters ? Deserted place and now i know why ? Food is cooked somewhere else and then served on your table. They seems too generous with salt, be it anything. No music of your choice, they will play what waiters want. Another 10%SC + 14.5% VAT category.

Stay away or be apologetic to your friends if you invited them.


Good place to spend time

Good place to have fun, meetings and get togethers.. Ambiance is good...

People who watch sports a lot can enjoy live shows, buffe is available, hukka and its a mini bar

Worst experience was that had a beer which was not so chilled :(



Worst ever!

One of the crappiest places I have ever eaten, in Hyderabad and anywhere else.

We went to this place to have lunch at 1 PM on a Saturday when there was an ICC Cricket World Cup match on.
The place was deserted, and the waiter said he could get us our order, which was a pesto pizza in 15 mins.
20 mins went by before our pizza finally arrived. The guy who was serving it did not know how to serve the pizza and hence we saw all our toppings on the table, and just the pizza base with cheese on the plate.
One bite into it told us instantly that the pizza was not fresh, since it wasnt hot and the cheese wasnt hot either, instead it was rubbery. It sure looked like an overnight pizza which wasnt even heated properly.

On calling the waiter and telling him that the pizza wasnt fresh, he did not offer to defend his pizza , he cancelled the order and told us he could get us Bruschettas in 5 mins.
We waited for a full 10 mins before giving up and walking out of the place.

I, for once am never ever going to eat there.
This place needs a serious training on expectation management, food and service.
If it was possible I would give this place 0 stars.



Yummy Food - Must Go.

After i got a positive feedback from my friend, i stepped in with my wife for a weekday buffet, the place is full of 42" TV's showing sports, courteous staff and amazing food.
From salads to the desserts every item is cooked with perfection, 100% quality and yummy in taste. Never had such flavor before in the salads (Smoked Papaya/Pineapple), Delicious & variety desserts(Ex:- sapodilla mixed rasmalai). A must go place for those who want variety in dishes..



Macho place - my favorite

I have been waiting to get true American taste and I found it in HOF.
Superb place, great food.
Did u guys tried special lunch buffet at 199. Awesome. So many things on plate.. and staff is too good.
I have been to this several times till date and I can't wait to visit it again.

Special smoke zone, pool table makes it even more comfortable.
Drinks are too good. You want something more, ask them they will serve you.

Guys, its great. Must visit.


Good TVs, passable food

Last Sunday, my wife and I went to the Hall of Fame Sports Grill to watch what turned out to be a boring footie match. We had drinks and some starters. The place is quite spacious with several TV screens as well as a pool table.

Service is excellent and you have very courteous and attentive waiters - a huge plus. This factor alone will make me go back sometime again.

Liquor is decently priced and you have the usual suspects although when asked what imported vodka they have (they advertise in the menu and ask you to ask the staff for this), I was politely informed that they carry only smirnoff. ah, well.

As regards the starters, the pizza was very very good as were the french fries. The nachos were bad - they looked like square chips with extra dirty yellow colouring glued to each other and double deep fried - best avoided.

We also had a salad with raw zuccini (yuck) although they did change it and gave us a grilled vegetable plate when we asked for it (as I said, good courteous service).

Quite happy to go there again for a boy's night out.




Just Wing It

If you discount the star hotels and F9, finding authentic American cuisine in Hyderabad is next to impossible. It’s finally taken a sports bar to bring the real McCoy to the masses. Hall of Fame is situated on the most happening street of Jubilee Hills, Road # 36 right above the Benetton's showroom. Go for their fabulous all week buffet menu priced at Rs. 199 and you'll be truly delighted. You can choose from a five course American style meal that offers amazing Chicken Wings, mini bites of Pizza, Pasta and Mexican food, along with a beer and dessert. The entire meal is served at the table and the chef does a fabulous job in maintaining authenticity and consistency. I highly recommend their Chicken Wings, BBQ Chicken Pizza and Tiramisu for the dessert.


My Choice

Was there with a couple of friends, its a fun place to be. I am generally very choosy about the places I go to. HOF is a very good place to be. I loved the food, the wings tasted just like ones I had in dallas. they have the hottest wings ever. Extra hot is the bomb!!!!!


Best Wings in Town!!

I am in love with the food here. The Chicken Wings they have are very very tasty. I will caution you against trying the extra hot wings though, they are the hottest wings I have ever tasted. The service is pretty good, the ambiance is kinda retro, I like the quotes on their walls!! Would surely recommend this to everybody I know!!!



Pathetic Service...

I was driven to this place by excellent reviews posted on burrp and decided to share some of my experiences after my recent visit to HOF. I went there with 5 other friends and i was rather dissapointed by their poor service. A glass of water is the least a person would expect when the outside temperatures are soring at more than 40 C. The place was rather empty and it took almost 15 minutes to get the beer and after that another 12-13 minutes to get the smoothies.

They have only one option in beer and food is rather ordinary(i had nachos and potato wedges) We left the place and went to a known restaurant in banjara hills to make up for the lost evening. None of us are going back there again..

I gave it two stars for the number of TV screens they have put in every corner of the place. Other than that the place looks more like a studio apartment than a sports lounge.



Wonderful Place

Hey All,

Hall of Fame is a wonderful hangout place. The TV Screens are amazing. Every corner of the place you can comfortably watch the Match. Best place for IPL finals. I suggest the place to everybody.


Spare me the Horror

Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 1/5
Service: 1/5

I doubt if they have misrepresented their name. Ideally, I would suggest it should be Hall of Horrors. Why?

One fine evening, I planned to visit the place having had a chance to see the banner and their website. I was enthusiastic to try some new dishes which are not common in Hyderabad.

I was actually fascinated with the ambiance. With World Cup nearby the sports theme was perfect to add to the huge screen all over the place. It was like I am in a TV/LCD showroom. We chose to seat on a corner which was cozy for us. I noticed that much of the place were mis-utilized rather underutilized.

We grabbed the menu and ordered some dishes which I thought would interesting and new. I made a blunder. I never knew I was in for a horror show. The buttered potatoes were half boiled and tasteless. The lamb chops were yuck and tasteless and mostly burnt. The rice tasted like a vomit. Only the buffalo wings tasted fine.

To add to all my misery there was a service blunder. The waiter arrived with the pizza we ordered and toppled it bottoms up right on our table splattering it on the table and some on us. It took them few minutes to clear the mess and another 20 mins to get another replacement.

I would never again visit and cause an embarrassment for myself.



True to its name!!

The food is amazing. Loved the wing sauces. Decor highlights hall of famers from different sports. Will be back for IPL, way too many tvs in operation.