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> > > > Hotel Shadab

Hotel Shadab

CharminarOld City  

  • 24561648, 24565949
  • 21-1-140, Madina Circle, High Court Road, Charminar, Hyderabad
  • Hyderabadi, Chinese

14 Reviews / 20 Ratings

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Hotel Shadab Reviews






True Hearing.!! Needs Service Improvement

Heard a lot about food here.. Experienced true Hyderabadi food. The taste, aroma, blend of spices is just too good.







Heavenly Food

Went to this place with my cousins when they were in Hyderabad. They had come across it during their Hyderabad trip research and so we planned for a lunch. We landed at the restaurant after a tiring visit to Charminar and the nearby bangle market. It was a bit difficult to locate and we had to ask around. Nevertheless, we found our way. As soon as we looked at the restaurant, our first thoughts were if this was the famed Shadab. The exterior was poorly maintained. Surely, it was the place. We entered the restaurant and opted for the a/c seating.

The interiors are non-existent and the ambiance is nothing to speak of. The service is very functional and quick. However, the main objective is fast turnover of guests and not customer services. So don't be surprised if your server will seem rushed or make faces if you ask too many questions.

No prize for guessing what is the star of the show. Its the food. To say that its lip smacking will be an under-statement. We had ordered chicken biryani, a mutton curry and a chicken curry along with naans. All were stuff made out of of heaven. The taste was so over-powering that we forgot where we were. We really got transformed into this food land with different spices hitting our taste buds.

However, we felt the price was a bit too high given the whole set-up. But at the end, the food justifies all. Definitely a must go.







Best biryani - worst ambinace,pathetic washrooms

I've tried every other biryani in the city, but nothing is as good as shadab. I ordered a mutton biryani; the grain was long, the rice fragrant; the mutton was on the bone, soft and aromatic in the 80:20, rice: mutton ratio. Ample quantity and amazing taste. Highly recommended for visitors to Hyderabad who don't have the time and energy to try various joints to get the best biryani.

The cons:

Worst toilet room imaginable
Poorly maintained and congested wash area
Poor seating, not a great ambiance
ACs not working as on 8th July 2013, damn humid and smelly; they were using large fans to make it breezy.

I would rate the food 4 on 5 but 0 for the toilet and washroom facilities. If you are out with a family I wouldn't recommend a joint that has poor washroom or toilet facilities in spite of great food.

so, my over all rating would be a average of both that is 0+4/10 that makes it 4/10.


Great flavour of Chaar Minar

I have been to Shahdab Hotel during Ramzan and have been waiting to visit them again. My ratings and review for this place purely goes for its food and taste as this is one of those eat outs where you go only for taste not to enjoy a great ambiance.

The menu has a variety of items listed with reasonable prices considering the portions they serve. In every visit, I have only had the opportunity to taste their chicken and mutton biryani.

One portion comes in a big plate with big country chicken/ mutton pieces and this quantity is good enough for two. The biryani is absolutely aromatic and flavorful. The taste of ghee mixes all the flavors well and it leaves you mesmerized and wanting to have more.

Fortunately I will be going there soon next weekend with my fellow foodie friends. I will always keep going back to Shahdab for its biryani.

You guys are doing a great job!!


Service:4/5 (quick and prompt cannot expect hospitality at such places)
Ambiance: 1/5 (not a place for ambiance but a great place for some great food)
Value for Money: Absolutely yes


Awesome Kebabs and Biryani ! !

I used to be here whenever any guest comes to our house, as Charminar's Lad Bazzar is a must visit for them to shop for the best ladies accessories. So we used to leave them there along with my mom and visit here for having Biryani, as you know ladies would take decades to do shopping. It is close to High court and you would see lots of Black coat folks during daytime.

The moment you reach near to this place you can feel the aroma in the air and you need not search for address, hahaa......

In starters my favourites are Chicken Roast, Mutton Chilly Fry, Noori Kebab, Reshmi Kebab (It is one of the best) and Boti Kebab (simply yummy). In gravy section Chicken Tikka Masala and Dum Ka Chicken are ultimate. Must have is Mutton biryani, it is one of the few places where you get boneless and good quantity of mutton in the biryani. They also serve good nanas and other bread items. I never tried their Sea food dishes as I feel it's simply waste of time and money having least specialized dishes.

They make good haleem and it is available throughout the year. After having Haleem, it is imperative for me to always conclude with a cold Faluda. I simply adore their faluda, it is still the same as it was earlier.

The response from the servers would be not be gentle and they will not improve. Ambiance has not changed since ages it is as simple as ever typical Hyderabadi Iranian cafe style. They also have A/c section for those who what to have some peace of mind while relishing on food.

Pricing is just fine. Parking is a hell, especially during afternoons and early evenings but during nights it is manageable. Visit here only if you want to relish quality non-veg cuisine ONLY.

Ambiance 2.5/5
Food Quantity 4/5
Food Quality 4.5/5
Pricing 4/5


abyshake - Burrp User


10 Reviews

January 13,2013



I had gone to Shadab with truckloads of expectations. After all, if a restaurant has the reputation of serving the best biryani in Hyderabad there are bound to be expectations. But I was rather disappointed with everything from the food, the ambiance to the service.

The food was good but nothing special and the place had an awkward smell to it. Also, the parking in the area is such a problem that you would have to think 100 times over before visiting it. All in all not a very good experience.


Letsc Stuff - Burrp User

Letsc Stuff

1 Reviews

December 07,2012


Hyderabadi Biryani = Shadab

Had the best biryani of my life here. Have had both chicken and mutton biryani.

Taste = 5 / 5
Ambiance = 1 / 5 (Really don't care when the taste is this good)
Hygiene = Couldn't think about it with the mesmerizing smell of biryani

If you ever wanna eat Hyderabadi Biryani, this is THE place to go. Don't read TIMES OF INDIA review and go to Paradise or Hyderabad House, you'll end up having average/below average food.



kacchi ghosh dum biryani

Yes, they are serving it. 3.5 stars out of five. The mutton is little bit elastic and difficult to separate from bone. But you can try once. If lamb (weighing 5 to 6 kg) was used, then the mutton piece would have been tender like chicken. But commercially, it doesn't work out. So they might have used mutton which takes more time to cook even on coals and copper vessels.


It is good- but nithing great

I heard about Shadab from the time I am in Hyderabad (since 2006), and only on this years Independence Day I got a chance to eat there.

We were 7 people- and went there around 10PM. Well, the parking problem is a general problem in the whole area, so i am not commenting about it.

The upstairs section has good dining hall- I even saw somebody eating in traditional dastarkhan!!

We ordered 3 plates of biriyani (mutton). The biriyani tasted good- but nothing more. I mean, I have heard so many things about this place- so well, in one sense, it did disappoint me. The portions are also not like other places. We had 4 biriyanis and could finish it off (and we are not that voracious eaters and already had one plate of haleem each).



A place to visit

Hearing praises about the restaurant from the local people, we decided to visit this place. Even though, a satisfactory experience, I can not say that the biryani was the best. It was good. Even better was chicken burbura and qubani ka mitha.


nomad - Burrp User


91 Reviews

November 05,2011


4 Star Rating for Food ONLY

Much talked about and despite many decades in HYD, it was the 1st time I visited Shadab for lunch - the Fish Biryani is something to die for (4-stars). BUT everything else is 1-star .....

Heard their other Biryanis good too - perhaps will get them as a take-away one day ...



Finally made it to this place.
2 of us went to have biryani here on a saturday afternoon.We first went upto the 1st floor which is the best dining section they have but decided to dine in the non ac mosquito infested section(not the best ambience here) because the wait was too long and we were really hungry.

We started off with the Chicken Biryani which was so so.Then came the Mutton which was spectacular.Tender pieces of mutton,nicely spiced and cooked to perfection,the rice too was cooked pretty well.

240 bucks for 2 large portions of biryani,this place is a steal people.



Stale and tasteless food, used finger-bowl

After hearing about this place from friends, we went on a Sunday evening for dinner. We ordered mutton seekh kebab, pahadi chicken tikka and rejala mutton curry- all of which the waiter recommendd. The seek kebab was very dry, and served luke warm - taste was barely passable. We think it was stale. Same for the chicken tikka. Meat was dry and flavourless. We asked the waiter to replace the dish, which he did. It was marginally better then, but I don't think the meat was marinated. The mutton curry was average. We did not even finish half of it-lacked flavour. We ordered 3 items, hoping atleast one would be good - but they were all very bad. Service overall was slow and inattentive.
To top it all of, we got served a USED FINGER BOWL! Would have nearly dipped my fingers into it - just noticed in nick of time. If that is the standard of service there, I dread to think about how they prepare food.



The big daddy as far as Biryani is considered

I will go out on a limb and say that this is THE place to have chicken Biryani in Hyderabad. The standards of most of the other then famous Biryani joints have gone done alarmingly but Shadab maintains its standard to date. Amazing aromatic Biryani rich with flavours never experienced along with excellent other side dishes as well.

Highly recommended is the Reshmi Kebab, wrapped in silky and fluffy egg white, where in the chicken pieces simply melt in your mouth. In Pakistani chicken curry you
will get the resemblance of its name once you see the green coloured gravy. Nice spicy dish with boneless chunks of chicken in a rich gravy. Talk of richness and Baghdadi Chicken tops it. Boneless chicken dish with a gravy filled with cashew and butter. A bit on the sweeter side though. Pudina Paratha is very good as well(slightly crisp with butter and mint leaf). Goes well with the curry dishes. Falooda / Lassi / Irani Chai is recommended after your food.

Ambience ain't great but service is excellent. Do not experiment with continental cuisine here. Not very impressive Seekh Kebabs.

In other words, if you want to experience what's eating Hyderabadi Biryani is like there is only one place to go and that is SHADAB.