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GachibowliRest of Hyderabad  

  • 44508888
  • Plot No 7, IT Park, Nanakramguda, Gachibowli
  • Indian

6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Ista Reviews



Was there for a birthday get-together a few months back. The ambiance is awesome. Extremely well maintained place. One of them gave us a tour of the facilities. Impressive.
We had the lunch buffet. Pretty decent spread. Enjoyed a nice lazy meal.
PS: This is a 5 star hotel. So, this is not the cheapest place in Hyderabad.


expensive fare for no service

1st things 1st - the place is expensive like crazy. ok, they justify it by maintaining very beautiful landscapes, complete with artificial lakes and ponds. even their lobby is tastefully done. yes, this things add to your experience when you go to dine out. but that's it - they ADD TO YOUR EXPERIENCE - not replace the dining experience altogether. when you go out, you go out to EAT. at least i do so...

so, coming to the restaurant, the waiters were clueless which chair to pull, didn't know how to lay the napkin on my place, and didn't bother to hand us the drinks menu. so we decided to skip drinks and come to the main course. we ordered one indian dish with breads, and one pasta. the indian food tasted decent - not great - but the quantity was too less, especially considering their prices. and the pasta was simply amateur-level. the sauce did not coat the pasta at all. the overall taste was as if boiled pasta has been put in a dish, and topped with sweet tomato chutney. the worst was, we had to serve our own food! that in a 5-star restaurant!! talk about hospitality...

overall, it's a place meant only for people staying there - the ones for whom their company/ client is paying.



wonderful raja-sthani food

It wasnt the first time i visited hyderabad but my visit to Ista was for the first time indeed. Though little far from the city, it really justifies its name Ista - sacred space. Ista really is a place to long for one who want to be away from the usual city hustle bustle. Conveniently located in the IT & Financial hub of Hyderabad it was worth staying at Ista. While on my stay, Ista was hosting a Rajasthani food festival in its speciality Indian restuarant - Deori. It was for the first time in Hyderabad that I got to taste the rajasthani food on my palete. The food served was excellent and the traditional folk music of rajasthan along with puppet show was a delight for my eyes. And what else the thali package was available for 590 rupees only.


Sad Place!

This was the 2nd time we've been there.

Lots of flies and mosquitoes (inside the restaurant - collage). We complained twice to the waiter and the response was instant - he disappeared!! i guess they were hoping that we would forget about it. He came back only to serve what we ordered and disappeared again.
The 3rd time we asked someone else who was looking like a senior.. he tried giving an explanation in some language which sounded like english but was actually bullshit.

Other Observations -
1. flies and mosquitoes
2. The desserts have weird names but taste like shit. Quantity is also pathetic.
3.Biryani - Average
4.Ambience - Good
5. Food is not served hot.
6. AC is either too much or switched off. Even if it was switched off due to the scheduled maintenance, considering that customers were present (us) it cud've been postponed by half hour at-least.
7. there a dessert by name Banana creme brulee - DONOT TRY IT! - consider this a warning.



Goan experience at Ista Hyderabad

it was in one of my business visit to Hyderabad, where i got to stay at Ista Hotel at Gachibowli. Coincidentally, It was the time when the hotel was hosting a Goa Food Festival. I was really impressed by the concept and the buffet spread which had traditional and most popular culinary delicacies of Goa like the Vindaloo, Caldine curry and others. The most entertaining part of the fest for me was the Fenni with goan music for which te musicians were called from Goa as hotel management told me. For the theme, ambience the price was worth spending. The stay was great and the service was perfect with a goan feeling all around in a non-goan locale.


crazyqueen - Burrp User


3 Reviews

November 24,2008


worst possible service

went to the goan food festival they had on the premises.....there is not much to talk about...the service was sloppy even when there was an occupancy of 35%...the food was average...nothing to talk about especially for the kind of money they charge.....its not worth talking about and can easily be given a miss