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> > > > Jewel Of Nizam, The Golkonda Hotel

Jewel Of Nizam, The Golkonda Hotel

Masab TankRest of Hyderabad  


7 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Jewel Of Nizam, The Golkonda Hotel Reviews






Beautiful Interiors - Only

The place is beautiful , like very. The food : some good , some just average including the mutton biryani. The quantity is not much ... Very pricey, that's not really worth it .



doesn't deserve the name

Three of us went to this place for dinner on a weekday night. We were shown to a table as soon as we entered.Though the place was quite small it was decorated ostentatiously with costly looking materials. Silver curtains, king size chairs , blue lighting and what not.The silver cutlery and spotless glass would only add to the glitz and to your anticipation.

And the live performance of music from old Telugu songs was relaxing, though this stopped at 10PM only.

The food menu was characteristic of any typical Hyderabadi restaurant. But the prices were not. Chicken biryani would make you poorer by 460Rs/- without taxes. aaa!.We went through the food menu and ordered a lamb and a chicken appetizer.Both were supposed to be their specialties and I was expecting to be indulged.

The dishes arrived 15 minutes after the order. The lamb dish was succulent and just melted in the mouth and this only added to my excitement for the upcoming dishes. However I was only to be disappointed with every thing that came later esp chicken biryani.

Chicken appetizer (some kebab , picked from chef's spec menu), kebab platter were a total disaster as most were bland and flavorless. Boti kebab was decent. The ugliest was the Tangdi kebab. Eating it felt like chewing through boiled chicken.

A special mention should go to the chicken biryani : the rice was flavorless , chicken pieces bland and quantity wouldn't even fill half my stomach. This was inexcusable. Appropriate name would have been masala rice with boiled chicken.

And the service was nothing to write home about. I had to ask them numerous times to fill my glass with water.

Total damages :

Food: 1/5
Service: 3/5

Will go again : Not even a remote possibility. Just stay away.

After the dinner I thought that the name "Jewels of Nizam" refers to the jewels displayed on the walls not to the food they serve.


The best restaurant in Hyderabad

Jewel of Nizam is the best among all the restaurants in Hyderabad. Its food quality & the style of Nizami service is really awesome. The ambiance & the biryani here is mind blowing delicious. They even serve the best Haleem in the city & it’s available throughout the year. I really like this restaurant.


samsid - Burrp User


3 Reviews

October 08,2011


Never say Ever again!

Having heard a lot about this hotel and its "much touted about" Biryani, I and my friend had gone over to Jewels Of Nizam a few days back. Finding the place closed, we sat down at the Golkonda Coffee Shop - we were told its the same Biryani that's served in both the places. The Mutton Biryani that arrived was one of the worst I have had at Hyderabad; not only was it laden with cloves, to our dismay, we found hair rolled into the mutton pieces. Aghast, we called up the Captain and the Chef, who seemed pretty apologetic. The damage done was however aggravated when the Chef stated "99% of the time we take care, 1% we cannot say".

We almost instantly quit consuming the distasteful and unhygienic Biryani any further, paid the Bill and left the premises telling each other - Never say Ever again!


Review of jewel of nizam, hotel golkonda

good food. lot of mutton pieces in kachchi dum ghost biryani with less rice( true spirit). pricing very high. Truly nizami style. Good interiors.


Good place, avg food and mis leading offer

we got an email from SBI credit cards offering a discount of 10% on the bill by flashing the card.

we went there for lunch. the place has been done up well. the menu choice is limited. presentation is good. the taste is very average.

will asking for the bill for payment, i gave them my credit card for the discount. they blankly refused that the offer was on but i should carry a coupon that was couriered by SBI. when i reveived an email saying that was an offer and to avail all i had to do was give them my SBI card. either they have some mis communication about their own offer or are mis leading customer by use this idea to avoid acceptance.

as it i would not go there the next time as the food was avg. and after their cheating attitude i would not recommend any one to go there.


This 'Chapter' in the fine dining can be skipped

After seeing through loads of hoardings and ads on this place ... and also after not being able to procure a table at Khan Sahab ,we decided to give this place a try. As soon as you enter this place - one word comes to mind 'Lavish' , but that thought quickly dissipates because it is not ! The restaurant is pretty small and a bit congested. After getting a table we decided to go directly for the main course. We tried their specialties - Hyderabadi Dum Murgh , Kacchi Dum ki Biryani and some naan breads.
Hyderabadi Dum Murgh was excessively rich , and well the taste was nothing great. Some pieces of chicken tasted funny as if they were a bit old. Being their 'signature' dish I won't say it was up to the mark.
Kacchi Dum Ki Biryani - This is a theory I made up - a Hyderabadi/Moghlai cuisine restaurant which cannot server decent biryani is not worth a visit at all !! And , they proved it right. The mutton pieces were so dry and hard , you need water along to gulp them down. The beautiful aroma of the Biryani was missing, the overall texture was too dry as well.
There was just one incident that made me give it an average rating - there was strand of hair in the chicken we orders. They promptly replaced it without a complaint and gave us complimentary sweets as well at the end of the meal. This was nice , generally in Hyderabad , I find this attitude missing.

The pricing was seemed a bit on the higher side because food did not match our expectations.

Oh I forgot , they have live classical music as well and some other stuff which seems to be inspired from 'Tansen' , but they have miles to go before they match food at 'Tansen'.

All in all , an average place with average food.