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K & K, ITC Kakatiya



3 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Pitcher Perfect Jul 01 - Jul 31

  • Cocktails taste better when they're enjoyed with good company. Their shareable pitchers will get your party going. Pour up and cool down!!

    Price: Rs. 999

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K & K, ITC Kakatiya Reviews

A royal cuisine !

Kebabs & Kurries - ITC Kakatiya, Begumpet is one of the best hotels in Hyderabad with a wide range of restaurants to choose to ones taste and occasion. The lavish spread at Kebabs and Kurries comprises a mouth-watering collection of kebabs and a wide assortment of dishes from all over India. I had been here on several occasions and never was let down on the taste and flavours of each dish I had. I would like to mention about the ambience before getting into the dishes.

The wooden entrance looks magnificent and outstanding, the stone flooring and wooden pillars create an environment for having a sumptuous and delightful evening. The Show kitchen is visible from all corners of the restaurant where the aroma of cooking allure your senses. They work in tandem to prepare a delicious feast of kebabs, curries, biryanis and desserts. The interiors of Kebabs & Kurries are a reminiscent to that of the North Indian forts.

A mouth-watering spread of vegetarian and non-vegetarian kebabs and curries are part of the menu. Each dish has the essence of the original recipe and served very royally, the meat is thoroughly marinated and cooked to perfection with herbs and exotic flavours to treat the appetite. I had to taste the veggie kebabs and to my surprise they were like I never had till date, very succulent and flavoursome. Even the raita and salan are done to perfection to suite to the biryanis. This is not the traditional hyderabadi Biryani but something close to Awadhi cuisine; still I love the taste, aroma and flavours. An enthralling environment coupled with rich culinary tastes is the main reason that allures the guests to visit the restaurant over and over to devour its culinary treats.

You are at will to order any dish on the menu and you would not be thwarted. The best is the mutton and chicken kebabs, the sea food dishes did not please me, but would try another time to judge them.

Everything including the tables, chairs, cutlery and total ambiance are commendable and exemplary. Parking is not an issue on weekdays but on weekends and on occasions you got to be early to grab a parking for yourself else you have to settle to valet parking. Pricing is on the higher side and you have to sacrifice at times to enjoy such a royal cuisine.

Ambiance 5/5
Food Quantity 4.5/5)
Food Quality 5/5
Pricing 4/5


fudluver - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 29,2009


Really good food

This restaurant serves one of the best biryani in town. It also serves the best kebabs, curries and rotis. i would definitely recommend this to everyone I know.


The best biryani!

The restro in ITC kakatiya serves one of the best biryani that I have tasted so far.

The food is very good and for the lunches they have executive lunch and is about 1150 per head. Have to try out the executive lunch though. I have been over and over so many times and it is just for the biryani that they serve. The biryani is called chooze biryani and costs something around 750. It serves 3-4 people. The best part about this biryani is that the chicken is stuffed with egg and is cooked. And it smells and tastes wonderfull. It is cooked to perfection and the meat is so tender. The roti on top of the biryani can also be eaten and that tasted so good along with the cubed lamb starter that we had (do not remember the name of the starter). The raita though is not accompained with the biryani costs about 550 and believe me is totally worth it. I have been here 10+ times and the only reason i keep coming back is for the biryani!

The ambiance is soothing and so indian and retro. A part of the restro overlooks the pool. The backgorund music further enhances the senses.

The service is top class and kind of attention you get is truly good. Further if you are a vegetarian they give you a different colored water goblet just to identify you so that you do not get any of the non vegetarian dishes. This would prevent any of the new steward to serving you non veg dishes or asking you agn and agn about the same. Now this is service, perfection and attention to minute details! When you are there ask for Sai
Bhaskar. He is the captain there and would make the perfect suffestions to beat your expections. We have so much of trust in him that when we have our kitty parties here we leave the complete order onto him and he has nnever dissapointed us!

The pricing might seem a bit expensive but again this restro also being a part of a five star restro. This is what is expected

Food: 5/5
Service 5//5
Ambiance 5/5
Service 5/5
Vallue for money 4/5