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Kerala Kitchen



14 Reviews / 17 Ratings

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Kerala Kitchen Reviews

Lion ani - Burrp User

Lion ani

1 Reviews

October 30,2013






Shame for Great Kerala Cuisine !!!

Being a Malayalee, I never recommend this restaurant to anybody who wants to taste great authentic Kerala cuisine. Food taste is very bad..No relation to traditional Kerala dishes..Really shame to Kerala !! People will curse themselves for being to this place for tasting some good dishes..Fish and chicken items are prepared using too much of chilly powder and masalas..Should never try their sadya, pathetic.. Avial, parippu , payasam etc taste really bad..We couldn't even finish our meals !!! Service is very poor..We have to wait nearly 1 hour for the food..There are very little number of waiters to serve food...Their manager Avinash really tries to woo customers. But he should understand if food quality is good, he doesn't need to pamper people with his sweet words !! Rates are outrageously high !!! Huge money will be spent for tasteless food !!

Those who carve for Kerala dishes , should never go to this place. Will be really disappointed and curse themselves only !!


best kerala food

My favorite cuisine is Kerala cuisine, this is one of the best. They have tried the best to make the ambiance similar to the typical Kerala Restaurants. Great service as well.
Appam with Stew
- Avial
- Puttu with Kadala Curry
The good thing about this restaurant is that they provide most of the kerala delicacies.


ajitk48 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 27,2012



yesterday went for lunch with some non-malayalee guests and it proved to be a huge embarrassment.

the 'sadhya' @Rs.252 was pedestrian. the avial was a sorry mash of indistinguishable vegetables, even the pappads were overfried ,any thaali meal elsewhere at half the price would have been a better experience. The chicken roast @Rs.170 and prawn roast at Rs.220 arrived in a messy paste of red sweet tasting masala, any roadside dhaba would have done a better job. The only passable item was naimeen fish fry @Rs.220.

the most appalling part was the service or total absence of anything which could remotely resemble it. After being seated we were left unattended for 20 minutes not even water was served until asked for. after the initial serving of rice and dal we had to yell around for subsequent servings of rice,sambar,rasam etc. the bill was presented without the paayasam which was dished out after being asked for-a watery half katori with a few grains of rice at the bottom-an apology for a paalpayasam. this then was the ONAM SPECIAL EVENT

This place and it's counterpart in banjara hills are a disgrace and insult to kerala cuisine, run obviously by bumbling amateurs who are merely ripping off the large numbers of IT/BPO type youngsters from kerala who abound around the area.

these places need to be avoided at all cost and closed down at the earliest.



Sea Food lovers

I went there once. The sea food there was quite good. But didn't try chicken. fish Biryani and prawn roast were good. But the service was poor. Takes lot of time to get the dish. Except for that, i think the food was good...i mean the kerla food compared to Uthupura which i went earlier.




I went there once. I ordered briyani which took nearly 30 minutes to arrive. Chicken Biriyani was so bad. Probably i will never go there again


Anil  - Burrp User


2 Reviews

April 22,2012


Not recommended for non-veggies

The food can be lot better. For a change, I wanted to try a different restaurant and expected a lot from this place. I ordered for some chicken dish and its bland and there is nothing authentic about it. The fish fry is also not very great. I am visiting this place for the first time, and these are the best dishes as suggested by the waiter. But both of them arent good. I have later ordered for set dosa and that one is lot better than the previous dishes. They seem to be very enthusiastic about serving good food but they need to identify their good recipes. For non-veg lovers who want to try kerela dishes, I do not recommend this place.



Great Food, ambiance and service

I love food and i'm a great fan of south indian delicacies. When it comes to delicacies from Kerala, where I use to travel and eat a lot, itz all the more nostalgic tastes for me. Thats the reason, I've decided to venture out to this delightful place, called Kerala Kitchen. The place is bit difficult to locate since it is on the 4th floor and a very new place. The grand entry, welcome smiles and the refreshing welcome drink assured me for a tasteful evening. We had Kappa (Tapioca) with Fish Curry, Porrota with Kerala Chicken curry and puttu with Kadala Curry. It was a wonderful experience and i'm gona be a regular guest at this place. Read few negative reviews below, but friends, set your expectations right, before stepping into a Kerala restaurant. You cannot expect a hot, spicy Andhra curry or biriyani from this place. But for a really relishing, unforgettable food experience, step-in to this place, I recommend.


jaybob - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 02,2012


Nice place,Good food,Good people

As we were all tired for the day we thought we will go to some random restaurant in Kondapur as have been almost to every restaurant there we were choosy same time my friend told look there is new restaurant when I saw it I was delighted cause being Mallu has its own charm so there it was "Kerala Kitchen". As we entered I was surprised by the browney blueish ambience, as we were damn hungry we just wanted to order ASAP. In an instance the waiter brought some welcome drink could not make out what was it but was tasting lemony later when asked the floor sup said it was nanari sharbet. It was refreshing. We orders Veg Meals, kappa (for me) naimeen curry porota & chicken roast. Man if you had tasted the porota it was the softest porota I ever tasted. Fish was spicy as it should be, I remembered my moms cooking. Damn!!! was it good!!!! awesome!!! I wanted to have puttu but they said it will take some time so I skipped. Last, the waiter suggested us paysam and we stuck gold man...... it was just an unforgettable experience service may be a bit okey but the food is awesome must try and will go again.


trixieteen - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 02,2012



Went with my boyfriend (actually he found it) i was a bit scared cause i thought all the food is going to be in coconut oil, but to my surprise the captain told me that all the food cooked in KK is made with sunflower oil. Had a starter (palamboli somthing) was quite good but the real taste came from the APPAM they served me!!!GUYS is must die for,had visited in kerala and it tasted better than in kerala!!!!! So i say HATS OFF TO YOU GUYS (and my guy)heheheheee!!!


Sunil Manne - Burrp User

Sunil Manne

1 Reviews

February 02,2012



I have never eaten anything worser than this. Nothing was good. On top of it they served some thing different than what we ordered.

The taste of the food was awful. Yaakkkk...


Kerala Kitchen_not truly authentic

I have been to this place 3 times and understood one very important point.
The Strong and extra Spices and raisins and sugar these 3 are the key ingredients in KK. We have been there with our colleagues and there was a Mallu guy among us and even he was surprised to the taste of the food. All foods were sweet, full with raisins and either too spicy and in every bite there was cloves, cardamoms.
We were sure a non Mallu chef in the kitchen and a Bengali waiter who doesn’t have any ideas about Kerala food and asking us to try some known food to all of us was a perfect combination for starting..along came their manager Avinash and was willing to impress us with his Mallu, hindi, English and little Bengali talks but being hardcore foodies we were just patience to him and Spared him..:)
Appam was hot and should have been served one by one. Instead of they bought all of them together so by the time we complete one the others were cold and stuck to each other. Chicken Stew was good and same with chicken roast. Kerala paratas were good. We ordered Fish fry and they bought Mackerel, though tasty but fish fry was little expensive (considering the Fish price in the open market and as we were not having Prawns or any other expensive fishes)!!
Next time went with Wife and had biryani (full raisins, sweet and spice) and cold. Wife had Gobi roast and KP and appam with veg stew and didn’t find any difference from the first time.
Third time went to parcel and didn’t find any difference with the other foods like kalam biriyani etc.
The decoration of the shop is good and sitting are great. Waiters are good but need to know about the Kerala food more. Just using coconut will not bring you the Kerala flavor. I may be wrong but there should be a Mallu Chef in the kitchen to oversee.
The manager was ok and the owners are good too…but the main food thing has to be revamped and redesigned.


shameema - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 18,2012


First impression - bad

Except for the ambience, nothing was good. Curries were very sweet, including chicken. Just because they have coconut in them, it doesn't mean they're Kerala dishes. Looks like they were prepared by non-Malayali chefs.

Everything was served cold. Gave feedback to the owner. Hope he tries to improve it.



A complete kerala eatout!

Been to this place for a dinner with my wife! A true and complete Kerala experience! Though we have a couple of Kerala restaurants in city, they either lack the taste or ambiance! This place scores good on both these aspects!

Not a lavish decor but well designed and got this homely look. Menu is simple with all typical kerala stuff like appam, puttu, parota, stew etc. We ordered for appam, parota with chicken roast and chicken mappas. Appam and parota were perfect and chicken roast was amazing! Chicken mappas was OK! They also serve sea food and heard fellow customers giving some good feedback about the same!

Chicken kalam (pot) biryani was good. Less spicy and a ting of sweetness to it! We ordered for a dessert which comes with ice cream (doesn't remember the name). It was made of rice and jaggery, a bit hard but good!

The best part was the hospitality offered by Mr. Avinash(Manager). A perfect host!!


redsatya - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 28,2011


A place to try Kerala flavours

A very nice place to enjoy some Malayali fare. The done to perfection puttu, kadala, kalappam, palappam, roast chicken curry, veg stew and the kerala paratha scores a full 10 on 10.

The service is a little out of place, as it 's a new startup, still they strive to serve their best.

I would recommend this place to all wanting to try kerala cuisine.

Caution: The food is a little spicy so instruct your waiter about your requirement