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Hitech City    & IN 23 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 40364455
  • Near Cyber Towers, Hitech City, Madhapur, Hyderabad
  • Fastfood, Snacks
  • Meal for 2 - 400

13 Reviews / 13 Ratings

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KFC Reviews






Finger Lickin Good

Its a funplace to hangout with friends. Be ready to splurge money to get a decent meal. Good service and ample variety.


Koteswari V - Burrp User

Koteswari V

21 Reviews

September 28,2013



My favourite place. I am a regular customer. Well maintained.


Hydfoodie - Burrp User


10 Reviews

September 17,2013






Nice place

If you are fed up with regular chicken with gravy , this is a good alternative to try out.... You can take really get lost in that crispy/tender chicken. Be it the quality and the taste of food, the value for money factor or just that fact you feel like having a good time.

Of late the chain has added the fiery hot wings which does nothing to tarnish the KFC image and carries the tradition forward. Looking at the demand, the chain has also introduced new coolers. However that is, at best, a distraction. People out there needed to get something more innovative than just copying other chains.

The taste is fine and the prices charged are okay. You get quite a quantity of food, more than enough for a single person. The menu is also quite extensive. The crowd is okay.

Just a warning for the Vegetarians: Not much options. This place may chosen ONLY if there is a hard core non veg team member with you. Great place for non vegetarians. Else the veg items are just ok.

Absolutely lovely place for the young crowd. It is definitely not as costly as the upmarket joints and you do not go wrong in your choices. The standardization bit helps take out the uncertainty in making a decision.




KFC is the best option to hangout with friends and reasonable enough.This outlet at HITECH CITY has good ambiance and the staff is also friendly.
The snacks are really fresh and the service is quite good and fast.You dont have to be in queue for long time except for FRIDAY sometimes but still the wit is worth it since the food quality is really good.


Awesome fast food joint

Its always nice to eat rolls, burgers when you just want to have something in snack. I have been here many times. Great place to hangout. Crow is always awesome. You get nice food at reasonable price. I had a veg burger and my friend had chicken. it was a great experience. I always love to eat at these kind of places.

If anyone has not yet went to KFC then please go, you also get a variety of cold drink too.

Ambience is also great here.


Best Place For Snacks

KFC is the best place to hang over with my friends and family, where we can spend lots of time with awesome stuff and varieties of dishes.
Burger's and snacks are the best in KFC
Thank you KFC.


Drive-in service is excellent

Although all of us know about KFC, I would like to point out their superb drive-in service in this outlet. It is fast, efficient and very reliable.


Hitech KFC loosing touch n quality

We went to have a late afternoon snacks yesterday. We wanted to have chicken snackers and we resisted ourselves from Ohri's and other option we have in Prasad’s.
We drove down straight to our all-time favorite hi-tech KFC. To our surprise what did we found?
The KFC had changed in all aspects, the energetic and happy smiling staffs are missing, and service is slow though there were many counters are empty. One guy was so angry that he has been waiting for his food long time and blasted the counter guys…
My wife got one veggie snackers, and 3 veg stripes and I got 2 chicken snackers and one medium fry and one Pepsi. One first bite, made me nervous, the snacks are dry, cold, meat was in adequate (I mean every time the snackers we used to get the meat portion you can see from outside) and the breads are hard and cold... No much mayo :-( the fries were hot but not crisp!)
I got to the counter and informed the guy and here comes their manager but he tried to offer 2 more snackers to us but we already had and don't want to take any food for which I am not paying. I told him politely and he was very apologetic, but the whole mood was bad and we were surprised to our core to see sudden change of our very own KFC.
Later my wife told me the stuff who took our order was literally throwing the food on the serving plate and she didn't mention it to me because it would have been a big disaster.
So KFC, gear up, don’t take customers for granted and train your stuffs on the behavior and stop acting like typical village people that we often see in HYD.
We are paying to a world class brand so better behave like one!!!


neetu19 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 29,2010


Same thing..

Hey Fast Food always tastes good right.. So what must be really rated here is the customer satisfaction that they can deliver.. Come on who wouldnt like popcorn chicken..
Didnt step in this place just went for the drive through.. as looking at the crowd and parking issue on a Friday night.. I thought It would be the best option..
Ordered for a Chicken Snacker paid for it and the popcorn chicken and when I reached the pick up window.. They tell me they have run out of it and So are substituting with a Veggie instead.. Not fair guys!! Who wants veggies on a Friday night.. You couldve offered me some other upgraded chicken on the menu.. Yes I hate the way these people try to save money.. Wont go there again mostly..


Hands down the best outlet of the franchise!!

I guess the title pretty much says it all.. The bright, cheery optimism of the place coupled with lightning fast service(with a beaming smile) is addictive. And it's fried chicken for cryin out loud !! What's not to like ???


Place for Zinger

For me it's KFC is the place when u get that craving for a chicken burger... it's zinger is legendary... only problem that i've faced is that they serve flat cokes but are willing to replace it if u complain...


Finger Licking Good BUT...

I admire and appreciate all the secret recipe thing, believe me, I do, but the thing is that the secret recipe is kind of bland. I am not saying that I didn't like the food, the service or the ambiance, they were all pretty decent. BUT I'd really appreciate it if they (KFC) understand that they're in India now and hence, must try to adapt to Indian needs(ie, spiiiiiicyyyyyyyyyyyy, yummmmmmmmmmmy). Frankly, I don't see a reason why I would go to this place and not go to a Tandoori Chicken joint instead. Sadly, there is none in the vicinity of my office :(


For the Lickomaniacs.....

I was patiently awaiting for this joint to open up as it is just a stone throw distance from my workplace.

I have been a fan of KFC since I first had it in Bangalore 6 years back, then couple of times in Hyderabad and almost every day on my trip to US for almost a year.

KFC is famous for its own recipe. This new joint has a typical ambiance of the US style chain store. It has a drive in, huge space, perfect ambiance and good crowd.

Its been just 3 weeks since it has started and i have already been there 2wice.

A variety bucket costs you Rs. 420 which is quite affordable when 3 of them are grossing at it.

So get ready to have a lesson in Lickonomics... ;)