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> > > > Khansama


Banjara HillsRest of Hyderabad  

  • 23301765, 9885216933, 9885411832
  • Road No. 11, Lane Opposite Care Hospital, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
  • North Indian

9 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Khansama Reviews

nomad - Burrp User


91 Reviews

August 23,2011



Have been frequently this place often for lunch now - can get quite crowded after 1 pm on weekdays. The service can be slow but friendly (if the waiter knows you as a friendly regular - which I am!) - biryanis were good, not so good anymore - the phulkas delicious - the parathas have declined in quality and are served a bit stiff and oily ... affordable anyway ...


wow northie food

i read the reviews here and went asap to this place . its easy to find . just park the car at the dustbin a bit far away. i took a northie friend along to taste the authentic north veg dishes . menu is extensive and mouth watering .the list of parathas is endless. order kheema aloo and veg masala parathas . chicken kadai and paneer masala. awesome food taste and service . wholseome dinner for two with bisleri and thumsup-360 !

its a basic sit down eatery, lill cramped. go for the food . not the ambience



North Indian Phulka

I am trying to get north Indian Phulka healthy (without maida )from last 4 years but my luck shine and my hard work in searching pays when i found Phulka's at Friends Curry center, Ameerpet. I took curry and phulka (3 phulka for Rs 10) and found out it the best meal i had ever had. Phulka is like awesome thin, fresh and warm jus like mom made phulka i used to have.
north Indian guys .... try it . you wont regret searching this blog.


mammenj - Burrp User


10 Reviews

September 02,2010


good food and affordable prices

We visit this place many times in a week, its a dhaba style restaurant where seating is cramped. But the food is good and the price is right.

To Burrp: they dont take credit cards....please correct it here


Nandita  - Burrp User


36 Reviews

January 11,2010


Good takeaway option in the locality

After a late evening attending a concert, with a toddler in tow, the last thing we could do is go someplace for dinner. Having read the reviews of this place on burrp, I recommended that we pack home food from here as it would fall en route to home.

The owner / manager was a very affable person, exchanged pleasantries with the hubby and friend, promising quick service as we were waiting with a tired toddler.

We asked for a lasooni dal palak, veg chatpat and a mixed vegetable curry along with parathas and their famed phulkas. While the order was getting ready, the two guys quickly downed a dahi papdi chaat - i had a taste and it was pretty well made.

The food was ready in 20 minutes as promised and the piping hot package sat on my lap on the way home - it smelt great holding the promise of a nice dinner. However, I wasn't entirely pleased as the expectations were high. The paratha was fine and the dal was excellent. I'd recommend anyone eating here to try out the lasooni palak dal. The two curries were almost similar, only difference being one had strips of fried paneer in it ( the paneer was hard :(. I wish the owner had told us about it. Despite asking for medium spice in the dishes, both curries were very hot - couldn't eat more than a smidgen of each - especially me, as my spice tolerance quotient is just borderline and that's bad news if I'm in a city like Hyderabad.

The phulkas were okay, definitely not as good as home-made - probably just off the flame - served in the restaurant itself, it would have been better.

We had ordered a veg pulao and they packed plain rice instead - which again was a disappointment. While the taste factor was good, it was far too spicy for me - i'll probably give it one more try, emphasize on the low-spice bit and ordering some other vegetable dishes and see how it goes.

It's a small place tucked away in a lane, not really family or child friendly - so if you are in the vicinity, a takeaway is a good option.


daal tadka and phulka roti of 2009 in hyderabad

working in ICICI bank hyd from last four years for north indian food now ends.........................visited khansama and had daal tadka ..........was awesomeeee really after after a long timeeeeeeee in hyd i had such delicious daal with no curry pattaaa.........had nargishi kofta with phulka roti................roti was so hot and of pure atta .........had some around 10 of it....i was really wondring can such type of quality served by restarunts in hyderabad....................nargishi kofta curry was really danceof nargish really mind blowing was really daal of the year 2009



WOW! I was zapped!

I was on a short visit to Hyderabad and could not get a decent north indian meal in any outlet I tried with my friends. I was referred to Khansama by a regular to the place. I visited Khansama (it is a nice and clean small outlet) for my dinner with 4 of my friends. We had chicken with Phulka roti which was just like the ones we have at home, we also had parathas which were like those made in Delhi!! We were pleasently surprised with the Kheer offered on the house for dessert!!
Great Food!! Lovely cosy place, they should have installed the air conditioner at least . The price is extremely economical and our dinner for five was a measly seven hundred bucks!


Barely a restaurant!!....

Well.... after reading the reviews on, me and ma friends headed over to this place all the way from Madhapur only to find out that its barely even a restaurant. At best it can be described as a kiosk with three tables. Things like this shouldn't even be listed on this website. or at least put a pic or so and a little detail about the place so that people will know what to expect!!!.....



The Best North Indian Food at a very cheper rates

I visited Khansama on sunday and tried parathas of all kind aloo,gobhi,paneer and methi was served in a perfect north indian style with curd , pickles and salad and the taste was awesome.....i trie dphulka roti and khansam special chicken was awesome dearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......homely hygenic and very cheap food boss keep it upppppppppppppp