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Kibbeh Lounge


  • 30435151, 30431244, 9347684301
  • Plot No. 6-3-1186/1/1, 4th Floor Begumpet Road, Adjacent to ITC Kakatiya Sheraton, Begumpet, Hyderabad
  • Cakes

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Kibbeh Lounge Reviews

asha1988 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 04,2013







Fantasticly Superb

A must try out place for people who like to try different cuisines.

Awesome ambiance, relax yourself with great music, prompt service by staff.


value for money

Average ambiance, good food and actually good lebanese cuisine. Last time I went there with Family, really liked the shorba and pita bread with hummus.
I had nt tasted anything like that, for people who like to experiment with different dishes, I think should check this place.

There is not a lot of variety to choose from but friendly place.


wow_nikhil - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 28,2011


Not going there again !

Had a bad experience last Saturday, when the bill was incorrectly inflated with extra items being added. To top it, the manager was reluctant to change the bill! Also, with a bill of 22,000 and very few tables full, we could have easily got a corporate (or any other) discount up to 15-20 % anywhere else (even Taj/Novotel), but they simply refused to give us even a token discount!

Having gone there quite some time, here are a few pointers:
1. The place has become a "guys den" and having the fairer sex, has become a rarity.
2. Very limited food options and exorbitantly priced booze (Tequilla is charged @ 600 Rs, which is okay for a place like B&C... but not here!)
3. Random taxes added to the bill - last time our bill was 19000, and taxes added were more than 3000 !
4. Just like the other review says, waiters keep asking you to eat/drink more; which I find very irritating and just trying to sell more.
5. Hukkah is really bad, no flavor.
6. Music is decent, ambience good.
7. Is open till roughly 12 pm, which is good.

But my last experience ensures that me and my friends are not going to visit the place again!


unfriendly waiters

waiters will not leave you alone after every 2 mins the will come and ask, sir anything else, sir why dont you try this and blah blah
but ambience is good.. worth trying once.


Good food at reasonable prices. . .

Wifey and I saw a few ads and posters for Kibbeh over the last week or so and we landed up here on Sunday evening last week. We were informed the place had opened up about 2 months ago. First impressions, the place is mid sized, can possibly accommodate about 50-60 covers, if you exclude the larger seating area (8 people or over) in another section of this lounge bar. Lighting is quite pleasant,not too bright and not like a cheap dive bar either. Music is more, shall I say, from the dictionary of modern rock interspersed with some house selections. Seating is a bit uncomfortable, more flat-back chairs across a large square table - (a) a bit painful on the back, and (b) you feel a bit distant from the person across you. Although, I will say the six seater as well as the U-shaped sofas did seem a bit more "together". The place is more casual dining in nature.

We ordered the vegetarian mezze platter comprising the baba ganouj, falafel, tabbouleh, hummus and cheese samousek (equivalent to a deep fried samosa with a cheese filling). Brilliant stuff. The only quibble was the side of pita bread which was stale, it reeked of a unpleasant odour and broke into half upon folding. The staff are very pleasant and replaced the bread, once told. I suspect this was more to do with the place being new and they were out to garner a good impression among the patrons so I would probably wait a few months to see how they fare re customer responsiveness, on a sustainable basis.

The starters comprise the usual Lebanese suspects and if you are vegetarian, stick with the veg mezze platter - it will give you a sample of all they have on offer. Portions on a single platter are sufficient for two, so order more if you go as a larger group.

We also spoke with the chef and took his suggestions for the mains - more because they have one vegetarian and about six non-vegetarian mains on offer. Being vegetarian, I felt like an eskimo at the arctic buffet - just blubber, heh heh!! Anyways, he recommended an out of menu falafel roll which was made quite well - fresh bread and a well done falafel.

I had also ordered two double measures of vodka with tonic and the wifey had a single measure of bacardi.

The entire tab came to a little over Rs. 1,600, drinks and a 10% service charge included - very moderate for the good food we had enjoyed. All told a lovely Sunday evening experience. I would recommend this place to anyone who wanted to try some lebanese food at reasonable prices. Will surely visit in another quarter or so to see if they maintain the same quality and service.