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Banjara HillsRest of Hyderabad  


7 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Happy Monday Jul 01 - Jul 31

  • 'Got 99 problems but my drink aint one' Enjoy any drink at Rs. 99 on Every Monday.

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Liquids Reviews


Liquids is lucid fun!

Liquids has introduced Theme nights from Monday to Sunday such as Bollywood Night (Sunday), Sunset (Saturday), Barbie Nights (Friday), Club Nights (Thursday), Bollywood Karoke (Wednesday), Ladies Night Out (Tuesday). Cocktail offerings here include Margarita, Long Island Iced Tea and Cosmopolitan. Those who don’t venture beyond mocktails will enjoy their Prince Charming and Fruit Punch. For tasty eats to accompany your drinks, they have a decent variety ranging from vegetarian Chilli Baby Corn, Paneer Tikka and Harabhara Kebab to non-vegetarian Chilli Chicken, Chicken 65 and Ginger Chicken.



nice music, good staff

nice music, bit cramped up space, sometimes get very crowded



Beware of what your order n how you are billed!!

-This was my first visit to Liquids on Oct 23rd'11. I was first disappointed with the ambience, then the menu wrt prices. The prices of everything are sky rocketing equal to 5 star hotels e.g. a Cocktails costs you 600rs plus taxes etc.

- Their menu lists Premium Beer - Rs225(with no mention of any brand and no other category of beer), but later they charged me Rs500 plus taxes for Heineken pint w/o informing about the extra charges when the order was placed. A lot of arguement happened but in vain.

- Better checkout Novotel or The park or any other 5 star which will offer you much better ambience, music, crowd and offers at the same pricing.

Only plus point was good bollywood music.


wow_nikhil - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 28,2011


A pure disc!

It was great to find a pure disc in Hyderabad. All other places are "pub with dance floor".
View is amazing from the 8th floor (or is it 7th), the complete glass wall gives a different high altogether! Only problem being, they close it after 11 pm :(
Stag entry starts after 10-11 pm, I guess, and that is quite a problem... with a lot of guys, you find it difficult to spot the girls ;)



Good place

I have been there twice in one week i.e friday and saturday, Its crowded on fridays you need to stand and dance and drink however you will find decent crowd on saturday you will find place to sit and listen to music (they play trance) I had only snack with beer I found beer smooth and also had a Long island (its a vodka with icetea). The service is good even for small bills they respect you, we had 5 beer a juice and snack only for 2K overall 4/5 worth a stay for an hour with small group (2 or 3).


hari_nj - Burrp User


63 Reviews

January 27,2010


Never dies

Bollywood nights on Sundays! This place never dies. The owners keep remodeling. The nice thing is it is small and cozy and on the top floor. They manage to keep it open late. Never a dull moment.


2.0 - nothing great

more of a kids joint...meant for people in their early twenties, who dont bother much about the quality of food or drinks but are satisfied by the fact that they were able to hit the pub on a friday night!!
The food, was aweful. You will have to hypersensitive nasal glads to sniff alcohol in the tastes like a diluted fruit juice. ... Aweful in parts and ordinary in others... Thanks no visits again.....unless accidently - that is . . .