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> > > Mast Kalandar

Mast Kalandar

Hitech City    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 08064576364, 08064576162
  • 1st Floor, Food Court Arena, Hitech City, Madhapur, Hyderabad
  • North Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 400

46 Reviews / 48 Ratings

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Mast Kalandar Reviews






simply mast

simple and tasty food
the Masada shikanji is awesome
service is good. might have been better if the staff were communicative.


Beautifull Service

Very nice to have dinner here with nice service and beautiful atmosphere. I suggest this place to every family.


Koteswari V - Burrp User

Koteswari V

21 Reviews

September 11,2013


Nice restaurant

Tasty food and good service
Well maintainance


Nice combos!

They provide very nice combos!!Love the achaar and side ons they give. It feels really good with the peaceful ambiance and the greatness of the homemade food here!!The service is quick and they are very cost efficient!!




Though the food is good but there isn't much variety.
The place is usuallly jamm packed on FRIDAY afternoons and their AC is not quite effective.The service is really slow as the staff is less than required and confused
But their home delivery service is good. But price is decent enough and quantity also sufficient.



worst home delivery service

You order something and you get entirely different menu...this has been our experience with hyderabad hitech city Mast kalandar, not once or twice..We called up the staff and the order was placed correctly, but menu delivered was different. Worst service we ever saw


Not so 'Mast' Kalandar

Well take care what you order here. My friend tried Pindi chhole and he loved it, I unfortunately was not lucky. I was damn hungry and happily ignored what 'halka phulka' actually meant so went for HP3.

After ordering we were shown to our seats by the numerous flies ( We chose the one with the least number of flies). A guy quickly came and attempted to clean the table.. it was sloppy cleaning and we basically blew out papad pieces left on the table.

We were first served chhass, it was decent though sometimes you might wish that there was lesser water and more curd.

Then came 3 small phulkas with a pretty good quantity of paneer, dal tadka and mixed veg. The phulkas finished in a jiffy with huge quantities of side dish still waiting to be eaten. the pulav didnt help much either and I succeeded in only finsihing the raita and the paneer dish.

The Gulab Jamun was served last and was the best part of the meal. It was really fluffy and syrup oozed out when I pressed it.

Overall I say overpriced and bad combo of quantities.

Food for 1 -Rs 150/-


ratna2002 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 17,2012


need to improve

Before visiting this place we heard a lot about this place and that has made us pay a visit to this place near Hitec, to our surprise it took some time before some one attended the behavior of the staff is very careless and lazy that has made of think of moving out of this place but we stayed book expecting a good food, the same laziness is felt in the food. The quality and the taste were very ordinary there is nothing special to appreciate about this place



Worse service

Ordered a HP3 and paratha platter combo for home delivery which was sent late by more than three hours .


Vipul Modi - Burrp User

Vipul Modi

2 Reviews

September 21,2012


Worst experience ever

I went with one of my friend for lunch on sunday afternoon. We ordered simple thali and it came after almost an hour. We lost our apetite by then. Three different groups literally shouted on the hotel staff for late service and ask for there money back. As such I am fan of mast kalandar food but this was the worst possible service . They should start saying know if they can't cope up with speed. And the thali was pathetic. The staff was all frustrated and angry.

Its complete waste of money and time.


Decent food.... uninspiring atmosphere

I went to the Hitech city outlet few months back after hearing about it from my Bangalore friends. They had a good opinion about Mast Kalandar so I decided to try it out. I went there with a group of colleagues after office. All of us ordered a thali. I must add that this place is vegetarian.

The food was decent and the pricing seemed right. However, the service was uninspiring and the atmosphere drab. The staff seemed to be going through their motions. However, not-withstanding the service and atmosphere, the food is good and worth a visit.

Ambiance: 2.5/5
Food: 3/5
Service: 2.5/5
Value for money: 3.5/5

Overall: 3/5



good ambience

i have been to MK last week. The ambience was good and order reached on time as said. But what i hate the most is the seating arrangment. As we went in a group for the boss bday, the table setting was too bad and very uncomfortable. The board of MK feigns out like there is something best in.But concerned with food my rating is 3/5 and ambience wise 4/5.


July 2, 2012response from management at Mast Kalandar:

Dear Guest,
Thanks for liking the food , however we would want to know the details on what dint work for you in terms of seating arrangement.
Pls let us know your contact details at so that we can call you and understand things better.

Team Mast Kalandar


Good Food

As it is located in the heart of the Hitech City, it does tend to get overcrowded during lunch hours. However, as far as food is concerned, there is little to complain about. If you love Parathas, then this is the place to go.


Very nice experience

Once again MK and their standard Punjabi food
We went to have parathas and we opted for a mix and match platter of 3 and the food was good and hot.The service was quick and the crisp and I rate it high.
They quickly provided the chutneys which tasted awesome. We also had bread pakoras and hot and spicy tikkis platter. Food was fresh and we had also a chach as well. .
On the downside there were too much mustard seeds and leaves in chach which was a little bitter taste.There can be more paratha stuffing as we found it was less and no tea was available at 6.45pm!!!!!
So MK you can see i am a regular visitor in your shop and will be a critic for you.
I gave you 4 starts for today’s performance.
Keep it up.



Good for a casual meal

I went here last sunday and ordered 3 maha combos along with Gol Gappas.

Gol Gappas were nicely served with 3 types of water. Pretty good. Was well presented as the glasses in which they serve gol gappa water is pretty innovative.

Staff was very good and most important thing - NEAT and clean dress.

Coming to the food or the thali that I ordered it was good with nice portion size for a decent meal, I would suggest that order all your food in advance. Ordering 2 additional rotis later would be a bad idea.

Staff is friendly and this place is children friendly.

Prices are economical. 500 for a family of 4. I dont think that is too much for an good casual dinner out with family. as the place is AC and the decor is comparable to Pizza hut / Dominos etc. or maybe better.



Acha - Mast Hai

I quite like the flavours here. Visit very often on Lunch. Easy on pocket and khana is just like home made. My favourite place.


jo  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

July 03,2011


home delivery was pathetic.

home delivery was pathetic. I ordered food at 7:55 pm and received the parcel at 9:40 pm after repeated calls. worst part was that food was cold as ice. I ordered palak paneer and hara bhara kebab. There was hardly any paneer and and there was green watery gravy, can't call it palak paneer. And hara bhara kebas were not kebabs at all they were brown color uncooked lumps of i don't know what!


July 4, 2011response from management at Mast Kalandar:

Dear Guest,
We're very concerned to read your feedback about the food as well as about the delivery delay. Pls send us your contact details at so that we can call you and understand the issue better.

Team Mast Kalandar


Mast Kalander = Chor kalander

t had two combo meals worth Rs129 each with my friend and 3 extra Half coocked chapati costing me Rs78..personal advice ..pathatic food ... i will never ever visit again..


Parcel bad experience

I am a regular visitor in MK Hitech city and liked many dishes from them. I am a real foodie and don't pay much attention in the decorations and other details. So recently when the AC was not working in MK and the whole place is furnace hot and smelly and the management needs to keep the door open then also I visited the area to grab something quickly and off to my office.
To my surprise last Wednesday my wife bought 2 parcels from them and one was Great Indian Maha Combo and the other one with some combo with Baigan bharta.


1. Nicely packed.
2. No spoon supplied.
3. No tissue
4. Paneer makhani was smelling really bad and it was all sour. I bet the same dish in your shop would have been much better as anything goes wrong , I know whom to catch.
5. Roti were uncooked and raw atta was inside.
6 Rice was really cold.
7. Raita was smelling.
8. Some strange salad instead of your cucumber and onion salad.Looks like it has been cut long before it was served.
9. The Kali daal was bad the water was coming out of it.
10.Dry Gobi sabzi was uncooked and the potato and cauliflower need more cooking.

Baigan Bharta Combo :

1. The Baigan bharta was uncooked and you can find the uncooked baigan in them.
2. Nun was not cooked and raw maida was inside.
3. Other side dishes like salad and all are same as above.

I was totally disappointed to the core with the food and felt bad about the management and the parcel service. May be most of the items were over at that time so they served us with previous days sabzi and all these are for 333Rs?????

Another feedback whenever I asked for Cold drinks,they appear to be very plain and no taste? Why you need to take 36rs for that kind of bad drinks? and 44 rs for masala cola?

You should serve good food to get good money.


June 3, 2011response from management at Mast Kalandar:

Dear Guest, We're very very apologetic on your experience, We do accept that there were some power issues with Hitech store and because of which the store had to function without ACs for sometime, which is rectified now completely.
As far as food is concerned I'm really very worried on your whole feedback on quality of food because we take utmost care to ensure the best and authentic quality and taste regardless of dine in or delivery orders.
Please send us your contact details at, we would like to talk to you and

June 3, 2011response from management at Mast Kalandar:

Thanks and I was sad to get a bad service on the parcel. When the AC was not working, i took the heat
but still visited your shop to grab food and warm climate is not issue for me as long as the food tastes good.
The parcel experience was very recent and the Cola feedback i gave to one of your stuff at the counter
(this guy is the tallest guy among all of them).
Last time I gave this guy the AC feedback and cold drinks feedback.
I cannot share my personal details on the forum but you can reach me trailokyamukherjee@gmail.

Worst Experience!!

I had been to MK @ Bangalore....... all the outlets and their ambience was good , Food tastes good...But here its totally different and the management does not even care about its customers



so so

its alrite..i can go if i just wanna have a meal... is not on our preferred places 2 eat..i mean if iam really hungry and am 2 lazy 2 go 2 my preferred restraunts nearby then ,may b yes...but not a place where i wanna go coz i wanna have a good time...and eat tasty food...
over priced and yes,need to work on washbasin area...filthy!



Not a good experience...

Heard so much about mast kalandar...but had a bad experience{Madhapur outlet}

The food was not at all tasty. Aloo pyaz paratha...did'nt have pyaz in it and minimul aloo.Paneer curry was sweet.No masala's and salt only tomato puree. I can make better than that .

Only Dal makhani is worth to eat.

Very poor ambience. 40 mins to serve one order. What is this?

All those coming for lunch during office lunch hours.Be aware pls!!!!

Overall poor.


March 26, 2011response from management at Mast Kalandar:

Dear Guest, we're very concerned about your feedback and would like to talk to you about the same and understand what exactly went wrong.

pls send us your contactd etails at

Team Mast Kalandar

Love the food here

What value for money and always tastes good. Each of my visit I have found the taste to be consistant and food light on stomach. My regular joint.




very bad experience. no loos (except for the common building loos, which were filthy). and the food tasted nothing like it should


February 15, 2011response from management at Mast Kalandar:

Hey Snigdha,
We are very concerned on your feedback, We try to make sure your dining experience as Happy as possible and hygiene plays very important role in that.
Pls send us your contact details at so that we can call you and understand what went wrong in your overall experience.

Team Mast Kalandar


Please ignore

Wrote a review on the wrong Mast Kalandar (I wanted to review the Gachibowli outlet). Dunno how to delete my review yet.



Worst dinner ever!

Had Rajasthani thali, which was no where close to Rajasthan and lets not talk about the malpua with rabdi! Malpua was like rubber and rabdi like paper pulp mixed with sugar.
Had heard a lot about Mast Kalandar from my friends at Bangalore, probably its correct. But the Madhapur, Hyderabad outlet is absolutely worth a miss!


January 31, 2011response from management at Mast Kalandar:

Hey deepti, we're really very concerned about your feedback and would want to know more on your experience and will certainly take corrective measures, pls let us know your contact details at


Response to the review of Rekha dated 5th dec

Hi Rekha,
We're glad that you liked the combo, and looking forward to see you again :)
One more correction, the punjabi combo is served with authentic Punjabi Sweet Lassi not with Chaas, hope you loved the platter as a whole!

Once again thanks for writing the feedback to us.

Mast Kalandar Team


rekha.rani - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 05,2010


Will definitely revisit to try other items on menu

I have recently been there- nice interiors. Ordered punjabi thali on a friends suggestion (Makki ki roti, sarso ka saag, paneer, raita, jaggery with warm ghee tempering, daal, salad with sesame seed tempering) .Loved it! awesome. The only thing friend said it comes with chaaj but for us it came with sweet lassi which is a little too heavy witht he amount of food we get in Punjabi thali. Also tasted the mixed veg parantha from friend loved it. Great food.
Planning to host kids b'day there!



Good Price


Been there twice. Both the times the food was good if not the best. My wife felt that Dal Makhni was not tasting fresh as it should be. Otherwise rest all items were good.

Also they do very good packing with very minimum chance of leakeage if you decide for a takeaway.
I would say good place espl for Pure Vegetarians like us.


November 12, 2010response from management at Mast Kalandar:

Dear Mayank,

Thanks a lot for writing a review on us. We are happy that you liked it. Please send in your number at info@mast so that we can speak to you and find out on how can we improve.

Looking forward.

Gaurav Jain, Mast Kalandar

Ideavirus - Burrp User


7 Reviews

October 22,2010


Mast food, Bakwaas service

I really enjoy the food at mast kalandar. The food is light, well cooked n moderately spiced. Just the way I like it. The only downside is the service which needs serious improvement.


October 23, 2010response from management at Mast Kalandar:

Dear Customer, Thanks a lot for your feedback. We are happy to learn that you liked the food. We are looking into the service issue immediately and will surely fix this up.

Thanks once again.
Gaurav Jain, CEO Mast Kalandar


No masti in this one

Consistency is a virtue if applied in the positive direction. Negative Consistency is a vile and unfortunately this joint is consistently going down the drain. It's sad because when it opened it had good potential. I don't know if this is a franchisee thing, as Mast Kalandar is a chain and maybe it has just chosen the wrong folks to manage here. The food especially as someone pointed out earlier in the reviews as well feels taken out of a can and microwaved.It just does not feel fresh at all. The servers are really really very untidy and you just wont want to eat there once you see the basic lack of hygiene. Management/ owners wake up and smell the coffee, your place is just spiraling downwards


August 12, 2010response from management at Mast Kalandar:

Dear Customer,

I am concerned to read your comment. Can you please send in your number to us at

I would like to know more about this.

Thanks and regards,
Gaurav Jain
CEO , Mast Kalandar

Mast nahi hai bhai !

Been here a few times in the past and the quality seems to be going down by the day. Was disappointed with the taste and flavour levels. Will give this place a miss in the future.


August 8, 2010response from management at Mast Kalandar:

Dear Ujwal,

We are concerned to read your review. Could you please let us know your mobile number on We would like to talk to you and understand on what went wrong and how can we improve. Thanks.

Gaurav Jain
CEO, Mast Kalandar

4 stars only for food

i loved the concept of combos.... good options.
food is really good and tasty. worth the package.

1. Very untidy staff. looks like they never washed their uniforms. the person who cleans the table also serves.... where is the hygiene???
2. No wash room.... they do have but its locked.... guess they are using it as a store room...
3. No umbrellas to get back to your car when it rains... get drenched all the way.


Good North indian Taste but quantity very less

The food and ambience are great here.. provided there are less people in. Once overcrowded it becomes quite like a mess and service also deteriorates. But the taste of the food especially Dal Fry makes up for everything. The dal fry tastes like a perfect MP dal fry. The Paranthas and baingan bharta and pindi chole also good options.

However, after your meals finished you're left wanting for some more. (For girls quantity seems ok but boys would agree with me) They should not use false depth bowls which look deep from outside, but have very little volume inside.


A bit disappointing

After reading such rave reviews, I went to mast kalandar (on an empty stomach).

The menu looked aweseme, but the quality of food didn't quite match up to my expectations. The Paneer's tomato gravy was sweet enough to be classified as "dessert". The black dal seemed as if it was straight out of a can (not fresh).

Food is well priced, but I feel the quality needs to be better.



Good Veggie Place

Hi All,
A good veggie place. Nicely priced. Good Ambiance. The choice given in take away menu is just too much. Getting confused with the take away menu itself. But overall I found the place to be a good one. People in Hitech City who need a quick bite can definitely try this place.


diptom - Burrp User


3 Reviews

March 31,2010



Went to Mast Kalandar. Folks have addressed working guys dilemma on food - healthy, carb-light, and full of options!


Indrani - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 18,2010


Best meal in a while


Mast Kalandar is the new restaurant in town.

I was starved to have some good North Indian food in Hyd - I work in the Hi Tech city and saw this new restaurant in the Shilparamam complex - next to KFC.

I said - may one more of the numerous biryani joints or indian restaurant serving regular fare.

I was reluctantly brought in by a group of office colleagues and I could not say much. However, to my pleasure, this was a new discovery.

I had an HP 3 combo - Halka Phulka 3- and had nice daal, phulkas, subzis, shikanjee, chawal etc. unbelievable. It was quite a feast. They also have some excellent gulab jamuns and I had 2 of them.

Thanks you office guys to getting me here and thanks to Mast Kalandar to serving this great food.

I am going there again with hubby this weekend. Can't wait for it :-)


A treat for the Taste Buds !!

Finally took out time to visit the 'Kalandar' that everybody was having masti in... though it quite happened accidentally. I was out with my friends and wehn started talking about the news of separate telangana ...that is when we also noticed that most petrol pumps were filled upto the brim with ppl lining up to fil their tanks in case they declare a bandh , so we too though to do the same , everybody pooled in to the last penny and got one petrol pump where the line was atleast not over-whelming and got the tank filled up. That left us all hungry and restless , so where do we go we thought with not a paise in pocket ??? Incidentally we were passing the KFC hitech and i caught the Mast Kalandar's name pass-by too. having heard so much w thought atleast here they would take up credit cards and give us poor soul some curry ...not knowing what to order , we put a safe bet on masala parathas and Veg Thalis ...oh WHAT FUN !!!
The moment we tasted the first bites some of us melted into thin layers of chaas and others evaporated with whiffs of dal makhani with joy !! God this was a heaven sent christmas gift alright ...not sure if it was teh food or the hinger or both , we finished up as soon as it arrived (and iy took just 15 mins for us to get the order which by restaurant standards is lightning fast i believe) ...the dessert for which I especially ordered malpua with rabri was UMMMM..HHMMM.YUMMM...sorry cant actually put that into words ,Please try it on a 1st hand experience to get as much tongue tied as I am ..somethings can make you so mellowed that even traffic jams and blaring horns seem like Mozart's symphony !!
Don't believe me ?? Try it yourself ... !!
(just one word of advice :- not for non-vegeterians , its for those who have a taste for pure veg soul food) :) ENJOY !


poor service. Food is terrific as usual.

I literally dragged my friend to mast kalandar the other day. the guards there are either deaf or insane. they keep sending you away from the parking lot i dont know why... anyways...those bandars dont affect this review on mast kalandar..

Food is as usual.. awesome. 5/5..
were given receipts and we were supposed to handover those reciepts to the waiter. the waiter took too long to come over. despite reminding and making eye contact and then calling out for him, the designated waiter dint come at all. i had to shout on the manager. manager pickedu p the receipts and forgot handing it over inside.. so my friend had to shout again. and then came our food. took almost 30 mins for food to get delivered.
this particular visit doenst deserve even a 2. but giving it 3/5 since the food is awesome. aloo fry is super, butter milk is superb...
gotta see how the next visit will be..


geekEater - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 12,2009


Ah - a heartbreak...

I am a regular at this place. I mean, I dragged people to come to this place with me. It was a great start of a relationship between me and this great food court. But this was not to the word spread, the quality of the food and the service declined drastically. 45 minutes wait during lunch time is simply not acceptable and how many days before they repair their A/C ? Also during the peak time, the quality of food is neglected. I would have visited and recommended this place for foodies like me...but its too much to ask people to wait for 45 minutes. Still, I rate this place very highly among the sick vegetarian joints around hitec city.



Strictly ok + 1star for the vfm part

After reading all the reviews decided to check it out over the weekend. Surprising empty, guess will pick up with word of mouth.Coming to the restaurant and food 2 words to describe it - no frills. Maybe they had an off day as I didnt find anything exceptional, quite contrary to other reviews. Having said that price is a clinching factor as it is quite cheap.


Suzoo - Burrp User


12 Reviews

November 06,2009


Value for money...

We went to this place yesterday night and it had few people. The place itself has a feel of typical US fast food joints. The waiters were fairly courteous and seating is nice, overlooking the hi-tech city road or the shilparamam, if you like. The menu as pointed out by others is fairly north Indian. We had cheese parathas for kids, rajasthan royals ki pasand, and baigan baratha. All the three dishes had salad and raita common. Both were above average and good. The baigan baratha was again pretty decent but would rate it above average. The naans were again routine. The best find was the bajra rotis and the dal batti in the rajasthani dish, which was pretty good. Overall given the current state of north Indian food availability in hi-tech city area, this is a pretty good place and hence I give it 4/5 and as the title says its mainly due to value for money. And finally in the budget north Indian option there is a second option within hi-tech city area (to Punjabi Rasoi). Overall the summary is:
Taste 3.5/5
Quality 3.5/5
Ambiance 3.5/5
Service 4/5
Value for money 4/5


puneboy - Burrp User


12 Reviews

November 06,2009


Good Indian food just got a new meaning!

They claim to make their food with the freshest ingredients - the best wheat, mirchis from Kashmir etc. and no processed stuff. And man, does the food do justice to that claim! The best chaat I had in some time, the bajra and wheat rotis were something else and the curries were delicious! A simpler version of the thali and definitely a place to visit again and again!


flavours of happiness

Fast service
Tasty Food
Ambience = Whats that?
a little crowded = but thats because of the good food.
we had HP1 and HP3. chaas and gulab jamun which came along with HP3 were aswesome.
im gonna try the lucknawi biryani next time!



ALAS Its here!

I have been a great fan of Mast Kalandar food in Bangalore.

The other day I was in passing by Shilparamam, Hi Tech City and I noticed the board of Mast Kalandar and recognized it immediately. I could not wait to go there. The place has ample parking and is extremely well done.

I could not wait to savour the food - and the same old promise melted in my mouth.

I had my favorite The Great Indian Maha Combo and my wife had Halka Phulka compos.

I have to say I had not tasted this food for a while and I am really happy to see them in Hyderabad.