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> > > > N - A Modern Grill

N - A Modern Grill

Jubilee HillsRest of Hyderabad  

  • 04064644141, 04064644242
  • Plot No. 788, Road No.36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
  • Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 3000

23 Reviews / 23 Ratings

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N - A Modern Grill Reviews

drvizi - Burrp User


1 Reviews

March 16,2013


Love this place!

I love n grill. I'm assuming that it's not perfect for everyone but it is for me. I am a vegetarian and I love love love their Chickpea and spinach stew with brown rice( its so yummm and they even give that warm brown rice to go with it.) and their greek pizza with feta cheese! The vegetables are so fresh. The place is a little expensive but hey they make broccoli and pizza work so I am willing to pay. I like the place for sunday brunch. Its a good deal as they also serve alcohol.

Oh did i mention the veggie spring rolls?!! also the food is always good....i mean if you like it the first time around then rest assured it will taste the same every time you go.


Sophisticated & Modern Decor

Must have been here a dozen times. Food has always been good. Never disappointed. The prices might be a little high but it is worth it for the ambiance and the food.

P.S: it pinches when I order the Margarita (700 + 30% Tax = 900). If you are a Margarita lover and want a cheaper option, best to go to Chilli's during happy hours and do the buy one get one. You will pay the same but get two, one for you and the other for your partner.


Average food.... over priced... poor service.

I must say that I had very high hopes from this place but it isn't as good as I thought it would be. The food is average, menu over priced, staff unconcerned but ambiance is great.

We ordered a pasta and a pizza. Both were absolutely disappointing. There was no freshness or taste attached to both of those. It felt as if it has been made just for the heck of it. The menu itself is very over priced and does not justify the kind of food you get.

The ambiance is good and it makes you comfortable and relaxed. However, the same cannot be said for the service. The staff behaves very unconcerned, as if they are just going through the motions.

I will say that it is best to avoid this place. There are enough of other options to choose from.

Ambiance - 4/5
Food - 3/5
Value for money - 2/5

Overall - 2.5/5


Sophisticated, Elegant, but v costly

Ambiance: 4/5
Lighting: 2/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Overall experience: 3.5/5



Not Quite There Yet ...

One of the things about every time I have eaten here is that I have never left the place happy with the experience. I really want this place to do well because we need to have some good options in the city. N Grill has all the potential in the world to be a great place to eat but just doesn't deliver in my opinion.

You can go there and order a bottle of wine. Follow that with an appetizer. You can then look up the menu for some of their unique "specials" on the main course - which is usually something unique. What gets me is that they don't exactly pull it off. Once you eat the real deal anywhere else (abroad?) you will see what I mean. These guys are not quite there yet but they deserve marks for trying. Its not easy to do what they are trying to do.

Still they are a decent option at the moment. With newer restaurants opening I think these guys have to improve a bit to stay relevant.


the name is misspelt. Its " N- a modern grill "

went here for new years lunch buffet

at 1350 per person buffet with unlimited booze it was the lunch of the year for me and my friends . it was so special because the company ,food and ambience was perfect

the starters fish was yummiest. kept ordering that .the other starters like the prawns ,chicken and the pizza was alright.... i love the fact that all the starters r brought to the table without requesting it to be done so

what the piece de resistance was the duck, the duck with plum sauce awesome .....there was turkey, morrocan lamb,vodka and orange fish , unusal combinations

and then there was also the humus and pita bread and nachos .......

there was a live counter for grilled skewers for fish,chicken and prawn and also there was a pasta counter

and the martinis and mojitos and beer kept flowing all the while . we were so stuffed but we had to make place for the creme brulee,the fresh fruit gateux cake , the chocolate log cake and the strawberry cake ............

been to N grill earlier , but today the duck was perfect and so was evrything else . service,valet,ambience,pricing.........glad that its maintain its exclusivity, good pricing , impeccable service ,pleasant interiors and above all great food



S'N'ob grill

This place is below average snobby bar. If you are not some connected hotshot you will be treated shabbily. The waiters are rude because they are so used to serving "bigshots" that they are just generally ignorant and aloof. You will get bumped off a table because some bigshot just showed up and he needs a table. This after being on the table for 45 minutes. Food is a big disappointment. Managers/owners are unapologetic about being snooty.

You want good food, service and ambience go to Syn or FCafe.


the best ambience in town

as in most hyd restaurants that try to initiate global cuisine in their menus , n grill is one of the very few that gets it right ....
but wait , dont go comparing it to mumbai's trishna , indigo or mezzo mezzo
the ambience is very chique, waiters smartly dressed and ever helpful and some dishes on the menu worth the money. some dissapoint .... over all if u r a person who has eaten world wide and then then taste n grill's menu u would b in for a tad bit of a dissapointment........


USP is ambiance

The only USP of this place is its Ambiance. Food is very mediocre i think they should improve on food !!! Prices go over the roof but i guess ambiance makes up for it !!! best suited for special occasions most likely a date


balram_n - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 07,2010


Warning: Enter at your own Risk

I've been here a couple of times and my experience's been pretty average. But after our last experience, we are NOT GOING THERE EVER AGAIN.

We went there on the 6th of Nov, 2010 and my wife ended up with a BROKEN TOOTH. She ordered for a Spinach Risotto and there were pebbles in the food. She inadvertently chewed on one and CRACKED HER TOOTH. She had to get a Root Canal done.

The rest of the food was also terrible - Prawns tasting only of Oil, Chicken completely dry.

When we complained to the manager, he just apologized and said that he will not let this happen again (Like we are going there again). Over all this, we had to pay a bill of 6,000.

You wouldn't expect all this when you are paying through your nose. Anyways, my advice - Never go there and if you do you are entering at your own risk.



excellent food!

Bombay/Delhi quality food and good portions. Lot of options for vegetarians :-)


tanisht - Burrp User


4 Reviews

October 19,2010


Nice place

I like N grill for its ambience and it is good for some special occasions. The salad was very fresh and all the orders were on time. The portions were a bit small considering the price charged which is steep, but overall a good experience.



Best restaurant in Hyderabad

This is the best restaurant I have been to in Hyderabad. It is quite expensive but totally worth it. The ambiance is GORGEOUS. I love the outdoor bar. Everything on their menu is DELISH but my favorite items are the risotto and the pepperoni pizza. The pepperoni pizza comes with hidden pepperoni under a layer of cheese and some on top so that in every bite you take, you can taste delish cheese and pepperoni.

Their Mojitos are good and if you're a lady, you may love the frozen strawberry daiquiri. My favorite. They use real frozen strawberries. Sip it slowly though... it sneaks up on you if you drink it too fast.

Service is excellent. Parking is easy... they have Valet. I give it 5 stars for CLASS.



Awful experience at N Grill...

N Grill has been one of the worst - and ironically, the most expensive - dining experiences I've had in Hyderabad. I've described the awful dinner I had at the place on my blog at



not a gr8 place if u r hungry..good for hangin out

Went there for the first time last summer, ordered Appletini..was good.. went thr around winter, the appletini sucked! gongura fish tikka was too salty.. the food aint tht gr8..nothing gr8 about the food n drinks...anyways way too expensive.. the only saving grace is the ambience..the outdoor bar is amazing..the inside restaurant to is good.. but food n drinks r just ok.. not the best place in hyd for sure.



nice place

A nicely done up restaurant. Has outdoor bar area which is well appreciated as I prefer outdoors. Food and drinks were expensive. Nothing exciting about the food tho....same as other restaurants.




I went to N on my wedding anniversary. the place is cool with 2 dining areas, food was great and service was attentive. chef sent a complimentary dessert and the staff greeted us. the manager was very polite to accomodate us with a nice table in the garden. the art work is amazing.

in simple its a place to re- visit


hari_nj - Burrp User


63 Reviews

January 08,2010


Place to be seen!

This is the place to be seen in Hyderabad. Drinks are good - Kind of expensive. Food is also pretty decent - again kind of expensive. Ambiance is great. Good parking. They have a nice bar with outside seating. This is the place to chill.


Hard to resist!!

Well I had to differ from the other reviews. I have visited twice and both times, I was too impressed with the place.
I would agree to the fact that the starters' portions are small, but that is definitely not true for the main-course. The beef stroganov is the best that I have ever had..a certain chicken Teriyaki was so different from what I have eaten before..and the interiors are really classy..I won't say romantic..but classy.
The price is a bit on the higher side, but I personally didn't mind!!



Waste of time

Nice enough ambience but terrible experience.
they got our main course orders mixed up and then even after we returned the dish untouched, had the audacity to bill us for it!!! disgrace to the hospitality industry :(



Good Food, Very small portions

The ambiance is pretty good. For dinner the restaurant is on the expensive side. The food was good especially the starters but the portions were really small. The margarita was extremely diluted.



didnt match up...

i'm starting off with the decor because i think it speaks volumes for this restaurant. the exterior elevation is so different and fresh- cool grey concrete..the interiors are very balinesque- high ceiling with wooden rafters, wooden flooring,glass walls to let in plenty of light. there's outdoor an indoor seating, recessed bar area and they also have an upstairs lounge.
if i had my way i would stop here-with loads of praises, but this is also a food review, so i must continue....
the food and beverage menu was extensive- lots to choose from, appetizers,sandwiches,salads, pastas, grills/steaks, deserts
i ordered a red apple martini-very nice..pricey but worth it.
the salad was stale, calamari smothered in a tomatoey sauce. i ordered the steak- the pepper corn sauce was very raw- what i mean by raw is, the sherry/wine they used for the sauce was very pungent and hadnt been cooked enough. my brother had the fish of the day-very salty.
with the service, i must say it was nice to finally have wait staff with excellent language skills. i know english isnt our language but i think its very important when you have a continental menu, that the waiters understand the menu and your requests and respond adequately.
but, the downfall was they werent too attentive. i remember asking for something 4 times and they still hadnt brought it to me by the end of the meal!!!
All in all i would probably go back only for cocktails and appetizers.and ofcourse the decor!!



Experience not worth

Two of us, not that hungry after a heavy snack in the evening, headed for dinner. Ordered a murrel grill and a portion of garlic bread. The murrel grill was cold and AWFUL. The vegetables along with it were freezing, huh.! Quantity was not at all good. I liked the garlic bread as it was how I like - crispy. The sad part of the story is they charged around 475 for just 1 grill dish and served bloody cold food. It is possible that this will not be repeated hence my comment would be that the experience was NOT at all worth.