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N Asian

Jubilee HillsRest of Hyderabad  


3 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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N Asian Reviews


good ambience and food

food was good service was nice. enjoyed tofu starter. melted in mouth. but bit on expensive side.




This is undoubtedly among the best places to have Asian food in the city. The ambiance and decor is outstanding, service is good, and food is sublime. Everything we ordered was cooked to perfection; however, the tender and juicy pork belly preparation deserves a special mention. This place is on the expensive side, but it's able to justify the price tag.



One Word : Horrible

Went to this place for my anniversary lunch and had a terrible experience.

Firstly, we ordered chicken dumplings as starters.While having the starters, i observed the dumplings are stuffed with cabbage and carrot, which is very unlikely for a chicken dumpling. On asking the waiter, to confirm if that's chicken dumpling or not, he confidently said that it is. We believed him and continued having those veg dumplings, assuming may be the chicken is minced. On the third piece, we couldn't take it any more as there was not a single piece of chicken we had tasted till then. Hence, we called the waiter and showed him those pieces of cabbage and carrot. On seeing that, he said its a mistake and those were not chicken, but veg dumplings. Immediately, he apologized by saying that we should move over to the main course and he will get us the chicken dumplings in the end....REALLLYYYY....starters in the end????

Secondly, the waiter had no clue about the food mentioned in the menu. I dont remember the name of the dish, but when asked the waiter whether that will be dry or with sauce, he confidently confirmed that its a dish with sauce and will go well with the noodles we have chose to order.When the food came, the noodles was saucy with a bland sauce and the side dish was crispy fried pieces of lamb.....WHAAAAA...and i thought he understood English.

Overall, terrible experience. Food was bland and super expensive. With such a terrible order, our bill was 2500 and we literally didn't eat anything.

If you have loads of money, fancy going to a restaurant which looks like a designer store of Rocky S/Sabyasachi,have no idea of global cuisine, and have featured ever in the Page 3 article of Hyderabad Times, this is the place for u!