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> > > > Ohri's Fareast

Ohri's Fareast

Banjara HillsRest of Hyderabad  

  • 23302200, 9866778040, 9866778041, 8790114141
  • 8-2-682/3, Road No.12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
  • Pan-Asian
  • Meal for 2 - 1200

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Ohri's Fareast Reviews

Had a great time!

I had the Chinese buffet today and the appetizers were amazing! Really tasty Thai curry and also had iced tea which was very refreshing. The head waiter Santosh took very good care of my family and I. I appreciate all the help, thank you.



JAPANESE FESTIVAL aka Oriental Buffet

My god dont even think of going to this place. It becomes so damn crowded that it feels that food is free.

Buffet becomes dirty, quality is pathetic. Better to go to any chinese restaurent and order a'la carte there. it will be much better than going for a chinese buffet.

Startes are sad, Main course nothing new. pepper sauce, sichaun sauce, parsley sauce, chilli sause.

Waiters try their best but dont think of personalized serviice. paying 680 (including taxes) not worth it. There are many other better places that you can spend that money and have a better dinner.

Dont waste your time by going to this place.

If you still wish to go and try out, this is what you should do - go at 7, finish by 8:30, you will like it. If you plan to enter after 8:30. it will be like entering a overcrowded RTC bus :-)

Last 3-4 visits of Ohris buffets anywhere in the city I get a feeling of bhandara (free food). Manners, descipline, hygiene... all goes for a toss. and the best part is - this can be seen not only by waiters... customers also come in this categoory.

God Bless Ohri's multiple buffet's in Hyderabad. I use to get excited after looking at them earlier after I saw their size and variety.... but now I dont like any of them, be it Nautanki Gali, 70MM, Pickles or Ohris Banjara or Far East.... Just waste or time and money.


yonderowl - Burrp User


5 Reviews

September 10,2010


I want my money back

We went to this place for a dinner buffet. The food was not worth the high price. None of the items on the menu were worth the visit. The grilled mushrooms were burnt. The restaurant manager and chef did not seem to be open to feedback. The reason for substandard quality was cited as - "It is difficult to make a buffet. Especially with Thai food".
All I can say is I wish I was forewarned.



Keep Far East far from your list

I've been busy posting my reviews to every food related site that is listing Ohri far east to ensure people are not put through the pain and displeasure that I went through. The service was poor, food was not the best in the class with plastic thrown in to brownies, chicken left out of a chicken dish and they would not even want to apologize for this service. There are much better eat out places serving better food, valuing your time, and serving with a smile.



Go for the Sangria

I had gone to the far east with high expectations and left from there feeling a tad disappointed. We were a group of nine who had done our booking earlier, but it seemed there was a confusion at the restaurant regarding the same. Moreover, the restaurant doesnt seem spacious enough to occupy the masses thronging in.

For our drinks, the waiter suggested Sangria. A pitcher comes at 2k. He suggested two pitchers for the table. We decided to skip that but ordered a glass for one of my friends. This came to only about 250. I think the waiters should verify the amount of alcohol diners would like to consume before suggesting pitchers.

The Sangria is good, though it tasted a bit like they had added cranberry juice to it.

The food we ordered took a little longer than we expected to get our table, though considering we were such a large group some concession should be given for that. But there was lots of it when it came. Enough and more to satisfy all of us. But the garcon did make some errors in taking the orders cos we ended up with no chicken dish... quite sad for a meat eating lot!

All in all an ok experience, but nothing I would rate very high