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> > > Ohri's Mehfill, Hotel Baseraa

Ohri's Mehfill, Hotel Baseraa

S D Road  


5 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Ohri's Mehfill, Hotel Baseraa Reviews

Anil Kumar - Burrp User

Anil Kumar

1 Reviews

December 23,2011


Not what it was

Lost its charm! The kebabs were not to standards, ok. Biryani sucked... and cold.
The live music has no zeal within minutes of start....

They should improve....


Slow service

Today afternoon... it seemed like the staff were on slow motion mode.
We ordered 2 soft drinks. they were so bland... no fizz and not cold at all.
when i complained about it, the waiter tried explaining that its not from the bottle but from the pet(plastic 500ml) bottle. as if that would justify the drink being fizz less and almost at normal temp. I guess people dont understand anything less than a growl or a snarl. well i had to snarl and be loud at the waiter and its only then things picked up pace.
since i've been to this place many a time .... i'll assume this is an anomaly.


Average Food

This being their flagship restaurant, Ohri's were expected to do much better but they do flatter on quite a few tandoori dishes. Wish they were good in few of them especially the Chicken Banjara!



Great ambience

G8 ambience.Gd value for money.Cheaper than any rest at banjara hills.Veg menu disappointing.Non veg is good.The main attraction is the live ghazal which negates other pitfalls.Staff is courteous.



Highly Underrated

Mehfil has been a quiet favorite in the Secunderabad food scene for many years. The ambience is definitely dated and the ghazal renditions something from the 70's but if thats your thing this place is great value for money.

The drinks and food are very reasonably priced. Service is good with many of the waiters being there for many years. The stewards recognize familiar faces and service on the whole is familiar and comfortable. This place does have good food and don't let the run down dated look fool you. Try any of the dishes specially the old favorites and you can't go wrong.

Centrally located at Basera Hotel, Secunderabad the restaurant offers a comfortable change up to those who may need a good dose of the good old days.