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> > > Olives & Cheese

Olives & Cheese


  • 64548899, 8686474767, 9246211899
  • 11, Chandragiri Colony, Adjacent to Axis Bank, Karkhana, Secunderabad
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 300

22 Reviews / 23 Ratings

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Olives & Cheese Reviews

Love The Extra Cheesy Pasta Here

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who loves having pastas and pizzas and at a reasonable price. I love their pasta in arrabiata sauce (as I am not a great fan of white sauce), cheese balls, nachos with mayonnaise. It's a small place with good ambiance.



good food,especially the pasta with Arabita sauce.Decent starters. place has good ambience. they need to improve on service but the rest I good



Bad !

I've been here a couple of times. The recent experience wasn't that good. The Pasta and noodles tasted bad. But reasonable prices and a calm place.


Reasonable and best!

It's the cheapest Italian restaurant in town.
The pastas, croquette, fries and bread are delicious. Please avoid pizzas, they taste bad here.
Service - 4
Taste - 4
Ambience - 4
Would you visit again? Definitely Yes !


bad no ph0ne in this place I guess

They don't pick up the phone ......Im trying since morning....I guess they are closed


Not cheap by any means

First of all, the price category mentioned by Burrp for this restaurant is totally wrong. This is not cheap by any means. In fact it is costlier than Pizza Hut and Dominos. The minimum Pizza is 100 Rs. The minimum price for Pasta is 160 Rs, which is ridiculous for restaurant of this standard.

The ambience is average and the service is below average. Dont waste your time and money here.


Good Value for Money

If you are in Secbad and want to have Italian, this place can be your regular. Besides food and menu, which is less Indian and more Italian, it's the staff's friendly approach that makes you feel more at experience. My son wanted corn in the pasta, which was not in the menu. Over all good.



Simply Delectable

Though not based at Hyderabad, I like exploring different joints at Hyderabad. Being a big fan of Italian cuisine, I was always disappointed with what Hyderabad had to offer. As a blessing in disguise, I was introduced to this place which blew my brains right after tasting their salad. Wow, what an awesome salads they offer. Unlike many restaurants that claim to offer Italian cuisine, their pizzas, pastas and salads are truly authentic!! The flavor is not a fusion Indo- Italian. Their Strawberry panacota is one dessert which my taste buds drool at the mere thought. Must visit for all Italian lovers and extremely economical.


Decent Italian fare!!

Overall, a pretty decent experience. Its no where close to Little Italy, Banjara Hills (one of my favorite restaurants in Hyderabad). But for its prices, its worth it. They started turning off the lights and closing down the place while I was in there, at 10:30 PM, which was a turn-off. Anyways, I would definitely go back to this place, even if its a long ride. I would also recommend it to you guys.

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Mr_Gourmand - Burrp User


13 Reviews

September 24,2011


Delectable Dishes

I fell in love with the name 'Olives and Cheese' when I first heard it and then I fell in love with the place. A cute & cosy joint with a classy decor and delicious dishes, I am a regular here. It is a very affordable restaurant and on weekends you may have to wait a while to get a place. Not a place to go in a large group but absolutely ideal for small families and twosomes. The soups and pastas are especially very nice. Cheese is used liberally in most entrees.

The place has a lot of potential and in my opinion, with some intelligent and innovative space management, Latin music and some authentic Italian beverages (limoncello, martini, campari, negroni) this place will rock like there is no tomorrow. Meanwhile I request the management to speed-up the service and have a variety of sauces and spices placed on each table.


nomad - Burrp User


91 Reviews

August 16,2011



The pizza with the signature crust was a bit pasty and underdone; the diet coke not too cold (had to be iced and the waiter gave me just two cubes!) - The chef (I think) was chewing pan-masala. The cleaner boys watching the TV.

But in all fairness, save for this, it was a pleasant enough experience. The waiter was attentively friendly. The palce simply furnished and quite bright. I ordered a margarita pizza with additional topping of black olives (the menu does not allow for extra topping but I was given this topping for free). The prices quite reasonable.

Trust the management takes this feedback constructively...



Pathetic Service

Had a terrible experience after having waited an hour for the pizza to be served, only to be told that our pizza would be out shortly every 15 minutes, while others who were seated after us were being served their pizza orders. Something is definitely not right at this place, either the place is ready to dish out free food or they are being choosy on their choice of customers. Pizza take generally 30min to bake not more than that, least the waiter could have asked us to change our order if there was any doubt from the kitchen. The only apologetic remark from the cashier was sorry sir. Heard great things about this place but this sour experience defines their lack of forethought, Also felt like there were other customers last night who too were unhappy being there and being kept on wait for their order to arrive.


yummy for the tummy!

Now with most restaurants around Hyderabad, big crowds doesn't necessarily
mean great food ... essentially its just another place for everyone to go to on a weekend. Which is why I was a little skeptic as I saw people waiting for their turn and had almost turned to go elsewhere when we were ushered in to be seated as
they were able to seat two .

Sitting down , we saw deserts arrive at the next table and between my friend and I we decided, we'd let it pass.

We ordered the Broccoli soup(1/2) and then a zucchini starter more out of our curiosity for exotic than anything else and ordered a thin crust pizza (large) for main course and figured , that should do it.

The food arrived in about 15 minutes and we began to eat , for once in total silence! :) as talking would have just ruined the experience.

3 minutes later ,soup done we began looking forward to the zucchini starter.

By now, we were so enthralled by the food , we decided to order a pasta too!
I also asked if they had take out - as a joke to begin , but then the waiter replied yes, they did do deliveries and proffered a menu! (As I write this, I wait for my order today - to be delivered :) )

We eventually ended up ordering desert too! At the end of which , we were more than content.

The place would do better to hire an extra waiter , otherwise it was a delectable experience- five courses for two all for Rs 700 (including tips and taxes)

PS. Order just arrived, time to deliver 40 minutes.


best budget italian

it closed abruptly a few months for renovation but now its back , and its so worth the drive from b hills.

the pizzas are amazing and so are the pastas. whats really nice is that the prices are very reasonable and the food is so tasty.

interiors are nice n simple. nice view watching the traffic jam of trimulgiri cross roads

i would highly recommend this to evryone

if only they delivered to bhills!


Extremely good Italian fare!!!

The restaurant re opened a few weeks ago and it can now seat atleast 30 people.

The pizzas are extremely good and come in a normal crust and thin crust and in 2 sizes of regular and large.They are extremely moderately priced with costliest large pizza costing around 190 bucks+taxes..They have a huge variety of pizzas to suit every palette.

The pastas are are also decently priced at around 110-120 bucks and one portion is enough to fill up one normal sized stomach....the variety is also good as they have around 4-5 types of sauces...

The Bruschetta here is also extremely tasty....good quality products are used in the food here or sure.

head to this place is you're looking for an economical Italian experience




Was at the Olives & Cheese with an Office colleague -- nice neat place but a small place (perhaps only 40 diners) so don't plan to go there in large groups. Another reason for suggesting not to go in large groups could be the slow pace of service. We ordered a couple of kinds of pastas (fettucini alfredo and fusili signature chicken) which were excellently done -- very surely the reason why this restaurant beckons you to visit them again. I am forgetting we ordered starters (Chicken Spiedini), well so did the waiter forget the order too - we had to remind him after he arrived with the pastas. For some reason he was not too keen whilst taking the order for that starter -- we later realized it was for good reasons too -- it was an awful apology of a sparsely populated plate of grilled-to-burn chicken cubes. The desserts were awesome. Go ahead, the pastas beckon you,



Caters to every palate and pocket

A very diverse menu – keeps in mind those who appreciate authentic Italian and Indianized-Italian cuisine. We loved the salads and the pasta, yet to try the pizza (it is nice to know they offer both thin and thick crust). And the rates - I mean WOW!!! who thought you could enjoy a hearty Italian meal for two at just Rs. 328.
I did not find anything to complain about but it would be nice if they had a slightly bigger space and more outlets. I hope they open something up near Banjara hills or Hitec city.


vd4170 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

April 30,2010


Under renovation and expansion!!

Waiting for Olives and Cheese to reopen soon.
Its been quite sometime that i haven't eaten the food at Olives and Cheese. Especially, missing the lovely pastas (especially the pasta in Signature sauce) and the tex-mex chicken.
All the Best!!! Please reopen the restaurant fast.


A friend for your pocket...and tastebuds!

Before you head off to Little Italy or IndiJoes for your monthly pasta fix; give this nifty little place a thought. And little it is indeed! Tucked away on the main road in Karkhana, this blink-and-you'll-miss-it joint promises good food, and delivers just that. With all items prices below the 100 rupee mark, its a great place to have a small get together with buddies, or even a spur-of-the-moment family dinner.

While the pasta in signature sauce (spinach and cheese) is highly recommended for its unusual blend of flavours, do try out the spicy tomato based pasta too. The grilled sandwiches and salads are light, refreshing and packed with flavour. Great if you're watching those kilos :)

But despite raving about the food, the fact remains that O&C is a teeny place that can seat around 10 people or less at any given point of time. Best deal would be to park your car, order the food hot off the oven and put some nice old tune on the stereo.

Then, you should dig in, for it will be quite a while before you look up from your plate!


Amazing pastas

the pastas here are jus out of the world..
so are the spegetti..
but the pizza are not all that great.. we orderd a pizza and it came half cooked..!!
but overall.. its a cute lil place..
:) perfect for 2-3.. not more than that..
the price is pretty resonable.. 69-79 for ved-non veg pastas/pizza


February 25, 2011response from management at Olives & Cheese:

Thanks for taking time out to write about us! We apologize for the bad experience, and would love to take this opportunity to welcome you to our new new restaurant (in the same location). While we now have an extensive menu with a larger variety to choose from and all new Desserts, Premium Milkshakes and a Coffee Bar.
With regard to your complaint, We have overhauled the Pizza making process and have introduced the classic Italian way of hand-crafting the Pizza, which ensures freshly rolled out pizzas every time you order!
We look forw

vipincl - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 23,2009


Good place to eat !!

Hey ..Olives and cheese is a very good place for ur hunger pangs - esp some pizza and pasta. I wish there were more space to accomodate larger groups. I am sure they are working on it ;).


February 25, 2011response from management at Olives & Cheese:

We have worked exactly on the point you mentioned and are glad to welcome you to enjoy our extensive menu in our vibrant and spacious new restaurant in the same location!
Thanks for the review!

cynicji - Burrp User


6 Reviews

October 11,2009


Amazing Italian

Olives & Cheese is located on the Karkhana factory outlet road right next to the Jockey Showroom. This tiny joint showcases some amazing Italian and Mexican cuisine and commands a strong following in the surrounding neighborhoods. For the starters, try the juicy Mexican Wings or the savory Tex Mex Chicken for a rollicking start to your meal. For the main course, order any of the wonderful pastas selections (Primavera, Spicy Arrabiata or the Marinara) and you will end up going gaga over the taste. And dont forget to order from the comprehensive range of pizzas - the offerings in this section dont disappoint either. The total damage for 2 people is around 350 bucks - O&C is total paisa vasool for the amazing food. The only downside is that on a busy day, you could end up waiting for 30 odd minutes to find some seating.