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> > > > Oranges 'n' Lemons

Oranges 'n' Lemons

Jubilee HillsRest of Hyderabad  

  • 23543028, 9030998880
  • Plot No 1029, Road No 45, Beside Office, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
  • Ice-cream, Juice
  • Meal for 2 - 250

11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Oranges 'n' Lemons Reviews






Good Service

I Have been a regular customer of Oranges for a long time. I love them because the smoothies which they prepare are very delicious. It is as yummy as the cakepops I ordered from They were delicious.


fresh n nice..!!

The name was different so jus had to try it..
Its a quiet traffic hassle.. very few ppl were arnd even though it was a sunday evening.
Ordered oreo shake and pizza and sandwich.. All 3 were really gud and sumptuous.
The prices are reasonable as well.
Definitely worth a try for a quiet evening.


Sridevi_P - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 02,2011


Value for Money!

Oranges and Lemons is as bright as its name suggests, full of vibrant colours. Good ambience, so fresh and attractive! I visited the place in the last week and had fruit salad; I must say the serving was big enough with variety of fruits for the price I paid. Value for money! Hope to drop in quite often from now on. Yet to taste different juices and the food from Grub Haat! My best wishes to the team of O&L. Great Going!



Chaat was a revelation

The sevpuri and bhel puri were FAR better than any other we've tried in Hyderabad - authentic bombay style (e.g. no cucumber/turmeric in the sevpuri), and leaves Bikanerwalla far behind in my opinion.

The juices were also really good, and juice servings were pretty large - think Jamba Juice from the US. Prices were reasonable too.


Amazing Place

It's a nice place to chill out! and they also started chaat and south Indian cuisine which is great!


Sesh T - Burrp User

Sesh T

9 Reviews

September 30,2010


The best juice joint in Hyderabad

After having frequented Fruit shop on Greams road in Chennai, possibly the best juice joint ever, I used to always wish for such a place in Hyderabad. It's taken it more than 10 years to measure up, but with O & L, the bar has just been pushed up. With a simple yet polished ambience, friendly/courteous staff (a huge, huge 'thing' in Hyderabad, believe me), and possibly one of the best selections of (natural) juices, their blends (O'n'L perfection, Pomegranate Sangria, Shirley yet to sample), healthy concoctions as well, this is fast becoming another fav spot of mine to spend time at. Add to this the novel concept (for Hyderabad) of letting their patrons play games like Chess, Monopoly etc. and playing a decent selection of music (though this aspect is not yet as good as it was at Fruit Shop in Chennai, but I am optimistic), and you have a place bordering on perfect. Among the verious snacks, I did enjoy the Club sandwich, the Mushroom Garlic sandwich and the potato wedges are also as yummy as they can ever be anyplace. See y'all there sometime!


good for a light meal

having passed by Oranges and Lemons a couple of times, i was intrigued by the off the road kind of outdoor seating which is severely lacking in hyderabad. Decided to pay a visit and have been there twice already.

ambience: the place is a typical cafe set up. with air con and outdoor seating. they have bright orange and yellow themed interiors which are pleasant and go with the theme of a casual cafe. they need to get a grip on the houseflies which can be a bother inside the airconditioned area tho.

Food: their menu is fairly exhaustive for a cafe, they have fresh fruit juices, sandwiches, salads, pasta and pizzas. It is a vegetarian cafe.

they have a very good selection of fresh fruit juices, in some very interesting combos. they have also a whole selection of diet friendly ones, made of vegetables such as beets, carrots and tomatoes... they also have a list of sandwiches which are very interesting. the spinach and corn is very good and filling, they have regular club style sandwiches too. all sandwiches are grilled and served with fries and salad.

What to try: they have a Cantaloupe bliss which is absolutely fabulous, so is their watermelon and lime preparation. the garden vegetables sandwich and the spinach and corn is very good and filling. their garlic pizza is an absolute must have. i also tried a three vegetable grilled salad which was not bad, but not great either.

All ingredients are fresh which is very important for a place that is built on the juice menu. the juice portions are quite large.

Service: is pleasant and nice. they take your order at the table and are unobtrusive.

Prices: very reasonable for the fare they have. a meal of 2 juices, one s/w and pizza/ salad will be 350 rs. for 2


August 2, 2010response from management at Oranges 'n' Lemons:

Dear Arundati,

Thank you for visiting Oranges n lemons and for giving your feedback. We are glad you liked our place and the food.

We believe in freshness and so every order is cut and made fresh and there is absolutely no semi preparation done.

As you liked cantaloupe bliss you would also like ultra fuel. Please do try and give us your feedback.

We thank you once again and hope to get all 5 stars next time.




Juice Bar Ahoy!

Oranges N Lemons is a cosy little eatery tucked in a serene corner of Jubilee Hills. The parking space is ample and the seating options allow you to cool your heels inside or sit out and enjoy the weather. I have been here thrice and love the amazing juices and healthy foods at this juice bar. Go for the couple combo priced very reasonably at Rs. 249 that gives you the option of ordering two filling juices, a veggie sandwich and a sizzling brownie as the desert. I am a huge fan of the Shirley Temple blend and the tasty potato wedges.


May 21, 2010response from management at Oranges 'n' Lemons:

Dear Cynicji,

Thanks for visiting Oranges N Lemons. Am glad you liked our place. Since you like Shirley Temple you might also like Lemon ziner giner. Do try it and give us your feedback. Please do inform the restaurant manager if you ever have suggestions / complaints.




Hyderabad's very own Juice Bar. We've got our street side Juice waalas of course but O n L takes drinking juices to a whole new level. There's a dazzling variety of juices to choose from but my favorites are the TURBO CHARGER and the SLIM JIM. I love that they can make something healthy taste so good :) What with the smoothies and shakes and chef's special and season's speacials I'll be going there for a long time without needing to repeat a drink :D
ANd the food is quite mouth watering. They make the best potato wedges I've had in this city and some very unusual pizzas and sandwiches. Their veg. burger is nothing like I've ever tasted anywhere else.
O n L gets a Thumbs Up from me. I definitely recommend this whether with your friends or family or colleagues.
Oh a special mention - the service has always been prompt and very friendly.



Awesome experience

Let me cut to the chase and tell you what I like best about Oranges n Lemons or OnL as it is sometimes referred to as-
-Parking space- Vast. And when I say vast I mean there''s enough for a small spaceship to land.
-Ambience- The place is bright and well lit and there are warm happy colours everywhere. The music is pleasant and they usually play 80's or 90's rock and pop music. My favourite spot is the sofa at the back where you can sit back and watch the TV and just have a pleasant time.
-Privacy- Couples who want to have a quiet private time can just sit in their cars in the parking lot and the food will be served to them there and they will not be bothered by prying, disapproving eyes.
-Juices, Shakes, Smoothies and more - There's a juice for everything and for everyone. There's a juice for hangovers. There's one to wake you up if you are feeling lazy. There are low calorie juices and protein shakes. Some of the juices have the most surprising ingredients, beet root, celery, spring onions, spinach, wheatgrass. And the juices won't leave you nauseated or sick. Be brave and try the fancier combos and you'll love them. Just don't forget to mention how sweet you want the juice and if you want it with the fake sugar. Even if you don't want to eat anything, just drop in for a juice.
-Food- All veggie but really fresh and well made. People on a diet should try the salads. Usually they start from scratch when you place your order so that might take some time. Beware of some of the items on the menu which could set your tongues on fire. Do ask for the 'chilli quotient' before you order something.
-Others- Board games, drinks for kids, no alcohol,
I must say that going to OnL is worth every penny spent. I've been there 5 times and I'll go there at least once a fortnight so I can try some fancy juice while I'm listening to Dire Straits and just sit back and relax.


Great milkshakes!!

just as the name suggests .. its a place for beverage lovers like me.
i visited this place twice in a day already.
i had flossy aussie the first time. it was okay. then in the evening , when i brought the gang, i had protein shake (milkshake made of snicker bar) and others had other drinks. all were tasty.

for a place which is so small, they have an awesome parking area. there are plug points all over..we plan to get our laptops next time. but ofcourse it has to be in the afternoon. the evenings are getting busier here.

btw... we left 1 car there and took off in my car to the inorbit mall...and since i left my number on the feedback form, they called up and reminded us that they were closing@ 11pm.
that was sweet!

i personally think a low ceiling would help the ac cool up the place effectively in the summer..duh.... enough thinking!!!