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> > > > Oriental Bar & Kitchen, Hotel Park Hyatt Hyderabad

Oriental Bar & Kitchen, Hotel Park Hyatt Hyderabad

Banjara HillsRest of Hyderabad  

  • 04049491204
  • Mezzanine Level, Hotel Park Hyatt Hyderabad, Road No. 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
  • Malaysian, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese
  • Meal for 2 - 1400

2 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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Oriental Bar & Kitchen, Hotel Park Hyatt Hyderabad Reviews






Chinese New year - Park Hyat

Park Hyatt Hyderabad is conducting “Year of The Horse” Chinese new year currently during lunch and dinner. It offers a set menu which has been exclusively designed by the chef at Oriental bar and kitchen , its in house restaurant that specializes in oriental cuisine.

Park Hyatt is one of the most luxurious hotels that you’ll find at Banjara hills. It’s majestic and architectural beauty does leave one amazed.

The decor at Oriental Bar is a wonderful melange of current and traditional times, at the entrance you see a traditional Chinese rickshaw while the decor is plush with cozy seating and wooden panels that welcome you.

The set menu consisted of :-

We had two veg and two non-veg appetizers in the set menu.

Corn Salt and Pepper -

This was the best veg appetizer that I had, it had a lovely roasted flavor and wasn't too spicy.

Hei Hujiao Mogu
Wok fried button mushrooms tasted very good and was a close second to corn salt and pepper. The flavour of garlic and black pepper was not over powering and was subtle in this dish.

Chun Juan(Chicken spring roll)
Triangle shaped chicken spring rolls with sweet chilli dip was next in queue. This were decent spring rolls.

Crispy Prawn

This was the best appetizer that they have. Sea food generally wins on most days and when its fried I think its a no contest. The prawn was fried and was served with a fruit salad.

Shiitake Mushrooms

The veg soup with mushrooms was creamy in texture but wasn't that tasty.

Village Chicken

Shredded Chicken soup was much better than the mushroom one and by

Trolley – Peking Duck
Peking duck pancake was the specialty dish of the menu and the chef duly made a special mention of this to us. This was our first dish and we had a good start to our meal, the dish was prepared live by our table. The sauce was good.

Main Course
Loh Hon Chai (Sauteed vegetables)

Main course started with sauteed veggies and it was a healthy combination of broccoli and cauliflower. Not a great fan of veggies but its always best to balance health even while on a buffet.

Prawn XO
Tiger prawns braised in homemade sauce was the highlight for me personally. It was delicious and spicy to the right amount. It was an absolutely delectable dish and a must try!

Gai Phad Beer (Stir fried chicken, chilli and beer)

As per the chef , the smell of beer was only infused to add to the smell. We had without it, I’m not sure if that altered the taste much but it went very well with the noodles and even when eaten alone.

Steamed Sea-bass
The fish was presented as whole. I didn't have a sea-bass before but I was informed about this dish by my friend. She did make a special mention regarding this so despite my initial reluctance I decided to dig in and I’m glad I did. The fish was fresh and it tasted sublime.

Steamed Noodles

Noodles went well with the stir fried chicken, I have certainly had better noodles but then by this time I don’t think I had space for much food either.

Lotus Rice

Lotus rice came wrapped in dried lotus leaves. It was sticky , glutinous yet flavorsome rice I had.

There was only one desert on the menu and it was sweet sticky rice which was made of sweet rice and Chinese dates. The sweetness was subtle but the jasmine flavor went well with the desert.

It was a traditional Chinese food festival and year of the Horse was duly celebrated with zest and flavor.

I’d like to rate it as :-

Ambience and Decor :- 4.5/5

Food :- 4.5/5

Quantity :-

Value for money - 4.5/5


Singapore Food Festival - June, 2013

Having heard a lot of the ongoing Singapore Food Festival, we had planned to taste the cuisine. A little introduction about the host chef: Chef Boon Kim Chin has been working with Grand Hyatt Singapore since 1995 and had visited India for the first time to bring out the true flavours of Singaporean cuisine.

About Park Hyatt, Hyderabad:

This was our first ever visit to The Park Hyatt, Hyderabad. The building was standing tall with a magnificent look. We were received cordially by everyone, right from the security guards to the receptionists. We were courteously guided to the Oriental Bar and Kitchen at the Mezzanine floor. This is where the Singapore Food Festival was held for ten days.

About Oriental Bar And Restaurant:

Since we were vegetarians, we had a fixed choice of food. Of course, it had to be. Isn't oriental more about sea food and other meats? So, when the menu was placed before us, we did not take much time to order our vegetarian soup(Mix vegetable soup, red date, wolfberry), veg rojak(Mixed fruit salad, vegetarian rojak sauce, roasted peanuts) and appetizer(Sweet green mango salad, chili, onion, grated coconut).
While we were having these, the Master Chef, Boon Kim Chin visited us at our table and enquired about the food and our likes. We informed that we were vegetarians and were wondering whether to order the fried rice or one of those noodles dishes. He very patiently explained to us that the noodles might be a little heavy for us and if we are ok with egg, he would get us egg fried rice along with Wok fried green beans, tofu, and chili. We were happy with that customized menu and ordered the same. And believe me, I had never tasted such a delicious tofu.
Also, the dessert section had a vegetarian and non-vegetarian item. I was surprised about the same and asked enquired about the mango pudding being non vegetarian to which the Master chef replied that one of the ingredient in the pudding is gelatin which comes from animals. I never knew that. Isn’t gelatin something used in confectionaries? To all out there who are vegetarians, you might not really be one :P So, with that knowledge we ordered the vegetarian dessert, Kueh Dadar, a coconut ice cream along with coconut, palm sugar stuffed pancakes. The combo was amazing.
A very natural and healthy food. For all those who want to try the oriental cuisine, there is no better place than this. And yes, for a change from the hot and spicy dishes the Andhra/Hyderabadi Cuisine offers, this is definitely a welcoming change.
I have posted a few snaps too.
I know the review would be incomplete without mentioning the seafood, but this is it for now.