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Our Place

Banjara HillsRest of Hyderabad  

  • 23353422, 23354234
  • 8-2-602/E, Charan Pahadi, Road No. 10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 2000

22 Reviews / 22 Ratings

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Our Place Reviews

yashas 4u - Burrp User

yashas 4u

1 Reviews

September 03,2013


No value for money

This restaurant is over rated and hyped like others said. I visited this yesterday and my experience is awful. We tried different cousin's, almost all of them tastes really bad. Quantity and taste of the food is not at all comparable to amount you pay which is too way to highhh....


kavali18hyd - Burrp User


5 Reviews

November 18,2012


candle light dinner

This is definitely a place for the dinner, we had a decent time having dinner in the candle light listing the time live music the overall experience is good and calm liked it..


Not bad

I've been in Hyderabad for about seven months now. Moving here from the US has been a bit of a challenge for me, especially when it comes to dining out.
Learning about 'Our Place' definitely just made my dining experience a lot better!

The place is a bit difficult to find. It's off of Banjara Hills Rd. 10, but not visible from the main road.
When you turn onto the alley that leads to the restaurant, be prepared. This alley is riddled with trash, and lowered my expectations for the restaurant. I remember thinking to myself "What the hell did I get myself into?"

The actual entrance to the restaurant, however, is beautiful!
You are greeted by a beautiful display of lanterns suspended above of a pool of flowers, leading into a hallway.
As you walk down the hall, you notice all the antique furniture and artwork. I was told that the owner is an antique connoisseur.

When you reach the end of this hall, you step off of the cream hued marble and onto soft, green grass. You are surrounded by an intricate array of dim lamps and trees.

The greenery really kept the place cool, and there was at least a 5° there.

When you look towards the edges of the dining area, you will see elevated 'huts' to dine in during the rainy season.

Towards the end of the garden, there is a gazebo where two gentleman sit and play ambient classical Indian tunes for you.

Now for the service:

There were three of us, and it was Friday night around 8pm. We were seated promptly. The tables are spaced apart pretty well, so you don't have to worry about hearing your neighboring tables' conversation, or worry about them hearing yours.

The menu and drinks were served immediately.

I'm not going to take time to explain the whole menu, there is some variety, but most of the dishes just sound like variations of each other.

The cuisines included Indian, Chinese, and Thai.
Some items on the menu are quite spicy, but are marked with a red chili pepper symbol. For the rest of the "not spicy" items, they're not bad, and definitely palatable.

We ordered Chicken Manchow Soup, which I would give a 7/10.

As far as starters, we ordered "Loose Prawns". I asked for lemon and "sauce" for this dish. The sauce was a mix of ketchup and lemon, and I think some black pepper. It was a good substitute for shrimp cocktail sauce.

One of our friends is vegetarian, so we also ordered a "Veg Manchurian" for him. This was delicious, and spicy.
We also ordered a mushroom starter dish, wish was good. I can't remember what it was called, though.

As for the main course, we decided to go with Egg Biryani. This is not on the menu, but our server was extremely cooperative and made a batch for us.
Maybe I was just really hungry, but this Biryani had to be the best I've had in years.

I know some of you may say that Biryani isn't Biryani without meat, but this stuff was damn good. We were supplied with yogurt raita/chutney and "mirchi ka salan".

The ambiance of this place is great. I don't think it is overrated as stated in some reviews.

I don't see this being a nice lunch place, though. This is definitely a place you want to go to for dinner, and if you really want to woo a woman-look no further.
Ultimate date spot, guys.

The price is reasonable. The bill came out to be around 2,600 rupees for three people. This was before tip, and keep in mind that we ordered 2 soups, 3 starters, 4 drinks, and a main dish.

I didn't have any issues with the service. We were served promptly and professionally. There were no mix ups with orders.

I had trouble understanding our waiter with the shrimp order, though. Our waiter had difficulty explaining to me the difference between "Loose Shrimp" and "Golden Fried Shrimp". I asked what the difference was, and he told me that "Both are fried". I had to ask a different server, and he explained that the golden fried shrimp dish has 8 medium sized pieces and the loose shrimp is small sized shrimp.

Overall, this place comes highly recommended from me.
Go for dinner for the full experience. You won't regret it!


Extremely OVER-RATED

Went there after reading a few good reviews on Burrp. Should have paid more attention to the negative comments though. It was a very ordinary experience and no value for money.
Went for lunch around 2pm. the place was empty except for a gang of guys next table. So the good thing was that there were several waiters loitering around. However, the waiters need to be taught a lesson in courtesy. They were a lousy lot who seemed to be more interested in passing comments at you.
The food was good and i would recommend the biriyani as well as the nan.
The over-hyped ambiance is actually very ordinary. Lots of trees and green pots around which is good, but in no way is this a romantic setup.
Be warned that the entire restaurant is a smoking zone and the green trees do not make up for the constant haze :P



Nice Place for Dinner

Garden ambience with candle light gives a good feeling. Food is good but took time to serve. But yes over all we had very good time.


DJThecarguy - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 10,2011


No Courtesy.

The Staff is less courteous and does not handle the situation well. The way one of the managers communicated was a little uncalled for and insulting and I am never going to our place again. and would tell my friends not to. Considering the restaurant;s reputation what happened the other evening !! we did not see it coming. Pathetic!!!



to start off wid the entrance .. there will be a garbage near the entrance ,which smells like shit.
then the entrance of the restaurant is gud ..
inside the restaurant the tables were not dat gud. they were very badly maintained .
the food and the restaurant both r over rated .


Great outdoor ambiance in the heart of the city

Really liked the place.Very good place for a romantic dinner.
The best hotel in Hyderabad for the outdoor ambiance.
Ordered pepper fish,chicken 65 and Reshmi kebab and all of them turned out be good.

All I would like to have is proper directions/board at Road No.10 otherwise spotting the right lane to reach this place is really tough.I had to call the hotel guys to trace this out.



Nice place to dine

Our Place is a perfect choice to have good dinner on a nice evening. Ambience is superb and classy. Food quality is great. Make sure you visit this place once if you come to Hyderabad.


One of the good restaurants Hyd has got...!!!!

Nothing much to say about this place, except for tht it is good restaurant with good food & nice ambience on offer....
Not the kind of place u would b totally in love with...



3 the beautiful and awesome is juss like a whiff of cool breeze in sultry summer...quite soothing and enthralling....

CLAPZ...CLAPZ...and CLAPZ...for humble and courteous service...


What about the food? does it deserve any cheers or clapz?'s an utterly disappointing fare....

Never expected such tasteless food from a restaurant which boasts of serving lip smacking cuisine to our own hyderabadis since from 11glorious years..

We ordered lemon laska soup,assorted kebab veg platter,crispy pepper corn and khao pad( thai fried rice)...

The soup is too fiery and spicy ..i wonder why there is no picture of red chilly next to this item denoting that it is very spicy when all other spicy items carrying either 1 or 2 pictures of chilly...

Assorted kebabs tasted mediocre without proper cooking and seasoning..

Crispy corn is some what ok but it may not come on par with the corn served at" MAIN LAND CHINA"..They mastered the culinary art of preparing this chinese snack since from ages...

Finally arrived the "DISASTER OF DAY" namely thai fried rice which tasted more like a ...left over rice tossed in a pungent pickle and gave a tadka in thai style..

We spent rs.1104 for tasting this awful food...i gave 2 stars for ambience and service alone..


Carzzz12 - Burrp User


51 Reviews

February 03,2010


OK But not GREAT !

I decided to go this known place last weekend. I heard and read a lot obout Our Place. So I called them up and booked a table for 2. We entered the restaurent and liked the entrance and Ambience. We were welcomed by a waiter and he directed us to a table on mezzanine floor with 2 rows of tables. I was amazed to see the size of the restaurent. They had tables all over. I asked the steward he said the restaurent has 700 covers. What 700 ? is this a banquet or something ?

Anyways we went towards the table and took our seats, the candle lit table was perfect for a date with your loved ones. I was happy with the first impression.

Later the food was served and I was pretty ok with the kind of service that they provided. Although as I heard that the prices are nominal. I dont agree to that.

Chicken Starter - 275
Chicken - 275
Mutton Biryani - 325
Roti - 40 each
Soup - 80
Fresh Lime soda - 50

(All these items have additional 15% VAT + 10% service Tax) this was rediculous ! 25% Taxes ???

so I found the prices little on the higher side for the services they provided.

*****Things I did NOT like. ******

The cutlery and crockery was ordinary.

Waiters dress was ordinary.

Table and chairs were ordinary.

Quantity was less. Although Biryani qty was good.

USP of this restaurant - Music was just NOrmal. the singer was not someone who has good knowledge of music.

Walls were pathetic.

The only different thing that this restaurent has is the Music and Ambience. Although Hyderabad does not has many restaurants like this but there was nothing special as compared to the prices that they are charging. Music doesnt take much, you can easily put any singer from Old city who can do a better job than the singer at Our place.

I feel restaurents that cost half the prices of Our place have better Mis-en-scene (Chairs and Tables). In our place they have just normal iron and granite chairs and tables. which I feel comes for low cost.

Candle light is definitely a USP of this restaurent but that is not a speciality, a lot of Dhabas in the outskirts of city provide candle lite facility. Again it was not something so special that they charge so high prices. I dont mind paying - but I expect the services and quality in return.

Extra Taxes

***** Things that I liked ******

Entrance and Decor of Main door.

Staff is polite.


Food Quantity (Only for some items)

Good Parking and Valet services.

--- Taste was 6/10

So Overall experience I will give - 6 out of 10.

25% taxes - I hate this.. ! :-)


buzzgomez - Burrp User


5 Reviews

January 23,2010


SUPER Ambiance

Good Food, needs better deserts, but you can't beat the ambiance. VERY nice and relaxed - good romantic restaurant. And a good value


Nandita  - Burrp User


36 Reviews

January 03,2010


One of the best dining experiences

Before moving to Hyderabad, I did a quick check on the restaurants in the area we were to live. Burrp showed some 30 plus restaurants in the vicinity, which didn't seem too good for our new reduced calorie lifestyle!
Our Place was one such place which was in everyone's must-try list. I have been here with some friends while on work, years ago - and I remember the lovely ambience of dinner then.
Yesterday we went for lunch - our family of 6 plus nanny in tow. It starts with the inviting entrance, the plush chairs for waiting, the verdant greenery surrounding the entire premises. Our toddler had a great time going all around the premises with nanny while we ate most of our food.
We were seated in one of the roofed areas surrounded by palms which kept the area private and cool. One attendant is always around in each such area (without hovering) so one doesn't have to keep looking out for one to make an appearance for our requests, which makes the whole experience very stress free.
Starters were masala papads, assorted veggie platter out of which I found the hara bhara kabab slightly sweet. The tofu and paneer starters were good though. The mojitos were on the sweeter side, but made with generous amount of rum.
The star of the meal for me was the Malay Laksa lemon soup, which was one of the best soups I have had ever - I strongly recommend it to anyone who's eating there. The flavours were fresh and despite the coconut milk, it wasn't heavy on the palate.
Main course was assorted Indian breads with Dum aloo, Methi chaman bahar and Kadai paneer along with dal tadka. Though all are regular Punjabi items from any restaurant menu, they all tasted perfect - especially the chaman bahar.
After a round of desserts, we all let out a contented burp - for it was a very pleasant combination of perfect food, attentive service in superb surroundings.
I'd recommend this for any family with small kids, they have baby chair and there's plenty of space for someone to take baby around even if he / she gets cranky without disturbing the crowds.
All in all a great dining experience at Our Place, which we'll be frequenting - I don't think I've said anything different from the other reviewers, but when one has such a lovely time - it's only fair to spread the word!


pilida - Burrp User


4 Reviews

August 26,2009


Good food. Great ambience.

This open place boasts of variety not only in cuisines it offers, but also in the ambiences it provides. There are 3-4 different types of arrangements that can suit anybody's needs. Be it a private dinner, a family party or a team get-together.



Its truly OUR PLACE

It was a surprise party for me at "our place" and I had no idea about this restaurant before.
When I arrived here, I was surprised by the kind service and the ambiance. WoW! It was awesome!
My friends pre-ordered a cake, which was served when we settled down. The cake was yummy and the waiters were very polite and personally wished me.
Then we ordered drinks and starters. Drinks were well priced and affordable. The kabab's were the best I ever had. The chicken curry was good. On the whole, the food was truly awesome.
Its a place to come with your family, friends, or on a romantic dinner date. A must visit place.



Its worth going

the ambience and food in our palace is worth going.. Service s also gud... dim light and gazal and architecture inside makes best.



Great outdoor ambience + excellent food

You drive in to be met by polite valets for parking. The garden ambience is a welcome relief after a day spent indoors and then when the food arrives -- it is tasty, well portioned and when the bill arrive surprise surpise to find it reasonably priced. The evening buffet or ordering a la carte are both great value for money!!


good outdoor ambience

Love the place for its outdoor ambience.The fare though is not out of the world except for the crispy honey chicken which is the only reason I keep going to the place in addition to the ambience ofcourse.

Beware of the kachua smoke particularly if you are allergetic like me.


The Mosquitoes took my half liter blood

Our Place, nothing new, nothing great. Seating at the garden with less light could be good for Love-Birds, if they can survive the Mosquitoes.

The food is as usual. The readymade red gravy, the white Gravy, piece of tandoori chicken tossed in the gravy hurriedly. Indian Bread basket is OK.

In spite of the "Kachua Coil" they lit up under the table, the mosquitoes didn't spare me and had a gala dinner with half a liter of my blood.



Nice place but woeful service

The perfect place for a nice romantic candle light dinner with your special person. The outdoor location works like a charm for this place for some months of the year, however given the nature of hyderabad's weather, our place is quite unbearable in the remaining months. A note of caution regarding thier service and food though. Their fare is strictly ordinary and the service leaves a lot to be desired. Sometimes it seems that the waiters believe in giving the patrons too much privacy, if you know what i mean . The food is invariably served cold and it takes aeons for the orders to be delivered.



Our Place..Good Place..

Though the name of the restaurant may sound very LS..but believe me the place is damn good. The interiors have been done aesthetically ..and the candle light dinner arrangement adds to the ambience. As far as the food is concerned..the non vegeterian starters and soup were great..however vegeterian platter was far from good. The cocktails on offer were well prepared and complemented the food ...All in all a good experience..Can go ther with family,colleagues or soulmate...