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> > > Pizza Den

Pizza Den

Paradise Circle  

  • Karkhana Main Road, Opposite Gayatri Grandeur Apartments, Paradise Circle, Secunderabad
  • Cakes, Snacks

8 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Pizza Den Reviews

Pretty good Veg Pizzas

Overall, I should say I was not so happy about my long drive. Yes, the food was good, but I could get something similar right next to my house for maybe a lower price. Being an on road food place, they dint even have dust-bins around, and so all the paper plates and ice-cream cups were thrown right next to the shop.

I would suggest it for its variety of vegetarian pizzas though. If your driving by, you can probably pick up a pizza to eat in the car. But not worth a special visit, especially if you live far away.

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Pretty good Veg Pizzas

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piiizzzzaa :)

All time fav snack in da evening :)

1 Pizza and 1 sundae :)

best pizza at Pizza den, Proves it really is a DEN for pizza's :)


foodie88 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

February 12,2011



Capsicum Onion Pizza is delicious. Ice creams r heavenly. Economical & super taste.


VFM Place!!!!!!

I have been a regular to this since from the very day it opened at it's original location in Karkhana....The place opens at 5 every evening and serves sandwiches,ice creams and pizzas(all veg)....and what amazing pizzas i tell you.....small sized,thick bases with fabulous toppings and herbs,topped off with cheese that melts in your mouth.

The pizzas cost between 70-90 bucks and they are worth every penny.But try and go as early as possible because they tend to get really crowded by night and usually run out of pizzas by 9.They do not have any seating arrangement and i guess that's what makes the pizza eating experience here more charming.

Now to the Ice creams and sundaes....SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!! not miss their Dark chocolate fantasy and death by chocolate sundaes,theyre outstanding....The Iced tea and the Cold Coffee are also worth a mention here.

I'd really like to congratulate the management of the place.Functioning in such a small area they still manage to produce quality products and service everytime.The Chaos in here does have a really good methodology to it.

If your looking for some fantastic pizzas and deserts at a very affordable price then this is the right place to come to.


The Best Pizza's in Town!!!!

U guys really deserve a Wow!!!!
I bet u guys if u find the Pizza better than here N yes do not miss the ice cream after the Pizza.

Pizza max to max will cost u Rs 80/-
N Ice cream Rs 40/-
So its d best in place in price n taste
(located @ Sindhi colony opp Wesley Collge)

love u guys!!!!!!


best pizzas

you get the best pizza s here..
they open only around 5 in the evening, shud see the crowd..!! omg!!:) the ice cream n cheap n best!:) a perfect place to have a more than decent pizza if u are lil short of some money!!:)


Better than the chains...

Pizza Den is actually a small hole on the wall which you might miss during the day. But in the night, the crowd waiting outside will automatically make way swing this way. They serve only vegetarian pizzas and the sundaes have an eggless base. All the sauces used for making the sundaes are home made. Some of Pizzas worth trying are the Desi Masala Pizza and Mexican Pizza. Also, you'll get some amazing sundaes, making it harder to believe that this place is actually 100% vege.