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> > > > Rayalaseema Ruchulu

Rayalaseema Ruchulu

Jubilee HillsRest of Hyderabad    & IN 3 MORE LOCATIONS


31 Reviews / 31 Ratings

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Rayalaseema Ruchulu Reviews


spice it up!!!!

If you love spicy food, this is the place to have ur next meal! great food, esp non veg. visited this place last week with my old team members n njoyed the food to the core... loved the service and ambiance too..raagi sankati and tomato chutney is a must try.. and my favour it is Natu kodi pulusu , spicy prawns fry... yummy... would love to visit this place again..!!!


September 4, 2013response from management at Rayalaseema Ruchulu:

Thank you for writing us a review and the compliments on the food. Do drop in again sometime.





Awesome Place

Have been here quite a lot of times. Its really nice experience on every visit, the taste of Food is amazing and super awesome. If you are in Hyderabad you cannot miss the taste of “Rayalaseema Ruchulu” and here you will get the best varieties of (Non-Veg Main Course Dishes). A lovely place to have a leisure, calm, relaxing with friends recommended. The space, ambience, service, friendliness and the food of course- all are top class.


July 12, 2013response from management at Rayalaseema Ruchulu:

Thank you for writing us a review and the compliments on the food !!

Rayalaseema Ruchulu ROCKS

Had a get together of 15 guys which was a sudden plan.The weather in Hyderabad was wonderful and the service at RR complimented it completely. We left the choice of the menu to the Manager who dished out some of the best snacks we have had. The food was extremely tasty and scrumptious or to say FINGER LICKING GOOD.

Amazing spread, amazing taste and amazing service. Would love to keep going back to Rayalaseema Ruchulu


June 25, 2013response from management at Rayalaseema Ruchulu:

Thank you for writing us a review and the compliments on the food. Do drop in again sometime.

A beautiful restaurant

Judging by the name, I was expecting a typical south Indian ambiance with steaming idly’s and dosa’s being carried around by waiters dressed in whites. To my surprise, I was welcomed into a beautiful restaurant with a splendid view and decor. The waiters were well trained; they approached as soon as I sat with water and promptly took the order. The food was great, the flavours was perfect and the service was quick and efficient. Their preparations score high on the spice scale so don’t forget to order something to drink along with your main course.


May 26, 2013response from management at Rayalaseema Ruchulu:

Thank you for writing us a review and the compliments on the food. do visit us again sometime.

Authentic Andhra Cuisine

I was looking for a different kind of south Indian restaurant. I had enough of the idly dosa’s and it was time to explore the cuisine. A friend recommended Rayalaseema Ruchulu for the variety it displays in its menu, and true he was. I had never even heard of most of the dishes but the waiters were patient and enthusiastic enough to explain the preparations and recommend the specialties. So I tried the Andhra style Pulao which I felt was better than most of the biryani varieties available in the city, along with Naatu Kodi Iguru which blew my mind away. Awesome food and brilliant service. The ambience was nothing extravagant but it fit the bill and the overall experience was of top quality.


May 14, 2013response from management at Rayalaseema Ruchulu:

We are glad you enjoyed your experience here at RR !! Thank you for writing us a review. Please do drop in again sometime !!


Fabulous and yummy

Taste and ambiance were fabulous, love to visit again. Mutton kheema pulao and RR Special prawns were yummy.


May 7, 2013response from management at Rayalaseema Ruchulu:

we are really glad you enjoyed your meal here. Thanks for writing us a review.


Good Andhra food !

I loved the Kheema Biryani and Naatu Kodi here. Good service and ambiance.


March 21, 2013response from management at Rayalaseema Ruchulu:

Thank you for your review, Please visit us again.

ydpro - Burrp User


1 Reviews

March 14,2013


True alternative to Punjabi food in Indian cuisine

Disclosure: I'm neither Punjabi nor an Andhraite!
The food is as tasty as it is spicy. And spicy it is! It is the quintessential true-blue Indian food, especially in the non-veg category.
As for the restaurant, totally mouth-watering food with an austere ambience and excellant service, literally every person I've ever taken to this restaurant has become an instant fan!


March 17, 2013response from management at Rayalaseema Ruchulu:

Thank you for this beautifully written review!! We are so happy to know that your friends and you enjoy the food here!!


I Like the dry items this branchs

I like dry items (chicken rost , mutton rost ) here but prefer to take away since I'm not too fond of the ambiance. I have been eating here for many years and the quality of food has not changed at all but the prices have gone up quite a bit.


February 10, 2013response from management at Rayalaseema Ruchulu:

Thank you for writing us a review. Will keep your feedback in mind. We are glad you enjoy the food.



kheema biryani with mutton pulusu ,natu kodi iguru and bommidayala pulusu is too good & Great Restaurant, beautiful food in a lovely atmosphere, fantastic service nothing was too much trouble, fully recommended.


February 6, 2013response from management at Rayalaseema Ruchulu:

Thanks a lot for the great review !! We hope to see you again soon.


Best of Andhra

This is the first Rayalaseema outlet I went to. I have to experience Andhra cuisine daily in my office canteen. To say that I am not a fan of it would be an understatement. However, I wanted to try the finest that Andhra could offer before passing my judgement. I am glad that I picked Rayalaseema for that.

The food is something that others have already commented on. But, the service is equally pleasing. The first time I went there with my friends, the myriad of foreign words in the menu confounded us. We fired volley after volley of questions at the waiter, who was all too happy to entertain our doubts. And it's this combination of good food with pleasing service that makes me want to visit Rayalaseema Ruchulu again.


February 6, 2013response from management at Rayalaseema Ruchulu:

We are really glad you enjoyed your meal. Thank you for taking time out to write us a review !!


A perfect dinner with my friends

Rayalaseema Ruchulu has always been my all time favorite for South Indian non vegetarian cuisine in Hyderabad. we order Kaju Kodi & Natu Kodi Vepudu in starters.Both were superb in taste and quantity. Don't miss their Special Rayalaseema Ruchulu Non-Veg Thali.

Thanks Rayalsaeema :)


January 30, 2013response from management at Rayalaseema Ruchulu:

We are really happy you enjoyed your meal, thanks for taking the time out to write us a review. Hope to see you again soon sometime !!


Truly Rayalseema!

I had been to this place a couple of times and truly amazed by the authenticity of the rayalaseema recipes here. I would recommend ragi sangati and any rayalseema non veg dish that goes along for the first timers.


January 16, 2013response from management at Rayalaseema Ruchulu:

We are glad you enjoyed the meal and thank you for taking the time out to write us a review. Hope to see you again soon.

As good as the original outlet with better seating

Having visited the original Rayalaseema Ruchulu in 2009, I was really not prepared to visit another outlet lest the experience of the first visit be spoilt. But I was pleasantly surprised to visit this branch in Jubilee Hills along with my entire family as the ambiance was very upscale and seating was much better than the original outlet. We had 1 vegetarian, 1 chicketarian and 4 proper non-vegetarians so we decided to try out all varieties. My mom who is a vegetarian ordered for Gutti Vankaya Kura and she said the authentic flavors of an Andhra dish were really present in that. She was a little upset though that she ordered for Peas pulao and it didn't come in time. My wife who is a chicketarian tried out Andhra Kodi Kura and specially asked for the medium spicy one as she can't handle too much spice. She said that she enjoyed the juicy succulent chicken and the flavors were something which she didn't experience anywhere else. My brother, his wife and my father along with me tried out the hardcore non-vegetarian stuff like Bommidayala Pulusu, Royaala Iguru and Talakaya mamsam. We were disappointed that Gongura mamsam was not available. I guess in the original outlet we never had problem with items running out! We tried out all the gravies with jonna rotti and I must say the quality of the food is as good if not better than the original. We also tried out some bommidayala pulusu with piping hot white rice which was just heavenly. The food is a bit on the expensive side but with the more than sufficient portions and wonderful taste, it is really worth it!


January 12, 2013response from management at Rayalaseema Ruchulu:

Thank you for taking the time to write us a review and bringing to our notice where we can improve on service. We are glad you enjoyed your meal. Hope to see you again sometime soon.

foodieofhyd - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 30,2012


love this place

this seems like the most authentic rayalseema cuisine.
dishes like thier ullava charu are typical of the region.
they have some very tasty items on the menu like quail, rabbit, etc.
i loved the food, but watch out for the spice!


January 12, 2013response from management at Rayalaseema Ruchulu:

Thank you for the positive feedback. If the food is too spicy you can always ask our chef to tone it down for you.

Awesome Spicy Foodulu !!!

A heavenly place for the non-veg fans...

I had gone there for office team lunch and boy it was a treat. I'll cover everything from the starters to the desserts as it was one of the best lunches ever.

To start off we ordered a Paya Shorba. It was creamy and oily with a huge mutton bone but lacked the mutton fat in which it is supposed to be cooked.

Next came the starters, Kaju Kodi, Brain Masala, RR Special Chkn and Chepala Vepudu. All were pretty well cooked except the RR Spl Chkn which unfortunately had nothing special in it. It was bland with sudden hints of badly sprinkled chat-masala. The bheja fry was good but a little more gravy and spice would be really nice ( WOW that rhymed).

In main course was Ragi Sangati with Talakaya Mamsam (goat head cooked in some hot and spicy masala). Though most of my friends advised me to go with pulusu, the Talakaya Mamasam didnt taste bad at all with the steamed and huge balls of ragi.

In desert we decided to go for Khubani ka meetha. This was the biggest disappointment of the lot. They had given us the tiniest possible date with a huge scoop of ice-cream. It was more of icecream with khubani rather than khubani with icecream.

Overall the experience was good and I would advise northies to keep a special bottle of a water close to them as they were not joking when they put the chillies next to the menu items.

Meal for 2- Rs 800/-


January 12, 2013response from management at Rayalaseema Ruchulu:

We are glad you enjoyed your overall experience. We ll definitely look into the points you mentioned so that our food quality improves. Thank you for taking the time to write us a review. Hope to see you again soon.


A treat for people with spicier taste buds!!

a fine place to relish some of the finest andhra dishes .All the dishes are typical andhra favourites and are spicier enough to make you feel wanting more.all in all a good place to relish andhra cuisine.the service and the ambience is also decent .The only negative part is the waiting time for which we need to wait to get out food.Other than that a decent deal.


January 12, 2013response from management at Rayalaseema Ruchulu:

We are extremely sorry that you had to wait for your meal. We are glad you enjoyed the meal overall. Hoping to see you again soon.

ryanneeru - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 13,2012


Food is not good

Food is not at all good here, and service is very bad


January 12, 2013response from management at Rayalaseema Ruchulu:

We are so sorry that you did not enjoy the meal at RR. If you can take the time please mail us at to let us know what went wrong.


A Symphony of Spice

If you are a foodie and live in Hyderabad, your journey into discovering new cuisines and food joints would not be complete without a visit to Rayalaseema Ruchulu.

Rayalaseema is the southern belt of Andhra Pradesh where the men are known to be of the violent nature ala Raktha Charitra and the food seems to follow a similar trait – red, hot and spicy, even their menu seems to be drenched in a lot of red !!!

History – we and Rayalaseema Ruchulu go back a bit. Some 10 years almost. Had a couple of friends who used to be foodies too and we used to play a friendly game of cricket in the hockey ground in Vijay Nagar Colony near Masab Tank and off chance on a Sunday we found this neat little home/restaurant tucked in a small lane – far away from the hustle and bustle of the mainstream. Once we were done with lunch we were hooked !!!

The chain has now expanded into multiple outlets throughout the city and has become more mainstream; however the food still remains the same over the years.

Our latest visit to the chain was last Saturday for lunch. We visited the Jubilee Hills outlet. Parking was a breeze and though we were expecting a waiting period before we got a table, we were surprisingly led to a table as soon as we entered. You might not be so lucky as this is one of those food joints in Hyderabad which is choc-a-block over the entire week during lunch time. Décor is very pleasant and comfortable.

Menu arrives – red and angry as ever !!!

We glance through the sections real fast, I personally had made up my mind about the main course on the drive here – Ragi Sankati and Naatu Kodi Pulusu, this combination is what the Rayalaseema purist would have and the jodi is both filling and nutritious at the same time.

Soup was the clear mutton soup – delightfully spiced (a word you will hear/read a lot when talking/reading about Rayalaseema Ruchulu).

Starters – Kaju Kodi and Chapala Vepudu. The stir fried chicken with the cashew filling is an experience in its own. The fish however was a bit too flaky for our tastes – but we can vouch for the dish as we have had it before too, maybe this was an one off event. For the more adventurous and exotic foodies there are a lot of choices – you have goat brain fry, quail meat, rabbit meat etc.

Main course for me was Ragi Sankati ( a concoction of Ragi and half cooked rice) and Naatu Kodi Pulusu ( country chicken cooked in delectable spices and tomato onion gravy). My friends ordered a chicken biryani and mutton side dish. The food was real good – the chicken was cooked just to the right levels and seasoned perfectly, the Ragi Sankati was very filling and being bland and starchy was a perfect foil to the spiced and tender chicken. Have had the biryani and mutton dish on earlier occasions and can tender a positive review of them too.

Desserts – no space for desserts, but I guess they have the usual suspects – Indian desserts and ice creams.

Around Rs. 1500/- was the amount paid and considering that we had our stomachs filled with the most comforting food in some time, it was money well spent

The menu has a lot to offer – North Indian, Indo Chinese, Tandoori, Vegetarian etc. But frankly there are other places that do a better job at those cuisines. Have always believed that when you are in Rome be a Roman. And a regional cuisine restaurant will obviously excel in what they have specialized in. Rayalaseema region is known for Spice, Chilli and Meat and Rayalaseema Ruchulu is your destination if you are looking for the mentioned triangle.




January 12, 2013response from management at Rayalaseema Ruchulu:

Thank you for your unbiased review, we really appreciate it. Hoping to see you again soon.

January 30, 2013response from management at Rayalaseema Ruchulu:

A visit to Hyderabad would not be complete without a visit to your outlet.

Wow Factor ....

For all those people who come to Hyderabad, your trip will be incomplete if you don't eat at RR. My patent order is the Butter Chicken/Methi Chicken/Mutton Rogan Josh. These all are my Favourates. And in Veg- Veg Seek Kabab, Paneer Tikka is Awasome. Our friend's favorite dining place also. We come here about once in 2 weeks to indulge in the best Indian food in this city. We Love the Food , We love the Taste, We will love to visit Always :) Cheersss.. A must try!



Waiters who demand tips

Went there for lunch on Sunday with my husband. The food is good and the place is an excellent choice for those who want traditional spicy food. But waiters are not at all a joy! There was no specific waiter who waited on our table. Each time we wanted something, we had to look around frantically for someone who will respond.
I don't really think that food should be so pricey. A bowl of curd for Rs.45 plus tax is a bit much in my opinion. I don't mind paying if the food, service and ambiance are all fantastic. But not really the case here.




This place is simply the best in south Indian food that Hyderabad had to offer. I have been here with one of my friend concerned. So, I went on Yesterday for dinner with my friend and probably tried my favourite dishes.
The ambiance is fine and it feels like a place that wants to welcome you back. Do not miss this place for anything. I will give Full marks.
So overall experience:

Food wise: Good
Prices: Concerned with Taste, Good worth & reliable.



my best place in rayalaseema ruchulu group

Yes, its the same rayalaseemaruchulu which is all over Hyderabad. Still, it has something special when it comes to Biriyani & Dry items & ragi snagati natu kodi pulusu excellent . Their biriyani tastes absolutely different from any other branches I have been.

Its a must try branch of rayalaseemaruchulu


One of the best places to have food:

The food at Rayalaseema Ruchulu is very nice, however its bit expensive. The service, the ambience and the quality of their food are amazing.



Worst Serving exp

One of the worst serving experience ever had. We 10 people went and ordered 3 to 4 items. They almost took 1.5 hour and they just placed them on the table and left when we are about to leave. We had to serve ourselves and they hardly responds to your call again.I don't recommend this restaurant at all...



Good place & Excellent Food

We were looking for a decent place for dinner in Jubilee hills area..
After reading the reviews in this site, we decided to visit
I must say the first impression was great..

we ordered two non-veg and one veg starters.. all three were tasty though

Price wise the place is affordable and the food quality is great...
The staff is courteous and hygiene..
I recommend this place for people looking for good



This is my third visit to RAYALASEEMA is indeed a nice experience with my friends... The quality of food is really standard...the ambiance is mind blowing with the service is can really feel tranquility being in such place and experiencing different tradition Andra dishes...:-)


alibaig - Burrp User


5 Reviews

January 24,2012


Awesome Food

Spicy food.. Spicy Andhra food man.. this is the place.
Located in Jubilee Hills, it seems apt that Hyderabad should have such a place. For outsiders it is all about Hyderabadi Biryani, but all politics aside, Andhra Food should not be restricted to Andhra Plate Meals.

This place is a boon for all the folks who need that extra Lal Mirich in their food without the food tasting like Lal Mirich (I have a few in office who need the Red Chilli with whatever they eat).

We were quite hungry when we reached the place. There is ample parking around the building and there is a valet parking system in place as well. There is an elevator which takes you to the top floor and you expect an amazing experience with respect to the ambience. Slightly disappointed there as we did not find the place quiet enough. It is understandable that the customers to this place are mostly people from Andhra and weekends have the place full. Speaking of which, if the place is full of local people who understand the flavours then the place must be that damn good.

We ordered a starter, Seema Kodi (i think) and asked it to be extra spicy. Trust me we had 5 glasses of water to finish the starter and we did not want to leave it to waste as it was that good. The fantastic thing was that the meat in itself was not spicy, it was the spicy toppings on it which made it awesome. Very distinctly the meat was not tasting like the Spices in it, but the spices were blended beautifully with the meat.
For the Main course we ordered - Mamsam Pulusu, 2 phulkas, 1 Jonna Roti and Jeera Rice.
The Pulusu was an absolute delight.. alhough we would have liked it even more if it had a bit more of Mutton pieces in it. Jeera rice and the curry was a spice fest in the mouth.

The prices though are a tad not too high for our liking. A meal for two cost us Rs. 1000/- and even though it was completely filling and the taste was brilliant this place cannot be frequented by average joe's like us.

Ratings -
1. Food - 5 out of 5
2. Ambience - 5 out of 5
3. Cleanliness - 5 out of 5
4. Price - 5 out of 5
5. Respect - 5 out of 5


reevk - Burrp User


2 Reviews

June 10,2011


1100rs+awful experience

I just had my dinner here and it was a hopeless experience that too for 1100 bucks .
I Ordered butter milk and curd used was i think 100yr old curd:( it was yuck.
Mamasam pulusu was green in colour just like a green thai curry and it was not even average in taste..
Only thing I liked was chicken 65..
I think I will never visit this restaurant again!


Doesn't meet your expectations

Friday night we headed for RR@Jubilee Hills. The place was full of smoke when we entered, probably for the mosquitoes. There were group of around 7 people in the corner discussing about something and a customer going through his BB, waiting for his order. Comfortably seated, the head waiter said we could sit anywhere, the ambiance was good. We went through the menu to find the exorbitant prices. Hoping that the food would be worth our money, we decided and called on the Head waiter. I told him mamsam soup, he immediately said Paya or mamsam soup, I thought for a moment and said we would stick with mamsam soup(mutton soup) and Kaju Kodi as the starter. After a while our soup arrives, with one sticky bone in the middle. The soup tasted very ordinary as if some masala was boiled with water and bone dropped in the middle. We were disappointed with that and were waiting to see how the starter fared. 5 min later our Kaju chicken arrives that looked like some roadside chinese chicken manchurian about 8 small ball like things with some cashews on the edges. Those tasted like exactly like the chicken manchurian found abundantly in hyd. By the time we had the starter we felt like we should probably go somewhere else for the main course. My wife said lets finish off here, so we ordered the kodi pulav. We asked the waiter if they had biryani, because we couldn't find it in the menu. The waiter said we have it and I asked him to show in the menu. He looked through the pages and said sorry we don't server biryani only pulav. Ok watever get us that. In another 5 min the guy arrives with the pulav that tastes very ordinary again. We didn't dare to touch the desserts. We asked for the bill, a whopping 700/-. None of the non-veg starters are anything below 230/- and the shitty pulav they serve is another 230/-. That was a bad decision we thought to visit this place even once. One funny thing you will notice is the waiter writing your order on his notepad forever. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone for food or for their whopping prices.


Abdul81 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

December 24,2010


Mirchi Lover's

I Have been to this restaurant and all it was great experience. I Ordered the food and it was rightly served with perfect attention.

Just wanted to add. To all who love spicy should for sure go here. And the taste of Andhra is awesome(The Real Andhra Food Hero). Will keep going....!