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> > > > Tezz Chicken

Tezz Chicken

GachibowliRest of Hyderabad  

  • 65166516, 9246525706
  • City Pearl, Plot No. 80, Vinayak Nagar, Gachibowli, Hyderabad
  • Snacks, Cakes
  • Meal for 2 - 150

7 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Tezz Chicken Reviews


Cheaper KFC Alternative

This is among the better KFC clones that has opened up across the city. The burgers are well done, as are some of the fried chicken preparations. Unfortunately, half the stuff in the menu wasn't available when I visited.


Bad Copy of KFC !!!

I have not so good experience with Tezz Chicken.

Food is not worthy of the price.
Price is too high.
Service is too slow.
Always everything is not available.
Quality of Chicken is questionable.

Overall if you want this type of food go to KFC, not Tezz


will be main opponent for kfc soon

tezz is really good.... it has copied every thing from kfc...but who cares...its taste is fantastic and its spice made the difference from kfc... service is also good... if it maintains d same service even in busy hours its good caz i've gone to it in afnun... the only disappointment is ..its stupid cheap names on food items......



Excellent Service

Good food and excellent service,you people rock,better and better than KFC and Mc Donalds Service,Try to open more outlets in hyderabad.I love to come to tezz chicken


muhammed - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 29,2011


Excellent fastfood and service

We have been there with my friend. I like their food and service, Very Neat & Clean. I recommend to visit once to try their food.


chubbu - Burrp User


13 Reviews

August 27,2011


Gotta know what to ask for

My wife and I tried sometime ago, and found the burgers really bland - the chicken was decent, but overall it was really uninspiring.

We then decided to give it one more chance (felt a craving for burgers, and this was the nearest), this time specifically telling them to make it extra extra spicy (they said they had a hot sauce) and extra pickled cucumber - and the results were really quite good. The hot sauce was surprisingly good - I'd go there again based on the experience during my second visit.

A third time, we requested home delivery, and it was a disaster again, despite instructions to the contrary - no hot sauce, late delivery, no relish.

First visit 2/5
Second visit 4/5
THird visit 1/5



Horrible experience!!

I went there with my group of friends yesterday and thought it would be a good time spent, but one word for our experience........ HORRIBLE!

One thing that Tezz has tried hard is to copy everything from KFC. Even their staff come poached from KFC.... :-). But, dont be fooled.... thats where the copying stops... wish they could replicate the taste as well. Tezz chicken serves deep fried awful combos.... very expensive for the quantity as well as the taste. Chicken tasted stale and left a bad taste in the mouth.

To top it all... saw their owners haggling with some dude over payments outside their outlet. Absolutely awful.... god knows who gets these guys into the service industry... they would be better running some meat shop... thats how they sounded.

My opinion.... please stay away.