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GachibowliRest of Hyderabad  


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ToastyZ Reviews


Why go there?

Why go there? Exactly the question going through my mind so thought why not go and decide?!

This is a very small shop made as a fast food outlet. While this place had all the good kitchen gizmos to make up good food joint, I don't think the staff there were experts in using them. Their key selling items are subs, salads, coffee and shakes. The subs were priced almost in the same range as Subway so I got my first reason, on why not to go there!

The second reason for not going there I found after I placed the order. I ordered 4 porched egg subs and this team of two went straight into 'creating' the dish as there was no one else in the store. Well, after a good 20 minutes of hard work, they did ended up completing my order. God knows what would happen if the store was ever busy!

The third reason I got of why I won't want to go to that place is the professionalism with which these folks operated. I had to request them to add which they complied with exact 3 pieces. Everytime, the folks would start packing the sub and I would have to intervene them to add this or add that before wrapping up the stuff. Hummph!

The fourth and the last I got was when I had to request them to add some more condiments. They did not have jalapenos or cheese slices or my favourite dressing - 1000 island. Having enough of it, I asked them to pack up the stuff, paid hurriedly and left.