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> > > Utsav - The Vegetarian Restaurant

Utsav - The Vegetarian Restaurant

Tivoli Road  


9 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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Utsav - The Vegetarian Restaurant Reviews



Utsav, as the name suggests, it gives us the feeling of celebrating any festival there :) From street food to chinese to continental to south Indian , name the food and they have it :) A place for pure vegetarians . invite a friend there , They will fall in love not only with the food there, but,  also with you for inviting them there. They have a huge variety. Taste lingers for long. Don't wait.  Rush and have .




the food here is still decent, but the place seems to have run down a lot.
they also increased the prices i think because a meal for 2 cost us close to Rs.1,000, which is a lot for vegetarian.
Overall i think if they get their act together they can still salvage the place, but if they continue like this, its only going to go from average to bad and worse.


kd777 - Burrp User


10 Reviews

January 17,2012


very expensive

i was here a week back ,the foods not great but just ok ,but the prices are in 5 star hotel league any and every dish is around 200 bucks excluding the taxes so a light meal costed us upward of rs 1000 . this is a place for people with fat wallets


Jane20 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 01,2012


The worst restaurant EVER!

Awarded the best restaurant in Hyderabad? Really?! Then I'm sure hyederabad is the worst place to live in for people who like to cherish their food.

Food - Cold, tastless and bland
Staff - Arrogant.
Ambience - Bad - Old linens, fungus infested walls.
Value for money - Negative.

This place spoilt my new years. I went to this pathetic place with my family for a dinner buffet. The spread looked OK and my parents were very doubtful about the quality of the food but decided to give it a try. The food was worse than our expectations - Cold as ice and tasteless. My sister ended up eating NOTHING at all.The fruits were sour and stale and so was the ice cream being served. When we complait about the food being cold the reply we got was "You are expected to stir the food beofre serving it". If I'm supposed to do that, then why in the world are they charging me a "service tax"? To give me bland, tasteless food and an arrogant staff? We tried to speak with the manager about it, and he walked on saying it was not his problem and he could not do anything about it. One of the waiters was also horribly rude and acted like he owned the place. These people practically ruined my evening(and my new year). This place is fit only for people who have no taste buds and self respect.

I would not go back to this place even if someone paid me to have food their. This place disappointed my family and gave me such a bitter experience that we would hate to attend any restuarant started by the Biligiri Hotel group. This restaurant should surely get a visit from the food inspector. I wonder how old and stale is the food these people are serving.


eattolive - Burrp User


4 Reviews

October 30,2010


Utsav WAS festival- no longer

When Utsav opened in Secunderabad, people from far off used to throng the place, they did live up to the expectations, now after they opened another outlet Moksh, the entire concentration moved there, hence the Utsav has lost its charm. I agree with the previous reviewer that the linen and other things are worn out, not expected from the stature of Utsav.



Down the drain

This place has progressively gone down the drain and at the moment its nothing more than a glorified roadside restaurant.Shabbily dressed employees,food tasteless,scratched plates & glasses.Dirtily maintained buffet tables.Definitely not worth the money.Avoid at all costs


agyeya - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 21,2009


Good Variety

This is a family restaurant, and a good one at that.
Pros: Good food, variety, environment, valet, food festivals

Cons: The parking and waiting time.


centrexindia - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 08,2009


Star Rated

Once i visited Utsav, that time Kashmiree Festival going on. Every thing was excellent, We took Lunch with my parents, The same restaurant awarded as best restaurant in Hyderabad for many times. Really they deserving. Little expensive, but worth it.



Best north indian food in secunderabad

I and my family tried Utsav after some recommandation from friends. And truly the food , service and ambiance was fantastic.
We specially liked lemon and corriander soup.