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> > > > Vada Pav Factory

Vada Pav Factory

MadhapurRest of Hyderabad  

  • 64646901, 8008845222
  • Madhapur Main Road, Madhapur, Hyderabad
  • Fastfood, Juice
  • Meal for 2 - 50

11 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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Vada Pav Factory Reviews






A Decent Experience at A Slightly Expensive Price

After going past this shop for a month or so, I finally tried Vada Pav Factory.

And I should say, it was a really nice experience. I can't say the food was superb. But it was decent, served hot, and tasted as promised on the menu list.

But unlike the "original" vada pav which we can get within a pice of Rs. 20, the prices at VPF are a bit over the top.

But I wouldn't complain considering the amount of freshness in the pav, and the yummy taste of the vada.

I would surely visit this place another time.



Loved the variety but the taste is just OK

I being fond of Vada Pav as i have stayed in city like Mumbai for 1 and a half years just passing through Madhapur made me try Vada Pav Factory. It was like one QSR joints not roadside for sure. Very well done...I was amazed to see the variety of Vadapav they have to offer. From Cheese, masala, paneer and what not. It's very expensive if you are comparing it with Mumbai.. and the taste is also not that great. They have tried there best in terms of variety but i dunno i felt it lacked taste. I have even tried Vada Pav in Hyderabad at road side stalls in Sindhi Colony, there also i found out that the taste is better. But, if someone wants to take a quick grab then surely can be considered as an option.


Carzzz12 - Burrp User


51 Reviews

October 16,2012


Excellent !! Reception + Location + Taste

Excellent reception from the staff, They make you feel welcome.
Location is bang on Madhapur. Can anyone beat this ?
Taste is also good, Only place in Hyderabad where you can get authentic vadapav.
Overall very good. Must try for all the Techies. Hygiene is maintained well !!

Keep up the good work.


VPF.....nice nothing exceptional

I had VP there with my wife. I tried the plain, with cheese and double decker. My wife took bites from me. The food was fresh but the pav was cold but since I am no expert in VP so dont comment on the same.
People and friends from Mumbai sweared that the same quality one can get in 10 to 15 rs in Mumbai and Pune but again, i never tasted there so cannot comment.

Overall a neat experience but nothing expectional.

Cup of hot tea would be nice if available there.



Yummy....Value For Money

Me and my colleague went this yesterday. I discovered this place after seen an add in burrp!. Belive me guys the taste of the real Vada Pav is at Vada Pav Factory Madhapur. Good to see so many varieties in vada Pav and the taste of Cheese Vada pav is awesome. Thanks to Burrp! it helps me to found new food joints...


nishant_s - Burrp User


16 Reviews

September 13,2012


Excellent vada pao

I've tried their masala vada pao, the cheese vada pao and the paneer vada pao, and loved all of them. The spice and the filling is just about right. Very affordable and great for a quick snack and cola. The staff is polite, articulate and genuinely pleased to serve you. I'm coming back again, Mr. Manager.


Excellent Vadapav... Yummy

Nerer had exact mumbai vadapav in hyderabad.. but people behind vadapav factory has done good job.. authentic vadapav place. Vadas are freshly prepared every day and not frozen. even pav is awesome which they have recently upgraded to match mumbai taste, Good work,, happy vada pav eating feeling back at home....


Hygiene Concern

Worst experience ever. Over the weekend, we ate fungus infested vada pav, have taken pictures as proof too. We realized they were rotten after taking a bite. Did get in touch with the owner of the place. She was equally shocked, but just not acceptable.



Vada pav review

I am form Pune and a big fan of vad pav once i saw this place it was must try ....
I have been there many times like to hve the regular vada pav always. Earlier it was awesome to taste espicially the vada the bun is sweet does not make a vada pav combination it is like more of adv. burgur stuk in a vada..:) the taste now a days has been not that great as it was earlier


chubbu - Burrp User


13 Reviews

October 28,2011


Very good

This is a very nice choice for a quick, tasty and cheap snack. Service is very good too.

I would have given it 5 stars except for one problem - the pav they use is bun pav and tooooo sweet. It detracts from the excellent vadas and chutney/chili. To the mgmt, please see if you can procure authentic pav. It make a big difference to the taste



Tasty vada pavs, a great place for a quick snack

Vada pav factory is a set in a small store in Madhapur, aptly placed at Madhapur's busiest spot, close to the petrol pump. So its highly likely youll find a crowd there most times of the day.

The menu has only vada pav, and different types of them. ranging from genuine to varieties with cheese, butter and cholle , with an option of grilled and non grilled, these vada pavs are value for money and tasty. The only other thing you can order is soft drinks. I had a butter grilled vada pav, and it was tasty (thanks to the red lasun chutney)

The guys behind the counter were quite friendly and we got the vada pavs pretty quickly. Theyre maharashtrian and were happy to converse in Marathi.

The only downside would be lack of space to sit and eat, perhaps parcelling it would be a good option. Overall, a good place for a quick bite and I'd say this is the best shot at getting a Mumbai style vada pav in Hyderabad :)