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> > > > Ziti


Banjara HillsRest of Hyderabad  

  • 04065552442
  • 8-2-334, 1st Floor, Aditya Court, Road No 5, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
  • Continental

2 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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Ziti Reviews





Ziti and an uncomfortable experience

Well, last month scrolling through the website of Groupon I noticed an attractive deal of Rs 299 instead of Rs 1000 for a four course meal at ziti, and surprisingly just a few days ago the deal was sold for Rs 999 for 2 persons for a 3 course meal, When I saw this deal I immediately grabbed the offer and purchased a deal for couple of my friends and we hit this place on one Friday evening.

Directions to reach:
Ziti is a little off the road when u enter into the lane of shadab takeaway & testa rossa at banjarahills. A bit difficult to locate it, however if you follow the signage placed along the road then its easy to find it .

Ziti is housed inside a residential building(that’s what it looked like), the interiors are beautifully done. The chairs with olive green cushions and soft yellow hues create a warm atmosphere. I reached there by 7:30 and by 8:00 almost the entire restaurant was completely occupied, mostly the family crowd.

Since I was a groupon customer I was given a separate menu. I had to select one soup, one salad, one main course and one desert.

For the soups I selected Chicken Cheese Chowder, which was a thick soup with vegetables and hardly one or two pieces of chicken. Surprisingly the quantity was very less with hardly four or five spoons of it.

In the salads I selected the Salad of smoked chicken and sundried tomatoes, the quanity again was very less, with no signs of chicken at all, all I got was, three different sizes of lettuce and few sundried tomatoes and a bit of dressing. Usually when I have a salad iam almost full and this time around due to the portion sizes, I couldn’t wait for my main course.

For the main course, the menu had a long (very long indeed) list, with options of sandwiches, baked dishes, pastas and risottos, but sadly I had to select only one for which I selected the classic chicken alredo pasta. The pasta arrived after 15minutes and again to my surprise the portion size was not even half the plate, with hardly any sign of vegetables and even chicken, the pasta was decent but even after the main course I kept wanting it more.

Finally for the deserts I was given an option of Rich Chocolate Mousse and Brownie with Chocolate sauce, for which I selected chocolate mousse, the chocolate mousse did not look like a mousse from any angle, rather it was soggy.

The staff did not have any idea about the things in the menu or its ingredients, rather for every question asked bluntly all they replied was that they do not know. The service time is a bit over stretched.
Final Verdict: I felt totally cheated with the portion sizes and none of the ingredients of the dishes were served to its fullest. If ziti had to serve half the portion sizes of the dishes, why do they even claim on groupon that a meal of Rs 1000 is served at Rs 299?? It might be a smart tactic, but iam totally disappointed with ziti and might never ever go back.

Ambiance: 3.5/5
Food: 2/5
Service 2/5






Could Have Been Better

I had received great feedback about Ziti from fellow foodies. So when Groupon came out with an offer for this restaurant (3 course meal for 2 persons at Rs 1000) I grabbed it and soon made my way to the restaurant.

The restaurant which is housed in a residential looking complex was a bit difficult to find. However green boards put up by them in the street corners made it easier for us. The interiors were no frill – but clean. When we reached, there was only one more table which was occupied and we were seated pretty promptly. It was Halloween day, and the waiters were all moving around with their faces painted like ghosts.

The 3 course meal had a separate menu, where we could choose 1 appetizer, 2 main courses and 2 desserts. We placed our order and concentrated on the complementary bread basket – and assortment of soft breads prepared in their in house bakery with butter.

The starter we ordered was their much famed Baked Potato skins stuffed with chicken, cheese and mushrooms. In one plate, 4 pieces of baked potatoes are served. The presentation of the dish was superb and so was the taste. The chicken and mushroom fillings were very well prepared and made me immensely happy. A strong recommendation from my side for anybody visiting this place.

The first main course we had was Jerked Spiced Chicken served with rice and black beans and couple of baby corn pieces as sides. This was supposed to be a Caribbean dish and the chicken was soft and succulent – it tasted good. The rice however was disappointing – it was sour and lacked any taste. Even the grilled baby corn had an overdose of lemon in it.

The next course, Grilled Chicken in Barbecue Sauce was served with French fries and couple of pieces of broccoli. Again the chicken was grilled well, tasted nice and juicy in the insides too. But what spoiled it was the sweet and sour barbecue sauce – again it was too sour. I spoke to the wait staff regarding this – but they could not give any plausible explanation.

The desserts came next – Raspberry cheesecake was perfect. The chocolate brownie will vanilla ice cream was too sweet for my liking.

The service was friendly and prompt. In fact we had three waiters attending to us sometimes. Presentation of the food was very good – one of the strengths of the place. During our dinner only two other tables were occupied – on enquiring I was told that they pull most of their crowd only in the weekend.

Overall, it was an ok experience – the food could have been better. Given the hype I received from other foodies regarding this place, I was disappointed. Maybe it was a misplaced high expectation on my part or the chef was not in his best form that day.


Generous comfort food @ Ziti

The place serves ‘comfort food’ and the only way to know what it means is by dinning here says Priyanka Ray.

Follow the bright green boards that lead you all the way to a stock of comfort food at Ziti. Named after the little two-inch tube-shaped pasta, the interiors are simple and elegant. The walls sport a few touristy pictures of Europe, while the rest of the place follows a modern dark brown and green colour theme that reminded us of an olive tree. We’d like to think, this is what they were going for anyway.

Comfortable at a corner table, we noticed the place filling up fast. The complimentary breadbasket that arrived as we looked through the menu was very distracting. The heady wafts of freshly baked focaccia, dinner rolls and buns served with fresh homemade butter tempted us into tucking in happily while we waited to place our order.

Without wasting much time, we ordered the Barbecue fried chicken wings (Rs 290) - battered fried chicken wings in barbecue sauce had the perfect crunch, with barbecue sauce adding a slight sweet tangy aftertaste.

Next, the Batter fried fillet of fish (Rs 450) served with French fries, salad and homemade tartar sauce had just the right balance of a crisp coating hiding a tender Basa heart. It’s a good choice for a filling meal and goes well with a refreshing Green apple mojito (Rs 150). They have a limited beverage menu and apart from the mocktail you don’t have very much to choose from right now.

For dessert we picked the Chocolate mousse (Rs 160) and a sugar free Panna cotta (Rs 160) to help ease our conscience. The rich chocolate mousse served with fresh whipped cream was silken smooth and we barely reined in our greed. If you are on a diet then this sugar free Panna cotta is a must try. After the overloaded decadence of the chocolate, we were surprised that the subtle flavours of this mildly sweet cloud-like dessert still held their ground.

Ziti is the perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon in the company of goo d food and great conversations.

Must try: Barbecue fried chicken wings and Batter fried fillet of fish
Meal for two: Rs 1,200 inclusive of taxes (without alcohol)