Sandhya Ramachandran soaks in music and films at the 2012 IndieEarth Xchange  and shares her experience

It is not always that you find like-minded people working for what is considered a monetarily lost cause by the world at large. Over time the one cliched thought that people dole out is that "art never pays. It is stupid of you to take it up as a profession". To all those who have heard that line one too many times, Earth Sync brings to you the 2012 IndieEarth Xchange- to 'support India's independent musicians and filmmakers through a multi-dimensional framework'. A three day event, being held between 30th Nov and 2nd December at The Park, Nungambakkam, the event has become the hub of Indie music groups, upcoming filmmakers and music enthusiasts in a first of its kind meet. What is best, the musical shows in the evening are free for all (except the late night gig at Pasha for which one has to pay the usual cover charges).

Here are glimpses of the one and a half days that have passed, so you don't miss the other half that remains!

The organizers and the invitee chat up just before the show is about to begin.
Discussion - India's independent movement- a brave new world - to begin the proceedings of the day. Amidst jokes from panel member and manager of Indian Ocean band, Dhruv Jagasia that his own sangeet is going to feature Bollywood numbers and not Indie music, the panelists discussed the struggle of  India's Independent Movement and the fears and possibilities ahead.

Even they await for the music to begin!
Sean Roldan and Friends, presenting their quirky music - a blend of Indian folk, American country blues, acoustic funk and Carnatic classical. Chennai, watch out for this enthusiastic witty ones with their cheerful music with some of the wackiest Tamil lyrics one has heard in recent times!

Music director, anchor, actor and now a filmmaker, Raghav was seen at the event. Excited about the IndieEarth Xchange, Raghav says he believes that Social Media and such events are bringing us to the "brink of a paradigm shift for Indie Music". Psst! Raghav also revealed that he is working on an "English Tanglish irreverent rom com dramedy Indie film with International sensibilities". Now that is something to most definitely watch out in the coming days!

Some wonderful films about music were screened in The Park Screening room(check out the thematic carpet above that we totally dig!) including documentaries about Kabir (Had Anhad), Naga Folk Blues (Songs of Mashangva), Bengali Fakirs (Bishar Blues) apart from others. Do not miss the musical documentary made to celebrate the human spirit, the 'Laya Project'. It traces unknown local folk musicians in tsunami-affected regions of Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar and India. The movie is scheduled on 2nd December at 4 pm.

The Madras String Quartet performed to leave the audience spell bound with their unique combination of South Indian classical music with western harmonic principles. One was left with goosebumps after their performance!


Karthick Iyer and friends, as Karthick remarked "performing in a non-corporate non-wedding reception event" for the first time, with great delight brought to the event a contemporary interpretative style of popular music steeped in Indian classical, folk and pop. A definite bunch to watch out for!

The event has plenty of more music, from all over the world, lined up for this evening as well as tomorrow (when it concludes) that includes gigs by Ti Fock, Sing Sing, Peter Cat Recording Co,Project Yuj etc. Apart from those

There is no better way to spend a weekend than to discover new kinds of music and rub shoulders with the wonderful music makers themselves. Head straight to The Park this evening and on Sunday and soak yourself in the art, like we have been doing!

Photographs: Sandhya Ramachandran 

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I was there and enjoyed every moment.
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