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Nascimento Pinto July 28, 2016





Forget Milkshakes, Try Freakshakes 
Caramelized Apple shake

Delicious Freakshakes in Mumbai

Freakshakes are simply an evolved version of Milkshakes overloaded with colourful gems, waffle sticks, ice cream scoops, pieces of fruit and Oreo that make it look like they’ve come out of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory movie. You don’t just drink a milkshake anymore, you eat it.
Caramelized Apple Marshmallow Freakshake @ Mighty Small, Lower Parel 
Think no further if you love marshmallows. The Marshmallow Freakshake at the carnival-themed Mighty Small is delicious and you wouldn’t mind an overdose of it too. A combination of apple and cinnamon, the freakshake is topped with salted caramel and marshmallows to produce a delectable sweet. What do you get? A complete visual and tasty delight.
Price: Rs 300 + taxes
Red Velvet Freakshake @ 145, Kala Ghoda 
If you’re still tripping over red velvet desserts, the Red Velvet Freakshake at 145 will delight you instantly. The rich and gooey red velvet sponge is shaken with cream, milk and vanilla ice cream. The thick shake is topped with gems to make it even more desirable.
Price: Rs 230 + taxes
Red Velvet Freakshake at 145, Kala Ghoda

Red Velvet Freakshake at 145, Kala Ghoda

Melbourne Freakshake @ Di Bella Coffee, Bandra West
Originally invented by Australian Master Chocolatier Arno Backes, Di Bella pays tribute to the origin by serving the Melbourne Freakshake. The shake is a combination of thick chocolate ganache with thick cream, dark chocolate crispy pearls, milk chocolate shots; that’s not all, it also has Victoria chocolate sticks, Oreo’s, swirls of whipped cream topped with Australian waffle. Do we need to say more? We just feel like drinking it all up right now.
Price: Rs 350 + taxes
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The Melbourne FreakShake at Di Bella Coffee, Bandra West

The Melbourne FreakShake at Di Bella Coffee, Bandra West

Salted Caramel Apple Pie Freakshake @ Hoppipola, All Outlets  
Why not try a traditional fruit-inspired milkshake? Head to Hoppipola to enjoy the Salted Caramel Apple Pie Freakshake. The shake has vanilla ice cream, milk, dated caramel, whipped cream, apple pieces and mini apple pies. We bet you’re already making plans to treat yourself to the shake.
Price: Rs 130 + taxes  
Salted Caramel and Apple Pie

Salted Caramel Apple Pie Freakshake at Hoppipola, All Outlets

Oreo Freakshake @ The Usual PlaceSanpada
The newly-opened bar The Usual Place likes to experiment with Oreo and serves a delicious Oreo Freakshake. The shake has vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, Oreos, brownies, milk and whipped cream. The bittersweet flavour of Oreo with milk and cream will make you a big fan of the milkshake.
Price: Rs 290 + taxes
Oreo Freakshake at

Oreo Freakshake at The Usual Place, Sanpada

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