There is absolutely no dearth of weirdos finding bizarre ways to make alcohol more interesting. Sharanya S tells us about some of these truly whacky drinks.

Three-Lizard Liquor

Here’s a drink that the Chinese and Vietnamese believe have great energy that prevents evil spirits from doing you harm. Isn’t that great? I mean, talk about dual purpose. You can get hammered and still be protected. Oh, also. There are three lizards, geckos to be particular, in it. Sometimes, they add ginseng to it to make it…erm, more delicious, I guess.

Bacon Vodka

Tying to start a trend with ‘carnivorous cocktails’, a company in Seattle serves its Bloody Mary with a bacon-infused vodka. Seems like the perfect breakfast hangover solution. We‘d happily chug this one through the day. What say you?

Baby Mouse Wine

While I fail to see the obsession with putting animals in alcohol, clearly they are a popular choice. This Chinese drink drowns a family of baby mice in a vat full of rice wine for a whole year. Yup, mice, and babies at that. It doesn’t smell great or taste very good, in fact some describe it as raw gasoline but apparently it cures asthma, skin problems and liver problems.  But, itty bitty baby mice…really?

Snake Wine

And here’s one more, just in case you weren’t creeped out enough. Hanoi in South East Asia has an entire area of bars and restaurants called Snake Village where they serve fresh drinks by infusing a whole snake in rice wine or grain alcohol.  They also serve snake steak and crispy snake skin along with your drinks. Sure, we’re a bit irked, but we’d probably be game enough to take a stab at this one.


If I knew how good a bit of Malibu would taste with milk, it would make my childhood a lot more pleasant. But I guess people in Central Asian steppes, of Huno-Bulgar, Turkic and Mongol origin don’t have that problem. They consume (are actually kind of obsessed with) a fermented mare’s milk called Kumis or Argia, which is almost wine. Heads up Irish cream, there’s a new kid on the block.

Squirrel Beer

This one, called The End of History, made by BrewDog of Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire is a blonde Belgian ale with hints of nettle and juniper berries. Made using extreme freezing techniques, it has 55 percent alcohol and costs a whopping 765 dollars. Also, the bottles are sold in stuffed animals. The twelve bottles were made with seven dead stoats, four squirrels and one rabbit. Just to be clear; alcohol bottles were stuffed in dead furry animals. Go figure.

Pizza Beer

I love pizza. I love beer. I love eating pizza while drinking beer. So, I’m kind of in love with Tom and Athena Seefurth that decided to combine the two. It is brewed with oregano, basil, tomato and garlic and while I can’t account for its taste, I wouldn’t mind experimenting with the Mamma Mia Pizza Beer, available in New York.

Scorpion Vodka

A scorpion in vodka. God, the English are kooky. Enough said.






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