Bored of serving same old plain pints at house parties? Tanzif Hussain gives you easy cocktail recipes that you can try at home to liven up your lager.

If you plan on spending your weekends drinking the night way; may we suggest mixing it up and revamping your party style?

Chicago Iced Tea adds a great twist to drinking good old plain beer by adding spirits like vodka, tequila and whisky to the mix. Similar to Jaeger Bombs but the beer is replaced with Red Bull. This drink can be an instant hit at parties due its unusual presentation and of course the almost instant buzz that accompanies it.


Beer                                                                         - 150ml

Vodka                                                                      - 20ml

Tequila                                                                    - 20ml

Whisky                                                                    - 20ml


Pour chilled beer into a beer mug. In a shot glass, pour the vodka, tequila and whisky.  Adjust two stirrers atop the filled beer mug and place the shot glass over.  Tap the stirrers so that the filled shot glass drops into the beer goblet.

Recipe courtesy: 11 East Street Café

Red Eye is just like a bloody Mary minus the vodka and celery. This drink has a great punch and usually not for the squeamish (a raw egg is mixed into the drink). This version however is egg free and packs a fiery finish. Lots of lip balm might be a good idea when sipping on this drink.


Beer                                                                         - 180ml

Tomato juice                                                          - 120ml

Worcestershire sauce                                           - 10ml

Lime juice                                                               - 5ml

Tabasco sauce                                                        - 5ml

Salt and Pepper                                                     - a pinch



Put Worcestershire sauce, lime juice, Tabasco, salt and pepper in a shaker and shake it well. Pour into a tall Collin glass and top with chilled beer.

Recipe courtesy: High Spirits café

We’re looking forward to trying these out over the next couple of weeks as our little tribute to Oktoberfest, how about you?