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Amazing Breakfasts You Should Try If You Already Haven't

Tanvi Juwale June 02, 2017





Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and one should never skip it, especially when on the weekend.
Here's a list of delicious breakfast from around the city

Pancakes & Waffles @ Silver Beach Café, Juhu
Pancakes at Silver Beach Cafe

Pancakes at Silver Beach Cafe

We've known how good the food at Silver Beach cafe is but now head there to try some delicious crispy golden brown waffles topped with homemade butterscotch banana and drizzled with chocolate ganache. They also do fluffy Pancakes with a reduction of chocolate syrup topped with chocolate shaves.
Breakfast Combos @ Grain & Bagel, Juhu

Classic Breakfast Combo at Grain & Bagel

For those who love breakfasts, there is nothing like beginning the day with a hearty meal. Grain and Bagel is where you can find some delicious breakfast combos to woo away your taste buds.
Bandra Sunday Breakfast @ Door No 1, Bandra

Bandra Sunday Breakfast at Door No 1

Beer for breakfast? Hell yeah! All you beer geeks out there, Door No 1 has just the right breakfast for you that comprises of  (your choice of) chilled beer, choice of eggs or paneer burji, masala chorizo, sausage bacon, bun maska.
JJ’s Superfood Smoothie Bowl @ Jamjar Diner, Versova
JJ’s Superfood Smoothie Bowl at Jamjar Diner

JJ’s Superfood Smoothie Bowl at Jamjar Diner

Sip your smoothie? You can eat this one out of the bowl! This is a healthy dish to kick start your mornings. It’s got berries, banana, yogurt, granola, chia seeds, coconut, fresh fruits and moringa, need we say more?
Savoury Breakfast @ AKA Bistro, KalaGhoda

Spinach and Cheddar Omelette at AKA Bistro

Remember how Madame Malarie tastes her omelette when ‘interviewing’ a chef in The 100 Foot Journey? That is how close perfection, the ones at AKA Bistro come. Head to this Kala Ghoda joint for some delicious Spinach and Cheddar Omelette or if you aren’t a fan of omelettes try their Huevos Rancheros.
Easy Breakfast @ Butters – The Tipsy Gastropub, KalaGhoda
Blue Berry Pancakes at Butters

Blue Berry Pancakes at Butters

Sometimes you should ditch your regular breakfast and sample some delicious ones head to Butters at Kalaghoda for some scrumptious and appetizing dishes such as French Toast, Eggs Kejriwal, Salli Par Edu, Akuri on Toast, Sunny Side Up and much more. If have a sweet tooth, indulge in their Pancakes with Blueberry Filling.
Cous Cous Upma @ Garde Manger Cafe, Vile Parle

Cous Cous Upma at Garde Manger

Who says healthy can’t be tasty? Sample some delicious Couscous Upma, our very own desi favourite with a culinary twist!
Gluten Free Flourentine @ La Folie Lab, Bandra
Gluten Free Flourentine @ La Folie Lab

Gluten Free Flourentine at La Folie Lab

This one’s a must have for the ones sensitive to gluten. In an attempt to eliminate gluten from the dish by replacing the decadent brioche and substitute the traditional Hollandaise with our Cashew Hollandaise La Folie Lab serves this delicious yet healthy treat.

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