Sandhya Ramachandran heaves a sigh of relief as desserts find their altar of worship, finally, in Chennai’s newly-opened Dessert Studio India.

Chewing on gooey marshmallows dunked in a little square tub of the smoothest Belgian chocolate* on a gray afternoon in a white space with Easter egg-ish chairs as raindrops pelt the glass wall, I had just one thought running in my head – one can rarely say no to chocolate. That’s probably why Food Spreads Pvt Ltd began Dessert Studio in Chennai. No one is going to say no to chocolates, ice creams, yogurts or anything and everything dessert!

Food Spreads Pvt Ltd’s Jinshad Haziy, Rishdin Nasir and Anas Nasir found there was a lack of  ‘a food court for dessert’ in Chennai. Deciding to fill the gap, they launched Dessert Studio India, with its first branch in the city, to cater to the sweet tooth of our makkals (people)! With three brands to choose from - Choco Berries (UAE), Yogo-D-Lite (Italy) and Shake-a-Take (UK) – Dessert Studio is the place to head to if you want to satisfy those sweet cravings.

Just a week old, and they launched a new ‘signature dish’! Jinshad, who spoke to us, seems to be really passionate about giving his customers just the very best. The three young entrepreneurs have apparently hand-picked the best of Belgium chocolates after trials, sourced the very best of ingredients and can even make items from their menu themselves!

With heart-warming signature crepes (Rs. 250) smeared with honey (we asked for maple syrup instead) and having slices of strawberry, mango and banana tossed over it accompanied by a few curls of vanilla ice cream, we began our binge.  Called the ‘Hunny Bunny’, the crepes were well made and tasted simply divine.

The Strawberry yogurt (Rs. 70) was tangy, grainy textured and was how a frozen yogurt ought to be. Extra brownie points for wonderfully overcoming the difficulties of ‘getting a tad too sweet’ that strawberry flavour generally poses. And as all yogurt brands woo you to their yogurts, Dessert Studio also lets you personalise-your-yogurt section, where for an extra charge, you could top it with apricots, kiwis, sesame seeds, M&Ms and much more.

The fruit and walnut crumble (Rs. 175) won my favour instantly. One needs to describe this dish in detail, for it merits that. The bottom layer was biscuit crumbled in ghee (my friend wasn't too appreciative of this, although I personally loved this touch. So the anti-ghee brigade, take note, you have been warned). The next layer was milky white cream that was a little sour. Over that was the most delightful mix of whole soaked almonds, slivers of walnut, condensed milk and cooked apple pieces - soul food, to sum it up. This mix is dusted with crumbled biscuit, a swirl of chocolate sauce and gratings of coconut (once again won my heart and made my friend more wary of the dish!).

However, what we both simply agreed on was the Ferrero Rocher milkshakes (Rs. 180).  An instant spirit lifter, we guarantee, this milkshake could be topped with any of the toppings you request - from wafers to walnuts and what not! And if you are not really a Ferrero Rocher fan (although I can’t imagine a human being of that kind!), then you could choose from a variety of chocolate bars - Galaxy, Toblerone, Bounty, to name a few – for your own version.

We also tried the Lindt Dark Chocolate milkshake (Rs. 250), insisting that we have the 85% dark chocolate bar in our drink. What resulted was a purist’s paradise - fit only for those who love their dark chocolate passionately!

And it is not just for the food that you go to Dessert Studio - the white space has been carefully (and personally!) designed by the owners and their families. A bright colourful print hangs as a false ceiling contrasting with the stark white tables and perforated egg-like chairs.

They promise they are thinking of introducing a few types of coffee to go with their crepes for what we thought was a dream-come-true Sunday brunch plan. Rishdin and Jinshad insist that they are going to begin to try out some varieties of coffee beans for this! We promise to come back for the coffee, although we are sure the desserts are going to woo us back to the place and we suspect it is going to be very very soon!

* The dish called the ‘Choco bites’  (Rs. 200) offers a platter of marshmallows, strawberries and bananas that could be had with a tub of Belgian chocolate.

Must try: Ferrero Rocher Milkshake, Apple Almond Crumble, Choco Bites